Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Re: USA Africa Dialogue Series - Can this be true? And is it right?

It is unfortunate that Nigeria is and will continue with its ethnic issues until every Nigerian is law_abiding, ethnic tolerant, culture conscious, and free anywhere in the country. If Ondo bans lgbo from having their Eze, what is or are the reasons? How does the reason or do the reasons fit into the frame of the Yoruba culture? What does the constitution of Nigeria say? Has the constitution been effective in similar situations? What is the implication of the conflicting intercultural experience in Ondo for the Yoruba land in particular and Nigeria in general? What should be done to prevent what does not promote peace? My questions add to the voice of Professor Toyin Falola so that the issue can be approached from different angles.

Bayo Omolola

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Subject: USA Africa Dialogue Series - Can this be true? And is it right?
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Dear ones:
I read the news below, and I am reaching out for its confirmation. Can Ondo traditional rulers ban Igbo among their midsts from having their own Eze? Someone needs to first, confirm that they that they said this. Second, to let them know that they lack the right to do this.

All communities have the right to organize themselves and their networks in legitimate manners so far as they are not doing anything illegal, promoting violence, and causing troubles. Citizenship rights are crucial in a country as big as Nigeria.

The Ebira in Akure have a right to appoint their own leader. Period.
On December 11, I had a short meeting with the Oba Yoruba of the Gambia, wearing all his insignias. Yes, the Yoruba in the Gambia can choose to have their own Oba. On the day of his coronation in Gambia, people went from Nigeria. We spoke about politics in Gambia. Yes, we can speak about politics in Gambia within the constitutional rights and limits granted to non-citizens in that country. Can we organize a coup and take over? No.

The Igbo in Baltimore can choose to have their Eze in Baltimore, so far as they do not set up laws contrary to those of the city. They can even build their own schools, church, mosque, even create a bank.

Ondo Traditional Rulers Ban Eze Ndigbo Title
Traditional rulers in Ondo State have banned the Igbo traditional title of Eze Ndigbo in all towns and villages in the state. The Deji of Akure, Oba Aladelusi Aladetoyinbo announced the resolution of the traditional rulers in the state through a statement issued by his Chief Press Secretary, Mr. Michael Adeyeye. He declared that the title of Eze Ndigbo no longer exist in the state. He said all the traditional rulers in the state had agreed to ensure that the title of Eze Ndigbo is banned in all their domains. Punch

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