Monday, April 17, 2017

USA Africa Dialogue Series - Reawakening the Leadership Traits: A Discuss


BismilLahi Rah'man Roh'eem

The Panel of Judge...Brothers and Sister…

All praises and adoration unto Allah, wa solatu wasalam alaa saydinah Muhammad, wa'alah alhy wa'asaebihi wa'salim.

I stand before you today as a peer and a progressive mind, so with humility, please permit me to take this talk not as a contest but rather as a discuss.

Meanwhile, I say As-Salam Alaykum Warahmtullahi Wabarakahtuhu. Am here to address you on behalf of NASFAT Youth Wing Oyo Zone; and my name is Mallam 'Wale Ghazal.

Ya Ummah-il- Islam, I call on you to ponder and reason with me trendily on our horizons while I would love to ask this rhetorical question; where and what have we done wrongly to sabotage our advancement? A thought that brought to mind this timely and prestigious topic: Reawakening the Leadership Traits in you: A Discuss. 

Presumably, it has become imperative that the concept 'Leadership' is one of the most dissected issues on the global realm today, and even since the inception of our Conference. So, I would not belabor you again on Leadership as a concept. But let us sail deep into the ambiguities of the words 'Reawakening' and 'Traits'. 

As an excerpt from the given title, it could be deduced that lots of leadership traits are repressed, slumped and dejected due to some factors gone wrong.

So, how do we reawaken ourselves into assuming the expected leadership traits? First let us understand some different concepts of leadership traits in life:
- Harnessed Traits; these are kinds of trait that requires some hard-work into its discovery; it involves several tries with the foresight to actualize a set-goal. For example, an individual that desires the acquisition of a skill, then devices the means to acquire it and gets better at it. 
- Generic Traits; these speak more of the inherited abilities from parenting and household inclinations.  For instance, during the calling of our noble Prophet into the Messengers' realm, he was a born leader meant to lead the world to greatness but was appropriated by the supports and motivations he got from the noble Angel Jibril and his dear wife, Khadijah (RA). 

Another phase of my discussion dwells that, either we like it or not some things have come to stay but we are still in denial with them. So, while we place the spotlight on the term reawakening the leadership traits in oneself; this is a concept that simply means RE-HARNESSING AND IMPROVING for effective leadership.

Many motivational experts like to say that leaders are made but not born; I would like to argue the exact opposite. I believe we are all natural born leaders, but have been deprogrammed along the way. 
As children, we were natural leaders; curious and humble, always hungry and thirsty for knowledge. But what went wrong and why can't we do this as adults?

The major tagline is that we were all hit by the big one, and what is that? The Institutionalized Formal Education. Our traditional educational system unfortunately does not train us to be leaders but teaches how to become polite order-takers for the corporate world. Instead of learning to be creative, independent, self-reliant, and think for ourselves; most people only learn how to obey and intelligently follow rules to keep the corporate machines humming. 

Reawakening the traits of leadership requires a process of self-honoring and self-remembering. Being an effective leader again will require you to be brave and unlock the attic inside you, as it lies in you even from your childhood. 

So, here are some factors needed for one to be able to re-harness the leadership within:

- Humility; the will to be humble and also to serve others.
- Exposure and Eagerness for knowledge; It should be of note that among outstanding qualities required of an effective leader, knowledge as a factor is a major role playing entity that is of high essence for any potential leader. I want to lure us that even the believers were enjoined as a form of compulsion to seek for knowledge wherever possible as it forms important basis for our livelihood: Tolabu-il-ilm fardhotu ala kuuli Muslimi WaMuslimat. 
- Follow your Bliss; no matter how busy one could be, a potential leader should find moments to do what he/she loves doing. This makes one a vital person and a vital person vitalizes others. 
- Dream Big than Life 
- Vision; without a vision, people perish. If you can't see yourself winning laurels, it's unlikely you will be able to lead others to victory.
- Perseverance and Consistency

JazhakAllah khair! Wa'Salam Alaykum
~ Mallam 'Wale Ghazal 

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