Saturday, June 24, 2017


And let me also add:

There are so many people caught in the Trump immigration offensive who need to prove that their country of origin has alienated them hence their need to seek asylum in the US en route citizenship using the Nigeran state as the fall guy.

There are the fantasists who think that by rail roading the federal government into giving up part of its territorial possessions they can apply to be the US 52nd state  and overseas territory as Puerto Rico reportedly recently did.

To all such fantasists let us jointly say: Stop using Nigeria as the fall guy!

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Anyone who has spent any time more than a minute on the internet and happens to access a Nigerian site, will no doubt come across snippets, articles, tomes and other forms of manuscripts, written by experts, learned individuals, prognosticators, fabricators, telling the rest of us about how awful Nigeria has  been, is, and will be.

Some of the names Nigeria has been called include the myth, fabrication, amalgam, British contraption, imaginary center, etc. etc.

It is also more bewildering that a great majority of people who are using these terms to denigrate Nigeria are either highly educated individuals, who having benefitted from the largess of Nigerian institutions have become bitter enemies of the nation.

Well, enough already. The message is got or gotten. You've made your point. You do not care about Nigeria. And so be it. You would be part of another country or create one for yourself. Great.

Well. I am a Nigerian, and along with 180 million other individuals, I am proud to be one. Quite a few of these millions are doctors, lawyers, engineers, architects, scientists, professsors, and other professionals and are well known, recognised, and respected in their professions all over the world. However, most of us are just busy being Nigerians. We face daily traffic on our streets, phlegmatic electricity supply, bad roads, etc.

Most of us, however, thank God for being Nigerians and have faith that things will be better. We also know that those other countries to which we want to belong did not just materialize without their own difficulties. Anytime we learn that a Nigerian has been recognised for performing some medical wonder, or got admitted to an untold number of Ivy League universities, we let out that Nigerian smile, raise our heads high and say, Thank God I am a Nigerian.

If, however, you are tired of being a Nigerian, and you want to create another country for yourself, Good for you. Be hard at work, creating that entity; gettting people of like minds together and convincing them that your dream of a better society will be good for them.

But, please, please, do not run Nigeria down anymore. Your strategy is really not working. It simply creates disaffection among people who are otherwise brotherly individuals.


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