Tuesday, June 20, 2017

USA Africa Dialogue Series - Re: Breakfast with David O'Sullivan spoke to with Prof Sifiso Ndlovu about the Soweto Uprisings. | Kaya FM Gauteng

SIR Toyin, VC Aluko, Art History Icon jegede, Communications Guru Ogundimu (Folu)  and ALL other FATHERS:


Please, permit my belated "Happy and Blessed Father's Day" salutation as well as what my old but sagacious Nigerian Landlord, Baba Ijebu, would have used an Awo-Zikist expression to describe as my "early morning empty ramblings"! (By the way, I recently learned on Father's Day that Baba Ijebu, as a father, honored the biblical admonition of "Go and Multiply, by having 28 children with  his three wives, only 20 children short of my own father's 48 children from his 6 wives!). As I still remember vividly, Baba Ijebu, in fact, celebrated Chief Awolowo ("Awo")  with his characteristic big laugh when the Yoruba Chieftain described FESTAC as a "Cultural Jamboree"; he also celebrated Zikism with a long laughter  when Dr. Azikiwe -- as Baba Ijebu described it -- "gave it squarely" to [Anthony] Ukpabi Asika, when he described him as a "gutter snipe", and also told Asika  that "no condition is permanent"!


Indeed, we in Oregon are sure that you (SIR Toin) and ALL the other FATHERS on our ultimate USA-Dialogue Blog had their prescient due on last Sunday: celebratory breakfasts, luncheons an dinners, punctuated with romantic favors by Mothers of our children (irrespective of our age), who very much appreciate what their men -- like Barack Hussein Obama Sr., from Kenya -- have given them, including sons and daughters, who would be leaders in all fields, including what happened to Barack Hussein Obama II in the political arena, indeed as USA's 44th President. Interestingly, in a rare occasion, my own spouse looked at me, on Father's Day morning, and expressed gratitude that I gave her two handsome sons, who are basically in their early 20s but are almost twice my height at 6 feet 2 inches and 6 feet 4 inches, respectively! I also remember that someone wondered in a recent conversation about Fathers: "A.B., really, when did SIR Toyin have the time to be a Father?"


The icing on the cake for my father's Day celebration last weekend, SIR Toyin, is Professor Sifiso Ndlovu's Soweto's story, which has already helped my ongoing co-authored new book manuscript, a comparative study of India's Mahatma Gandhi, Ghana's Kwame Nkrumah, and America's Martin Luther King, Jr.: that the non-violent protest philosophy of Gandhi, embraced by Nkrumah and King in their respective protest movements, was also the underlining philosophical strength that made the 1976 Soweto uprising both unique and familiar.


Therefore, SIR Toyin, thank you very much for airing the O'Sullivan-Ndlovu breakfast interview! It seemed harmless, but it was a powerful historical-cum-political tool Above all, it was also great to know that, like some of us, Ndlovu is a Historian, who -- as reported -- spoke measurably like one on that 41st anniversary visit to his old school. So, just like Cornel West's "Race Matters" book, Ndlovu has shown that -- while not all of us are to be Historians -- it is still a fact that "History Matters"! Amen!!   


A.B. Assensoh.

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