Sunday, June 30, 2019

USA Africa Dialogue Series - The Gulf Between Nigeria's Muslim North and Largely Christian South : Debate on Plan by Muslim North Led Fed Govt to Settle Fulani Herdsmen on Lands Across the Nation

The poster of the Facebook update represents views likely to be encountered from the Muslim North, in my view, while most of the commentators represent views likely to come from the South.

There has been a sustained & largely uninformed campaign against pastoralism. In response, the government decided to initiate the Ruga Settlement programme to settle them. Now there is a new campaign to frustrate stop it. So what do they want?

  • Mohammed Mohammed Haruna
    Mohammed Mohammed Haruna Heads you lose, Tails you lose. It seems Prof.
  • Joe Attueyi
    Joe Attueyi Well if we are being honest with each other: The root problem is that the FG's emotional trust bank account with most (?) many (?) non Fulani citizens of Nigeria is basically empty. 

    There is absolutely no way they can sell this RUGA plan south of the

    Either they start replenishing that trust account ( which is not a short term thing) or find a solution that does not exacerbate already existing tensions. 

    That is why I suggest the FG clearing sambisa forest and building the infrastructure that will turn it into animal husbandry economic park. 

    That way you kill two birds with the same stone. Convert that forest into useful purposes while eliminating the unnecessary ethnicity altercations that may lead to internecine warfare among our people
    Oluwatoyin Vincent Adepoju
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  • Ibrahim Dan-Halilu
    Ibrahim Dan-Halilu Some people feel it's not the responsibility of the FG to do so. It's states that should resettle them since they are indigenous to some states. The FG approach seems to accommodate all pastoralists regardless of their nationality, which has the implication of harbouring citizens of other countries without proper documentation and no benefit to the FG since they will not pay taxes. Ideally, the Ruga Settlements should be backed by law enacted by the National Assembly rather than putting the cart before the horse. You cannot create a policy framework out of nothing.
    • Sesugh Akume
      Sesugh Akume Ibrahim Dan-Halilu, thank you. You speak my mind. Below are some concerns I personally have which include these you've stated here. I didn't want to make mine long so said only a little, but you've said it all. 
      No proper documentation, porous borders, free movement including of arms. How is this going to be mitigated?
    Oluwatoyin Vincent Adepoju
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  • Sesugh Akume
    Sesugh Akume Let me speak for myself:

    In my ancestral home are IDPs from attacks by the herders. They can't go home because A, it's not safe up to now; B, there's no home to go to. They've been destroyed, homesteads, farmlands, etc. Others have been taken over by 
    grazing cattle. I'm of the opinion that these ones ought to be resettled, rehabilitated, and reintegrated first before talking about cattle settlements in their communities.
    I also know that there's ample land especially in the far northern Nigeria, I see vast tracks of land for kilometres with no human activity at all. I find it difficult to understand why the pilot projects has to start in my home. 
    I'm also of the opinion that cattle as any other business is private. If people want land for animal husbandry why is the FG allotting land and not they negotiating and getting it to run their businesses? Will this be done for me if I run into piggery too? Or I have to resort to violence then piggery can also be given special, exclusive attention?
    Recall the presidency statement that it's better for us to give up our land than to lose our lives. What precisely does this statement mean?
  • Jonathan Ishaku
    Jonathan Ishaku Prof. I thought a statement from the Fulani herdsmen through Miyetti Allah renouncing violence apologizing for the blooshef or generally showing remorse for the killings as a precondition would have smoothen the process. Unfortunately, Miyetti Allah still appears to exhibit a sense of entitlement which the government hasn't even publicly deprecated. In the circumstances, it appears the government is creating havens for armed adversaries within victim communities. Prof. you can't sincerely be surprised by the murmurings!
  • Eric C. Ona
    Eric C. Ona Livestock business is a lucrative business. The people in the business should buy lands and have ranches, just like farmers buy land to farm. Its not the government's role to impose something that would benefit a particular tribe at the expense of other tribes.
  • Chigozie Paul Amadi
    Chigozie Paul Amadi You have enough land in the North. Use it instead of provoking poor farmers, raping and killing indigenous people.
  • Uka Ugwa
    Uka Ugwa It's crystal clear to me, now. Thiese cattle ranch/colony and Ruga nonsense are like the government of the day, in its sworn craze, proposing to build model markets (in the capacity of Alaba, Otu Nkwo, Ariria, Ladipo, Tejuosho and the many more) throughout Nigerian regions, beyond, through Niamey and up to Cassablanca, to accommodate and sustain the llivelihood of migrant Igbo merchants and their trades. With state fund? This is an unattainable conquest, especially in my terrain, the Caliphate must be told. Tame your herds and the herdsman to your stead, NOW!
  • Jide Ojo
    Jide Ojo So you think it is proper to use taxpayers money to build for people who probably have never paid any tax to the system? They are business men like everyone else. Tje government can support them by making a loan scheme available but to use state's resources for the benefit of few is notjing but corruption. Will ruga users pay rent to the government?
  • Abubakar Atiku Nuhu-Koko
    Abubakar Atiku Nuhu-Koko Miyetti Allah is an unknown phenomenon to the cattle pastoralists. Miyetti Allah is just like any one of those ubiquitous so-called elitist urban-based socio-cultural groups that go around with politicians in search of greener pastures from government treasuries period.
  • Nk Lee
    Nk Lee Nigerians underrated Buhari, fighting his way back for second tenure is to unleash the Islamic fury in him to subdue the entire Nigeria to Islamic religion.
  • Oluwatoyin Vincent Adepoju
    Oluwatoyin Vincent Adepoju very interesting


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