Friday, January 30, 2015

USA Africa Dialogue Series - A slap in the face of Euro- SAP by the Greeks

In the 1980s, the belt-tightening, stringent monetarist program called SAP was deployed on
various African countries. Many of us felt that the policy should have been rejected outright.

Students marched, journalists wrote articels, cartoonists sketched their views and
artists their depictions. Academics wrote books, websites were created and all activists hoped
that the message and their voices would be heard. The basic point propounded was this:

Stringent, onerous austerity programs do not create wealth. They are only great for the bankers and
lenders and are anti-people. They do not create employment but provoke endless lay -offs and
the medicine usually kills the patient.

Indeed these 'progroms' hurt African countries in the 80s and 90s and some argue
that the ebola crisis of today in G,S & L was facilitated, in some ways, by health systems compromised by
war and SAPs.

Well although the model deployed on Greece was not as utterly severe as the one
imposed on Africa and the Caribbean, it was still a nightmare for the population.

This week the Greeks took their future into their hands and rejected the onerous
package. The electoral victory of Syriza gave the new government a mandate to
reject the monetarist package and poisonous brew that the Troika (ECB, IMF and EC)
had deployed.

Congrats to Syriza and the Greeks for challenging the monetarist orthodoxy.

Professor Gloria Emeagwali
History Department
CCSU. New Britain. CT 06050
Gloria Emeagwali's Documentaries on
Africa and the African Diaspora

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USA Africa Dialogue Series - Why are they called libraries?

They are called libraries because libraries are full of lies. When next you consult your library catalog, search for the keyword, lies, and you will get numerous hits.  The biggest library lie is the suggestion that the truth only lies in libraries waiting to be excavated, so be careful about online sources, they warn. The knowledge society of today has exposed that lie enough for researchers to know better but the allure of tradition still holds many brilliant minds captive and make them skeptical about sources of knowledge beyond the walls of libraries. Here are some tips for scholars who do not have access to well-stocked libraries:

Mass Literacy: Libraries Are Full of Lies: 8 Tips for Researchers in Africa

USA Africa Dialogue Series - Guinness Book of Record! Thanks Dr. Onyeani!!.. Tribute to African American Making of America Black History Month - Feb. 28 at the Martin Luther King Builder and Patron Dinner-Awards

Dear People of Africa and Beyond:

In my entire experience, I have never seen this!  A patron responding within 1 minute 15 seconds!  paid! O my black people, there is hope.....don't count us out! as hopeless dependents, bowl in hand, asking others for help. When we work together and complement efforts, achievement is unstoppable. The money is big...from Dr. Chika Onyeani, Publisher,  African Sun Times and Celebrate Africa to cover the lessons to young Africans about Selma and community tours to African American historic sights during black History Month 2015 in the DMV.

In its first of its kind, and community builders across the Continental African community are rising to honor the ideals Martin Luther King Patron and Builder Dinner-Awards-Gala in the Roast and Toast Black History Month on Feb. 28, 2015.  We hope your organization can play its part as we hope to depict the diversity of African Arts, Humanities, and People.

Who we are as a nation is a riveting story of  the tapestry of America's diversity. As a new and emerging, and fast growing Continental African population (with immigrant background), we are an integral part of America's narrative with our contributions, shared responsibility, trials and triumphs. More importantly, on February 28, 2015, we will salute the advocacy and  valor that promote an  equitable, inclusive and  viable America, which makes it easier for African immigrants to achieve. In deed, we are  beneficiaries of the outcomes that others fought for. The Honorees  embody the true spirit of sacrifice, duty, conscience and moral courage. 

In a rousing tribute, "The history of African Americans is unique and rich, and one that has helped to define what it means to be an American. Arriving on ships on the shores of North America more than 300 years ago, recognized more as possessions than people, African Americans have come to know the freedoms fought for in establishing the United States and gained through the use of our founding principles of freedom of speech, freedom of the press, the right to assembly, and due process of law. The ideals of the Founders became more real and more true for every citizen as African Americans pressed us to realize our full potential as a Nation and to uphold those ideals for all who enter into our borders and embrace the notion that we are all endowed with certain unalienable rights." White House.

The Keynote is Maryland State Senator Jamie Raskin who one of the most influential voices in the state and relationships with the Congress and White House. In measures of self reliance, a coalition of Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberian partners will kick off the a unified Ebola Campaign: The Surviving Orphans.

In this mail,  there are another information and events on Martin Luther King Service Day that complement the program. Please also find information on socio-economic opportunities, which include cleaning, vending and catering service contracts, low and free use  of facilities. 

 Please, you can share this information with your members and outlets.

We will appreciate the partnership and patronage.  

On behalf of Community Builders Caucus

Martin Luther King
Martin Luther King
The Selma Cast with Oprah took to the Streets on MLK Day Monday January 17, 2015
  In the Black  History Month 
in the Month of February

Continental African  Community Builders  Caucus  and Partnerships
Martin Luther King 
Builder and Patron 
Live! from Africa
Black History  Showcase.

Closing Black History Month on
Saturday February 28, 2015.
5:00pm to 11:p.m.

5:00pm- 7:00pm
Africa Safari  Taste and Wine Cocktail Meet and Greet.


Claridge Room
St. Catherine Labouré.
11801 Claridge Road,
Wheaton, MD 20902

To Benefit What Cause?

Research, Policies and Advocacy on African immigrant development;
Black History Lessons
Transportation of supplies and a assist help Ebola Survivors of Ebola in Sierra Leone,  Liberia, and Guinea..

The Keynote Speaker of the Martin Luther King
Builder and Patron Dinner-Awards-Gala
in Roast and Toast Black History Month 2015
 Senator Jamie Raskin ,
Leader of the Maryland District 20 Delegation,
Maryland House of Assembly.
Chair, Executive Nomination Committee
Senate Chair, Joint Committee on Legislative Ethics,
Member, Joint Committee on Federal Relations.
*These are among other portfolios.
Senator Raskin is also a Law Professor at American University, Washington, DC
I am from Africa


Councilman George Leventhal
President, Montgomery County Council, Maryland.

Casa de Maryland



Artists With One Voice

We Shall Overcome Ebola.

Watch Video: Click: 


 Russ Campbell, Jr
Chairman, Montgomery County Human Rights Commission, Inductee, Human Rights Hall of Fame.

  Dear Patrons and Friends of Community Development:

The courtesy of your   patronage of  the  First Continental African Martin Luther King Builder and Patron Dinner-Awards-Gala will help in answering life's most persistent and urgent question to keep alive the  legacy of Martin Luther King. 

As individuals and communities, we are beneficiaries of the Dream and the gains of Civil Rights because someone made it easier for us to achieve.

The theme will be highlighted by  theatrical presentations of exemplary valor  with  public officials, constituents, and advocates saluting the courage and talent at the service of humanity. The special honorees (see left) exemplify the indelible difference  that a person or a group can make in  building  a more humane society beyond individual organizations and national borders.
                   Roast and Toast to  Black History Month

Let us explore and share the beauty and contributions to our  multicultural society and world civilization. 

To make your group or individual reservation,  please respond to mail or call the contact numbers. 240:706-6886 or Bishop Roberts at 240-462-3150.  Individual reservation is $50.00 and a group of 10 is $450.00

Sponsors and Vendor Exhibition Booths are welcomed and  would be profiled in the program booklet.

Please read, below, some of the significant features of February 28, 2015, what happened on Martin King's Service Day and  other advancements in February 2015 and the Spring ABCD.

The Safari Cocktail begins at 6:30pm at the Martin Luther King Builders and
Patron Dinner-Awards-Gala on February 28, 2015.
Displays and Brochures on:

African Ethnic crops  Grown in the Locality,  Demand and Marketability

In Collaboration with

Ethnic  and Specialty Crop Department,
University of the District of Columbia's  College of  Agriculture,  Urban Sustainability and Environmental Science (CAUSES), whose mission
 offers research-based academic and community outreach programs that improve the quality of life and economic opportunity of people and communities in the District of Columbia, the nation and the world.

 Teaming with Opportunities
 Maryland - National Capital Park and Planning Commission and Prince George's County. 
Explore and Apply the Lesson and Enjoy the Experience
Coming Soon

Alexandra Teaff, Director of Community Relations Manager
Maryland -National Capital Park and Planning Commission (M-NCPPC), Department of Parks and Recreation, Prince George's County
Public Affairs and Marketing Division

This time, the community's old  friend has more in store on doing business with the  M-NCPPC, the county, free or low cost facilities and amenities; available programs and community  input.  Examples of vendor relationship include providing services and products  such as catering, food, cleaning, teaching a class, etc. Information on bidding on contracts and employment will be presented. For those who to partner or volunteer to improve your skills, there is  a spot. 

Overall, how does the Continental African community build relationship with the county, M-NCPPC and take advantage of the diverse opportunities to improve the lives of residents?

Click to read more from 6 years ago:

Saturday January 17, 2017
Touch and Lift up with Service beyond self or own's organization. 

How did we teach on Martin Luther King's Day?

1965: Freedom Riders:
The Marches, including Selma, Montgomery, brought together the conscientious beyond color lines in  quest for equal opportunity.
The Marches were the peak of the political and emotional Civil Rights Movement.

1965: From Left: Baynard Rustin, Andrew Young, William Ryan (New York Congressman), James Farmer and current Congressman John Lewis.

Below: January 19,  2015. With Oprah, the cast of Selma took to the streets.

2015: Give each youth the opportunity to actualize his or her fullest potentials.
Mentor a high school student through his/her journey to college, including timely applications and identification of resources such as  scholarship and  financial assistance.

Coming up in April 2015:  Follow-up on the Data: ABCD Round-table

The Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD) uses  assets within the community as the primary building blocks of sustainable community development.    

By strengthening and building on the skills and expertise of residents, the resourcefulness of
associations or groups,  and the supportive functions of local institutions and governments, ABCD draws upon available community strengths to build stronger, dynamic and empowered community that addresses the needs of constituents.

Therefore, a critical part of building a healthy and functional community is understanding the existing and potential strengths of individuals and organized entities. The purpose is  to match needs with resources for community empowerment.   Stakeholders at the Breakfast Roundtable on Community Asset Inventory will conduct assessments in order facilitate: 
1) Community education on the inter-connectedness of development, which brings together stakeholders working on similar or complementary causes  to achieve effective and efficient results. 
2) Ways to recognize  talents and  abilities,  and inspire  individuals and groups, including youths,  to contribute toward civic and community development.
3) The shifting from dependency on  outside sources to an empowered, self-reliant, self-representing constituency.
Dear Reader, thank you for supporting the Builders.

For more information, please contact: 240-706-6885; 240-462-3450

Best regards, 
Community Builders Caucus

Listserv moderated by Toyin Falola, University of Texas at Austin
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