Wednesday, September 21, 2022

USA Africa Dialogue Series - Letter to the Sec,Gen of the UN Mr Antonio Guterres

Letter to the Sec- Gen of The UN by  Augustine   Togonu-Bickersteth, London, England 

You are a secretary and a general  the worlds most impossible job if i am to go by   Dag Hammarskjold 

I am the secretary for  Nigeria , Tesla  society of New york city, today  happens to belong not to Tesla but to michael Faraday father of Electricity   september  22 1791 he was born here in UK and  Nikola Tesla  as you might already know , is referred to as the father of the 20th century    because of his contribution to the development of the electricity industry, precisely alternative current,you made a first class degree in electrical engineering! Awesome! So we are in safe hands,

Mr Guterres we have 6000 megawatts of electricity in nigeria we need 300,000. Call it an energy crisis, youmay be right.  What has been  advanced decades ago is a center for total energy studies to be located at the university of ibadan    and ibadan  reminding of new york city is the world's largest indigenous black city,and the political nerve center of the black world,

    Mr Gutteres , I would like to tell your 77th assembly that  Our problem in  is sustainable development goal number 7 especially as it concerns manufacturing in nigeria, the headquarters of the manufacturers  association of nigeria happens to be  at 77 obafemi awolowo,way  ikeja lagos . I see the Governor of Lagos  state , Babajide Sanwo olu is there with you in New York city.He has his base at Ikeja.

  Obafemi awolowo   founded the unity party of nigeria this day   september 22 , 44 years ago with  the logo of   a  candle  lighting up nigeria. that candle is metaphysical, the Nigerian electric power authorityNEPA,   long after became   NEPA plc  and people termed that to mean   quite cynically,  PLEASE LIGHT  CANDLE. For several years  running  as you know, michael faraday gave a series of lectures, the christmas   lectures  under the title the chemical history of a candle

.  Michael faraday rejected the presidency of the royal society and obafemi awolowo became the best president nigeria never had. The university named after him, obafemi awolowo university used to have the best programme in west Africa  in electronics and electrical the story may be different.

          On manufacturing,we have a home grown solution in professor  Banji Oyelaran oyeyinka,  Nigeria's first PhD inTechnologymanagement   and industrialization  policy, like you, a first class degree holder but a chemical engineer The Chemical Engineers described as the universal engineers, they have the strongest work load as undergraduates  second only to the Architecture students,  oyeyinka oyelaran  also doubles as the adviser on industrialization to the president of the African development bank. DR Akinwuni Adesina,Call him Mr Africa.very progressive.

Today also is the Birthday of another Michael, Professor Micheal Faborode a top notch Agricultural Engineer and  ex vice chancellor  Obafemi Awolowo university. The agric engineers have been compared with the Aerospace Engineers  because of the complexity of things that they do

So we are made to understand that Agriculture or agro allied industries are a stepping stone to full blown manufacturing  and we have a home grown solution in the  sPecial agro processing zones as advanced by Professor  Banji Oyelaran Oyeyinka. I think for the sake of Africa   you   and the new york crowd should be regularly in touch with professor Banji Oyelaran oyeyinka  and professor  Micheal Faborode who was recently secretary-  General,  just  like, you but of the committee of  Nigerian vice chancellors, an impossible job like yours. Faborode has also been a member of the committee of Deans of   Engineering  African universities. And  president of the African body of agric engineers. Mr   Guterres with just these two men we  need not import tractors  and stuff like that, we need not be just consumers of everything and anthing

In the words of   Obafemi Awolowo, One of the badges of poverty  is  the inability of men to invent and maintain machines, this speaks to the need  of people like Professor Oyelaran Oyeyinka and Professor Micheal Faborode. I rest my case. Thanks you

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