Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Re: USA Africa Dialogue Series - A MESSAGE FROM NIGERIA'S YOUTH: RSVP Project...

Hon. Gbenga Dasylva:
Thanks for your fascinating rebuttal on my support for President EbeleChukwu Jonathan. I truly believe that if you think very clearly you will agree with  me that Pres. Jonathan has close similarities with Pres. Obama of America. Though, they both live under different political climate,and in this  respect you don't compare apples with  oranges. However, both have a lot in common: Like Obama, Jonathan is intellectually Superior than his competitors. Like Obama, Jonathan is highly respected and admired by the Western World. Pres. Jonathan was recently invited to attend G8 -SUMMIT[in Canad]-a Committee of  the Conglomerate of  Industrialized nations. Again, Pres. Jonathan is invited to represent Nigeria in the impending U.N General Assembly this September. On the flip side, his competitors or his detractors are banned from visiting America.
For Lasting Pace to Reign in Nigeria, the next president has to come from the Oil Producing Region of Delta whether you believe it or not. Jonathan understands  the anatomy/problems of the Region more than any other Political talking heads in Nigeria. Besides, Jonathan's aggregate experience as VP suggests that he is well equipped to reverse the tide of fiscal/financial profligacy in Nigerian Politics by bringing more WOMEN with Management/Business KNOW-HOW into his administration. In this sense, he is the only Presidential Candidate who can truly achieve GENDER PARITY in the area of better treatment of 21st Century Nigerian Women-which is an essential dynamic  in the Reduction of Political Corruption in Nigeria/Africa.
You accused Pres. Jonathan of squandering public funds on  three presidential Jets. But you have to recognize these Jets are not the President's personal property. They are the property of the Republic of Nigeria and the citizens of Nigeria whether we fly in them or not.
President Jonathan clearly  understands the Cultural/Traditional rhythms of the Disenfranchised Delta Region more than his rivals. As a Progressive Thinker, honest Problem Solver and a Peace Maker, Jonathan knows how to reconcile Modern Democracy and Islamic Culture with the Highest sense of Pragmatism more than his Rivals.
ADVICE/Warning: My hope is that you and the Nigerian Educated Class should not be swayed by the charisma/braggadocio attitude of other presidential candidates who promise Pie in the Sky. They hoodwinked us and looted billions of our pedro-dollars and yet have the moral temerity to ask for more opportunity to loot whatever is left for Nigerians. God Forbid! 
I appreciate the extraordinary role you're playing in this presidential debate. I truly believe that President Goodluck Jonathan is our best hope for now unless any one wants to invoke the Angels and the Saints to be the next Nigerian President and his Ministers.
Thanks for your Attention.
Obi Dikas, Ph.D.

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