Tuesday, January 31, 2012

USA Africa Dialogue Series - Original Quotes (Updated)

By Chidi Anthony Opara

(1)  Humanity is one in diversity.
(2)  The first King was not a Prince.
(3)  Writers who write for the future do not win awards in the present.
(4)  War is an unnecessary instrument of peace.
(5)  Unconditional makes love unreasonable, motivating conditions make it reasonable.
(6)  There are two categories of people we respect, those we love and those we fear.
(7)  Loyalty is a major requirement even in hell.
(8)  The rule in a rat race is that there are no rules.
(9)  War mongers need peace to plan wars.
(10) It takes more to protect wealth than it took to create it.
(11) The pen may be mightier than the sword, but the sword handles issues faster.
(12) Money may be preferred by many to intellect, yet money remains one of the least products of intellect.
(13) The concept of formal education was developed by illiterates.
(14) Equality of all before the law is part of the hypocrisy of law.
(15) Founders of major religions started by blaspheming.
(16) People who consort with oppressive regimes always end up being victims of such regimes' oppression.
(17) When a child is abused in any form, society is distorted, because the child's adult life will in some ways manifest such abuses.
(18) News reporters should be both pro and anti establishment, depending on where truth and justice are found at any given time.
(19) Decency means adherence to at least minimum standards of civility.
(20) I believe in the universality of arts and literature. I believe that they should appeal to all persuasions.
(21) There is always a confluence where idealism and reality meet.

(22) Laws are made and enforced by the conquerors for the conquered.

(23) Christianity and Islam, both owe their spread to terrorism in its broader definition, what they preferred and still prefer to call "holy wars". The difference is that presently, Christianity is in control of the important spheres of power namely: political, economic and cultural, while Islam is fighting to balance the terror.

(24) The complacency of today will loom large like incubus and summon us to repay debts incurred, the time will be tomorrow.

(25) I will speak to generations after mine. Mine is almost irredeemable. The ones before mine are irredeemable.
(26) Any man can be controlled by a woman who knows how to use her natural instruments of control.

(27) Power protrudes from the brain, biceps and bosom, albeit in variations.

(28) The toughest person can be softened by a loved one.
(29) Literature remembers the past, memorizes the present and imagines the future.

(30) The surest route to greatness is to help others to achieve greatness.

(31) Applause is the best prize for an artiste.

(32) One who has greatness recognizes greatness.

(33) Justice is blind but does not bite the fingers that feed her.
(34) People get rich by working hard to create wealth and also by working hard to keep it.
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