Friday, August 31, 2012

Re: USA Africa Dialogue Series - What A Honorable And Honest Man Al Gore Is!

This is what makes Barbara Lee an heroine of all time, for seeing through the mess and chicanery of the MIC and their apologists. Bush cashed-in on the raw anger of the 9/11 attack. So-called American patriotism was awakened, if you were seen or percieved to be critical of the "general line", you were labeled as being unpatriotic and risked being attacked.
What did Mitt Romney's speech offer us in Tampa? I was up in the wee hours of the morning to listen to the presidential acceptance speech. It sounded to me too artificial, too hollow, most illogical and incoherent. Of course, he had a motley crowd to cheer him, but when subjected to scientific test a lot of the claims and rhetorics would not stand.
Finally, if being a successful businessman makes successful President, then all polities of the world should abandon traditional politicians and go for the Kochs, Mardoffs etc of this world to govern them. I see an epistemology reconstruction of the defining parameters and characteristics of who should govern America. They are false claims.
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Al Gore Says We Can't Blame Bush for Everything


Al Gore:

"Obviously I'm not a fan of his presidency, but I want to make a point, Things went so badly wrong they cannot all be laid at his doorstep. One quick example: When the Senate voted to go to war in Iraq, 77 percent of the American people believed that Saddam Hussein was responsible for the 9/11 attack.

And yes, the administration put that impression out there, but where was the news media? Where were the responsible members of the Republican Party in the House and Senate and why weren't more Democrats standing up to that upright falsehood?

The underlying point I'm making is we have serious problems in our democracy and all of the blame put on George W. Bush — I'm not defending him in any way, believe me — but I think sometimes that misses the larger point that our democracy is indeed in trouble. And all of us have an obligation to try to fix it."

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