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USA Africa Dialogue Series - The Guardian Nigeria: Kunle Afolayan: With October 1, Ilara-Mokin joins Nigeria’s filmic map

With October 1, Ilara-Mokin joins Nigeria's filmic mapTHE cast and crew of Kunle Afolayan's new film, October 1, are currently working in Ilara-Mokin, a once sleepy town in Ondo, which now boasts of a university and golf course. 

   Ilara-Mokin is also hometown of the business mogul and Chairman of Toyota Nigeria, Chief Michael Ade Ojo, whom, Afolayan hinted, has approved his company's partnership so as to ensure a successful experience in the town. 

    Kunle Ade Ojo, Executive Director of the company, says they will be providing vehicles for use during the making of the movie in addition to hospitality for the cast and crew. It is, perhaps, the first time such an outfit will be lending its support to a core Nollywood production and Afolayan is grateful to the quintessential businessman, illustrious Nigerian and philanthropist Chief Ade Ojo for his interest in the film. 

   "I have adopted him as my father and Governor Babatunde Fashola as my uncle," Afolayan said. 

   The filmmaker whose third movie Phone Swap is about to be released in Europe has commenced shoot of the movie even though he is still far off his projected $2 million budget. 

   "I have not been able to raise half of that budget. I'm still looking for more money and more partners and support. But camera must roll," he said. 

  According to Afolayan, Ilara-Mokin where 70 per cent of the shoot will take place was chosen because the town boasts of the right architecture and ambiance for a historical film.  

    He also said this gesture of Ade Ojo will save him a lot of money unlike his previous efforts — Irapada, Figurine and Phone Swap — where he had to move cast and crew from one location to another. 

  "I got a call from him one Monday morning, and by Friday, we were in Ilara-Mokin to see the place and the moment we got there, we found all we wanted there and even more. I mean you need to come and see the sheer size of the university and golf course. I dare say that the golf course and resort is the best in Africa. He is even planning a film village as part of the theatre and film studies programme of the Elizade University. We are working with the university on the proper take off of the project," Afolayan told newsmen. 

    Toyota will bring to three the number of major partners that Afolayan have secured so far for the film, which is set prior to Nigeria's independence. Afolayan named the Lagos State Government and top clothier Deola Sagoe as the other partners in the production of October 1. 

  Lagos State is in for October 1 as part of Governor Raji Fashola administration's resolve to support the film industry. 

    The Permanent Secretary, Special Duties, Lagos State, Dr. Aderemi Desalu, said the state's involvement is part of its Nollywood Upgrade project that is designed to promote the building of local cinema, build capacity for the industry and partner filmmakers with ideas and projects that will portray Lagos and Nigeria in positive light. 

    Desalu stated that the state, through the initiative, would not only promote local cinema but will support production of films from script to screen.

  The clothier Deola Sagoe will be wearing three caps on the film project. Not only is she a partner, the notable fashion designer will also be providing period costumes. The delectable clothier will also feature as Funmilayo Kuti, mother of the legendary Fela Anikulapo Kuti in the movie. 

   Sagoe, who said she was excited about the film project, will be featuring alongside a number of notable Nigeria and foreign actors including Sadiq Daba who is best known as a broadcaster and as Bitrus in the defunct television drama series Cock Crow at Dawn, Kayode 'Aderupoko' Olaiya, Kanayo. O. Kanayo, Bimbo Manuel and Femi Adebayo. 

   Others are Nick Rhys, David Bailie, Fred Ackerman, Lawrence Stubbings and David Reese. The Golden Effect Production regulars such as Bose Oshin, Pat Nebo and Yinka Edwards are on the project as Production Manager, Production Designer and Director of Photography respectively. 

   Daba is making a big return to the screen as Waziri in October 1. His last major effort on screen as an actor was when he featured in the M-net short film project, A Place Called Home. 

    The Kano-born actor, television producer and presenter, who retired from the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) after 35 years of meritorious service, said he was happy to be back on the turf. "I always tell people who ask me that the only thing that can get me back on the screen as an actor is if I find a very serious production and a good script. This is undoubtedly a good script, a good story and the director is someone who is serious and focused. I gave him (Afolayan) my words the moment I read the script. This is the kind of stories we should be telling. Stories that unite us as a people."

  On how he arrived at such a broad based cast, Afolayan said he drew up the list after an extensive audition exercise. "We had over 2000 people who stormed our office in Ikeja to audition for the different characters in the movie. But the folks on set now including the crew members are the best of them all and so far I am not disappointed. I never even get because I don't attach sentiment to my work," he explained. 

  Written by the award winning scriptwriter, Tunde Babalola, who wrote The Michael Power film script and The Meeting as directed by Mildred Okwo, October 1 is promoted as a psychological thriller detailing the activities of a northern police detective, Dan Waziri who was posted to the western region to unravel the mystery behind a series of female murders in the community.   He soon discovers that the prime suspect is Aderopo, the prince of the community. 

    Waziri, however, does not have plenty of time as he is expected to bring the Prince to book before the Nigerian flag is raised on October 1.

Afolayan said he had to commence shoot of the movie because he could no longer tie down most of the foreign and Nigerian based actors who had other commitments.

  "I kept delaying them and pushing shoot forward because I was looking for a foreign co-producer and I wanted to raise the $2 million budget before I could commence shooting but it looks as though I will wait a long time because it is difficult to get a mainstream distribution deal. It's a clique thing and you have to belong to be able to secure such a deal. Also, I wanted to secure the budget, but it appears I will wait until God knows when. So I have to begin with what has come in so far but we are still looking for more money and talking to some companies who are showing interest. But we need money to shoot this film, which I'm aiming to premiere at one of the biggest international festival. I want to be the first to put Nigeria's name on the list of films in competition in any of those festivals. My film Figurine was invited to screen at Rotterdam Film Festival. It was about the first Nigerian film to be invited to screen there. But that is just screening the film. It is a different ball game if it is in official competition.  I will say with all modesty that this is a film that can compete on the international stage. It will get us an Oscar nomination," he enthused. 

  Afolayan expressed optimism that October 1 will be something totally different from anything he has ever done as a filmmaker. 

   "We have a good script written by the internationally acclaimed Tunde Babalola. We have a good cast and crew and so we are looking at turning out nothing but the best. I just need the right funds and support in place and I will give Nigeria and the continent something to cheer about for a long time. At least if we must attend a festival next year, lets go there because we have a film showing in or out of competition. So, I still need money. We have not gotten near our 2 million dollars budget yet. We need money," he said. 

Funmi Tofowomo Okelola

-The Art of Living and Impermanence

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