Tuesday, January 31, 2017

USA Africa Dialogue Series - “I didn’t stand with him. I stood with her - Hillary Clinton” (Reuben Abati) - Amended

"I didn't stand with him. I stood with her - Hillary Clinton" (Reuben Abati)

Today, every sour grape is still crying about how badly they "was robbed" and speculating about exactly how beautiful life would have been if only their Hillary had won the electoral college. They can't get over it that she didn't or that many "illegals" stood with her and voted for her in e.g. sunshine California. This was a fear expressed in Breitbart, before the elections.

Of course, if it were possible, the illegals would have also voted for her in Southern Nigeria, to wit: "Majority of Christians in Nigeria stood with Donald Trump. They liked his anti-Muslim rhetoric..." and that was the gospel truth, according to Reuben Abati although he can't produce a shred of evidence that the majority of Christians in Nigeria didn't prefer Hillary to the pussy-grabber, which pussy-grabbing from the Christian ethic point of view is really not kosher or the type of behaviour that Jesus preached.

Today, in defeat, the electorally defeated Hillary is not showing any leadership quality by not leading the anti-Trump demonstrations - she - the would-be first female president instead of Brother Obama, probably because she's afraid that people will merely accuse her of "sour grapes" if she did so or maybe afraid that in retaliatory anger, Trump might sign an executive order directing the FBI to reopen every possible investigation against her. So she's laying low, but must surely be vengefully planning, maybe even secretly fanning these demonstrations against her Donald…

There's Hillary's song to Abati: " Stand by me"

"I stood with her- Hillary Clinton" ( I Reuben Abati !) So did Bill Clinton.

My own personal favourite There he stood is Jamaaladeen Tacuma's homage to Paul Robeson

Of course, a man is free to stand with whomever he likes or loves, Goodluck Jonathan, Hillary, Goebbels, the arch-demon Hitler…

I'm thinking of the latter two just now because this evening I attended a lecture in which Benjamin G. Martin presented his book, "The Nazi-Fascist New Order for European Culture" during which lecture , the more he talked about how German nationalism was promoted and expressed through Nazism, the more I found myself thinking - repeatedly - about Trump's rise to power - populism they call it - and the current wave of nationalism sweeping through some countries in Europe in tandem with the new rise of nationalism in the US, with some people even making unsavoury comparisons, comparing Trump (God forbid) to the Fuhrer, the only thing missing so far, the gas ovens, the concentration and intern camps for Muslims; for given all of Trump's utterances on the topic, there's little doubt that the dude is an Islamophobe. Therefore, Reuben Abati shouldn't need to waste his ink beating about the bush: to all intents and purposes, Trump is an Islamophobe. This of course could make Boko Haram or even President Buhari be trembling in his shoes – and maybe be reluctant to fly over for medical check-ups in Trump-country. This perception should not be good for business (business relations between the USA and the Muslim world) but good for China and Russia trade with the Muslim world, for outside of America, there is a world elsewhere. ( In terms of content, Abati's newspaper article could have been more appropriately titled "Trump and the world")

The Muslims are now in a position that's a little similar to the position of Jews in Europe in the fateful years of Hitler's reign of terror leading up to his final solution, the Holocaust, with the US today (for other reasons) actually banning Muslim refugees from the most war-torn countries seeking refuge-ship in the United States and Europe considerably downsizing their intake. There are those of the view that the far better solution would be for the US and Europe and other nations who ought to be more concerned , to settle refugees in nearby / neighbouring countries. I am reliably informed  (this evening) that in 2016 Sweden spent 75 billion kronor (about $ 857, 915, 000.00 US dollars)  to settle 163,00 asylum seekers whilst that same year, the UNHCR spent 30 billion Swedish kronor to run refugee camps in Syria and nearby countries for 6.5 million people...

"It's easy to see without looking too far, that not much is really sacred"(It's alright ma).

I was going to attribute the line to Dr. Dylan and then thought affectionately "King Bob" would be much better but dismissed that too because that's what the surviving Brits in Zimbabwe and many of the Brits who don't like President Mugabe call him. They call him "King Bob"

All is vanity, saith King Solomon and exactly just right now (freedom of speech and freedom to think aloud or loudly) I'm thinking of my good friend Ogbeni K who says, just like the King of Kings of Kings, that I should not take his name in vain ( Exodus 20:7)


There he stood. She, in trouble – help me

Trump and his language. He's a straight-shooter, names even body parts by their proper names (you know what I mean). With regard to that segment of humanity known as Nigerians – of whom Reuben Abati speaks and that includes Nigerian-Americans who speak American English, the Anglo-Nigerians who speak the British variety and the vast majority of Nigerian nationals who speak various shades of what Professor Kperogi terms "Nigerian English". Since Kperogi has taken Trump to task for his variety of spoken English and what he calls Trumpian Grammar - and given the thesis that language can affect the way we think, we can take it as fore-granted that it is not every variety of English speaking Nigerians that understand Trump the way that Trump understands himself or would like to be understood – and that means that many people understand Trump's simple, clear and very concise English, differently. I should just like to add that the translation into English of some of what Israeli and Palestinian politicians say, is often considerably toned down, sometimes even embellished - that includes for example some of the spontaneous translations of what Malti, Baba Muktananda's translator in the years 1976-1979 when I sojourned for three month periods at his ashrams and when in one instance Baba told a story in which the high point was something oozing out of someone's anus which Malti (now Gurumayi Chidvilasananda) politely translated as coming out of "every pore" in the person's body.

But Muslims understand Mr. Trump perfectly, perhaps they have understood the more sophisticated and nuanced Brother Obama less perfectly.

Brother Obama who went over to Cairo and chose the University of Cairo as the venue from which to greet the Ummah, the universal Muslim greeting of assalamu alaikum and followed that up with his historic address to the Muslim World. If you examine that speech carefully, you realise that that's what kicked off what a few months later came to be known as "the Arab Spring". We know that unlike Brother Obama , Trump is not about to fly over to Cairo to say "assalamu alaikum" to anybody or everybody, nor are we likely to ever see him doing what Brother Obama was accused of, bowing to the King of Saudi Arabia

On the contrary from day one President Trump has made this solemn promise at his inauguration:

"We will reinforce old alliances and form new ones and unite the civilized world against radical Islamic terrorism, which we will eradicate completely from the face of the Earth."

What Radical Islam's response will be , we will have to wait and see : Jihad Watch

Assuredly, the Nigerian anti-Trump opportunists are praying fervently that the Donald will come waving his Big Stick at Boko Haram or better still will pound the hell out of the Boko and any other Naija governmental elements who oppose a Christian Biafra or think that the creation of a New Biafra (like New York or New Mexico) is not a good idea.

However it's not just Reuben Abati that sees Trump as a threat to the world the EU's Tusk sees Trump as a threat to Europe

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