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USA Africa Dialogue Series - Re: 'China steps up preparedness for military conflict with US'

Layman talking and leaving the UK & Europe-NATO etc. out of it…

Today is the beginning of the Chineses New Year. Happy New Year China!

When Jin Canrong says, "Tillerson's statement was too arrogant. If the new US administration follows this route and adopts this attitude, then it will lead to a war between China and the US and that would mean the end of US history or even all of humanity," what I hear is that the United States is less than 400 years old whereas China has been around for a very long time. So Trump wants to build the Great wall of China along the US-Mexico border?

The New Colossus by Emma Lazarus

So, what kind of colossus is Trump? Hopefully, not this onesure, the most powerful man in the world , his hand not far from the nuclear trigger, there's much to fear but the wisest saying is this:

" Rayshis Chochma yir-as Adonai" (The beginning of wisdom is fear of Hashem)

God does not like the arrogant

Can Trump – so vastly unpopular, already perceived by the minorities at home (the enemy within) and the majority of people of the world at large (worldwide) as being arrogant , can he (his US) afford to be stoking so many fires at the same time? Wouldn't that be biting off more than he( the not so Almighty US can chew? Is that the way and is that what he means by "making America great again"? As if he does not already have more than enough trouble with people like Edward Snowden and his own intelligence community which by tradition, post-Mccarthy era has always been deeply suspicious and anti-Russian, can the US afford to be at loggerheads with Russia and China at one and the same time? A 20% import duty trade war with Mexico and Heaven knows what kind of trade war he's going to declare on China plus fighting China in China's own backyard and getting his ass kicked in the South China Sea (not the United States Sea), with the consequent loss of US prestige, tearing up the nuclear deal with Iran - more trouble - and we are to suppose, eventually fighting Iran in the Persian Gulf (not the United States Gulf – it's called the Persian Gulf), having already antagonised masses of Muslims worldwide - even before he was elected, helter-skelter impetuosity at work moving the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem which will result in Radical Islam declaring war on American interests world-wide, the list goes on Africa, South America , Asia - even Australia says they like doing business with China.

Who will say to him (Trump) "Love is the bridge between you and everything"

On Friday, 27 January 2017 17:36:45 UTC+1, Emeagwali, Gloria (History) wrote:

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'China steps up preparedness for military conflict with US'

Beijing, Jan 27, 2017 (PTI), Deccan Herald, Bengaluru, India

China is stepping up preparedness for a possible military conflict with the US as President Donald Trump has signalled that he will follow a more hardline policy to counter Beijing's claims on the disputed South China Sea and on other issues, official media reports said.


A commentary in the official website of People's Liberation Army's (PLA) said on January 20, the day Trump assumed Presidency, that the chances of war have become "more real" amid a more complex security situation in the Asia Pacific.


The commentary written by an official at the national defence mobilisation department in the Central Military Commission, China's overall military high command, said the US call for rebalancing of its strategy in Asia, military deployments in the East and South China Seas and the setting up of a missile defence system in South Korea were hot spots getting closer to ignition.


"'A war within the President's term' or 'war breaking out tonight' are not just slogans, they are becoming a practical reality," Hong Kong based South China Morning Post quoted the commentary as saying.


The official People's Daily said in another commentary on Sunday that China's military would conduct exercises on the high seas regardless of foreign provocations.

China's sole aircraft carrier Liaoning had passed through the narrow Taiwan Strait last month.


The commentary referred to remarks by the US secretary of state nominee Rex Tillerson that the US should stop China's access to artificial islands it has built in disputed areas of the South China Sea.


New White House spokesman Sean Spicer said that the US would prevent China from taking over territory in international waters in the South China Sea.


With their threats to China, Trump and Tillerson are making "rookie blunders" that will only hurt US credibility, the commentary said.


"Tillerson's statement was too arrogant. If the new US administration follows this route and adopts this attitude, then it will lead to a war between China and the US and that would mean the end of US history or even all of humanity," Jin Canrong, associate dean of the Department of International Studies at Renmin University of China, told state-run Global Times.


"Although the US is planning to send three aircraft- carriers to the West Pacific region, if they invade the South China Sea, we have the ability to destroy them all even if they send 10, let alone three," Jin said.


"The islands with airports that we have built in the area are 'unsinkable aircraft carriers' and compared to US aircraft carriers, they have more advantage to some extent," he said.


Ian Storey, a senior fellow at ISEAS-Yusof Ishak Institute in Singapore, said some of the comments from Trump's key advisors and appointees suggest that the US may pursue a more hardline policy against Beijing in the South China Sea over the next four years.


"As it's highly unlikely that China will compromise its sovereignty claims in the face of US pressure, we can be sure that the dispute will increasingly become a risky point of contention between Beijing and Washington," he told the Post.


During his visit to the military installations on January 25 ahead of the Chinese new year, Chinese President Xi Jinping has called on the military toimprove its combat readiness.

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