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Re: SV: USA Africa Dialogue Series - The Dangerous Criminalization of Fulani Ethnicity

Ogbeni Salimonu Kadiri, alias Ogunlakaiye, good morning. It may not have occurred to you that in civilized society, where the failed policy used by Europeans to steal land in Africa, because communities cannot produce titles to their ancestral land (Jack Goody), cannot any longer be used to empower either state, nations or groups to enter upon, occupy or capture such land without consequences. If any group continues to roam on other people's land, with or without animals, such a group must admit to criminality consequent upon such actions - whether perpetrated by themselves against the people whose land they trespass on or by resisting land owners. The responsibility for the violence occasioned by such unlawful entry must be borne by the perpetrators of the unlawful entry, not the resisting victims of invasion.

Many persons refrain from joining argument with those who continue to defend the indefensible in modern society, because they would not want to antagonize the powers that be, or appear as if they hate anyone, or for some perceived political correctness; but if and when your own family land is occupied by some strange, foreign or unauthorized persons, then you will understand what I mean. If such occupiers were to come with intent to maim and kill, should you object to your ancestral land being taken over temporarily or permanently, then you will know why Nigeria may be in for serious dismemberment if this scourge of roaming herders are not addressed intelligently.

Professor Agozino claimed here that he suggested that the "Northern" business class should embrace Cattle Ranching. Some of us indicated that he was not inventing the idea. When our own Babatunde Fafunwa suddenly started using his Muslim name on becoming Minister of Education, with the Nomadic Education mantra, many of us sniggered at the idiocy of the idea. When we were told that Nigeria went to Argentina or some other South American country to learn what to do with cattle rearing, we roared with disbelief. We believe that there is no need to go anywhere outside of Africa to solve the problem of roaming marauders, as research within the academy in Nigeria and without have made it clear that such unsustainable practices cannot bode well for anyone.

What was the premise on which the River Basin Authorities was built? Why do we have abundance of Rivers and Streams all over Nigeria and claim that grazing land must be accessed by wandering on other people's farms, backyards or public highways? Why can't we copy examples of animal husbandry found in many other African countries? Why must any one be allowed to follow the cattle from Sokoto to Lagos in the 21st Century? What happens to their families left behind? What about their education, health issues, insurance, pension, etc? Must we always be so mean to the poor among us - called Talakawas? What is the genesis of the Palestinian problem - with Jews using their parochial deity as justification for divine land-grabbing? What is the challenge between Modakeke and Ife? What job is Salimonu Kadiri angling for with the regime of PMB in this whole pursuit of the imponderable? Why is it difficult for Ogbeni Salimonu Kadiri to see the incendiary nature of wandering animal husbandry in contemporary society? Are the true Fulani really against proper integration into modern society, or is this a political issue serving the interest of some powerful, faceless, destructive group(s)?

I was based in what was then Southern Zaria, now Southern Kaduna, during my NYSC service year in late 70s. There was a huge irrigation project somewhere in Malali or thereabouts. The expansive Northern Nigeria is blessed with arable, grazing, farming and highly rich soil with rivers and streams such that, but for the selfishness of Northern elites, that takes pleasure in subjecting the masses of their own to poverty and domination, there is no reason for any roaming or wandering animal keepers, hired or owners. Why do we keep barking up the wrong tree? The Nigerian problem is a leadership that is imbecilic in its greed, myopia and absolute inability to appreciate what is called enlightened self-interest. They forget that the troublesome child who says his/her mother will not sleep; he/she also will not sleep! It is Macbeth murdering sleep and not able to sleep anymore. What they fail to understand is that a parasite that is intent on destroying itself kills the host first, thinking that it will survive when the host is dead - Eepa n pa ara re, o ni oun n pa aja.

I did not mean this to be this long. But that you, Ogbeni Salimonu Kadiri, acknowledge that there are roaming "Fulani Herdsmen" logically commits you to admitting that such persons must commit criminal acts - whether they carry only long sticks and long knives or AK47 is immaterial. Someone even suggested that there were traditional routes for Cattle passing from Sokoto to Lagos. Does the fact that you have always passed through my yard make it right for you to continue to pass through it - regardless of the inconvenience you cause or destruction attendant to your passing? What exactly is wrong with being black? What is wrong with being a Nigerian? Is it intellectual incapacity? Is it genetic?

There are countries that have no resources that Nigeria has - Australia, New Zealand, and many African countries - with economies built around agriculture that we can emulate. Even Jamaica bred a special cow which became famous. Why are we this way, and Ogbeni Salimonu Kadiri wants to see the corpses of those killed or the court records of those charged, before he recognizes the explosiveness of the wanton killings taking place on the intrusions of strangers on people's lands? What Ogbeni Salimonu fails to understand is that land disputes never really go away, even if the transient occupiers of positions of power intimidate the poor owners into submission on a temporary basis.

I have not addressed the numerous problems with the position of Ogbeni Salimonu Kadiri. But I hope he will be well served to be sensitive to the sensitivities of those who suffer in the hands of intruders and be respectful of their agonies and not continue to rub salt on their open wounds. There is absolutely no need to even be debating this issue in the 21st Century. When stripped of all the trappings of office, religion and ethnicity, criminals are just criminals! I hope he will be able to decode that. 

Ire o.


On Monday, 13 February 2017, 16:22, Salimonu Kadiri <> wrote:

The charges are serious : rape - Cornelius Hamelberg.

Can you please furnish us with the case file of rape-charges against Fulani herdsmen in Nigeria and in which courts were they arraigned and charged? What are the names of the arraigned and charged Fulani herdsmen? What were their pleas against the charges levelled against them?

You Ogbeni Kadiri want the whole world to believe that all the reports by the Nigerian military and Police, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, the thousands of corpses of Nigerians killed by Fulani herdsmen and Fulani militants, their blood crying out from the earth and thousands of victims who survived to tell their tale - you want us to believe that the reports that all those who have been badly injured and maimed and report of those who have been raped by Fulani herdsmen/militants "are not based on truth or facts, rather they are based on prejudice and lies against Fulani herdsmen?"- Cornelius Hamelberg.

Can you please avail us with the Nigerian Military and Police reports in which it was specifically confirmed that Fulani herdsmen killed, maimed, raped and destroyed villages en-route their grazing paths in Nigeria?
What are the names of the human beings behind Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International that wrote reports confirming the discovery of thousands of corpses of Nigerians killed by Fulani herdsmen? What are the evidences produced by those organisations to pin those crimes on Fulani herdsmen?

I am neither a Fulani nor a herdsman but I am a human being just as the Fulani herdsmen. The difference between me and your cohorts is that I put myself in position of Fulani herdsmen and figure out how possible it is for them to commit the type of crimes attributed to them in a community where they are extremely in a minority and in the company of their herds. Factually, the Fulani herdsmen breed their cattle for commercial and economic reasons which make it impossible for them to descend on the potential consumers of their products and kill them. If I were a Fulani herdsman driving about 100 cows to graze near a village, will I abandon my cattle at the risk of losing them to cow rustlers (thieves) in pursuit of a woman or a girl to rape? How many Fulani herdsmen accompanied by their cattle would be required to perpetrate the type of horrors attributed to them? I ask this question since I saw only one armed Fulani herdsman with a rifle grazing his cattle in the bush in one of the links posted by you and in another one, there were two Fulani herdsmen armed with wooden rods grazing their cows in the bush and not on farmlands.

It is said in my mother tongue is that, Eni má riré gbà, ètó ni ki o sé réré, which literally translates to, if you want justice for yourself, you must practise justice to others. There were occasions when Fulani herdsmen had trespassed into farmlands but their organisation, Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association, had intervened for out of court financial compensations to farmers whose plants had been destroyed by cattle or as in the case of Olu Falae in Ondo State, through court adjudication. Not all Europeans with moustache are Hitler(s); and not all Jews are Shylock(s), therefore, not all Fulani herdsmen are murderers and rapists. It is unjust to condemn Fulani herdsmen on unproven allegations.


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Ogbeni Kadiri,
Let me also be pedantic. I crave your indulgence. Please be patient with me. When it comes to style , if I could, I would much prefer to dribble like Jay Jay Okocha than the Argentinian bull Diego Maradona.
I have been made to realise that this is not a time for more pedantry or bigotry or spitting fire, unnecessarily.
As Fela would say, "This is an African Court !"
The charges are serious : rape
Sahara Reporters: Fulani Herdsmen
He who feels it knows.
If it was - God forbid - my mother, daughter, sister or my dearly beloved wife that had been - God forbid - raped by some Fulani herdsmen over there in Nigeria, methinks that by now I would probably be crying out for their blood or at the very least seething to bring them all to Justice. Now all I can declare is empathy and understanding of the plight of my Igbo brothers, their mothers, wives, daughters, sisters in the danger zone - those that have been raped. Ideally I want to be my brothers' keeper and therefore refuse to go on prevaricating on this very serious matter.
You Ogbeni Kadiri want the whole world to believe that all the reports by the Nigerian military and Police, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, the thousands of corpses of Nigerians killed by Fulani herdsmen and Fulani militants, their blood crying out from the earth and the thousands of victims who survived to tell their tale - you want us to believe that the reports by all those who have been badly injured and maimed and the reports from all those who have been raped by Fulani herdsmen/ militants "are not based on truth or facts, rather they are based on prejudice and lies against Fulani herdsmen."? Come again!
Once again we are back to a position akin to when the authorities were first intimated that the Chibok girls had been abducted by Boko Haram - Good Luck Joe was slow to react and in that regard we should not be like him or her - nor should we disbelieve that some of the girls eventually became women, albeit not by rape or mere conversion or forced marriage to their captors.
You will probably concede that from your vantage but less than omniscient point of view the innocent Fulani herdsmen rampage through other peoples' farmlands armed with their deadly AK-47s only for the peaceful protection of their cows and that although they have killed thousands of Nigerians as variously reported - yet you are sure that - yes - they have murdered and are capable of murder but they have not raped anybody's wives or women or at least that the Ohanaeze didn't say that in so many words...
You " find it unreasonable that a herdsman will abandon his cattle to invade a community in order to rape girls and women." But you don't find it equally unreasonable that a herdsman kills men and women? So you believe that the herdsmen have been invading communities? The herdsman doesn't have to abandon his cows - raping, killing and maiming surely doesn't take all day and all night - nor does he have to be worried that in the meantime the cows would all go astray or abandon their shepherd herdsmen and run away...
The media has presented us with many reports and allegations that Fulani herdsmen have committed thousands of murders and have raped women and peoples' wives, which makes your insistence that the Ohanaeze's accusation that the Fulani herdsmen "rape our people" - our people in total - men women children - should not be taken as sexual assault but only in a more general sense of, according to you "the act of despoiling of Igbo communities economically and judicially."
Please bear in mind that every statement, especially the one under our purview, the Ohanaeze's - has a context - a situation - in this case the general mayhem being caused by Fulani Herdsmen on the move and operating in their areas, their communities. Apart from other supporting evidence such as that Enugu men are said to be divorcing their wives on the grounds that they have been raped by Fulani herdsmen/ militants, the only material/ evidence that is at hand and intact and that both of us are addressing/ examining/ scrutinizing at the moment is what the Ohanaeze said. We should bear in mind that he was speaking Her Majesty Queen Elisabeth's mother tongue perfectly and choosing his words carefully when describing the old era which has changed to a new era, "an era of AK-47 toting and rampaging Fulani herdsmen who" and please note his word progression - in common English parlance " who kill, maim and rape " Kill - maim - rape
We are at liberty to ask him : Ohanaeze, who do they kill, maim and rape? Who?
His answer, still in that continuous sentence flow is "our people ". They "kill, maim and rape". What else do they do ? "and destroy our farms !"
Pedantically speaking, do you Ogbeni Kadiri want to tell us that our women are not our people or part of our people?
Dear Ogbeni Kadiri, it is this tail end of his statement "and destroy our farms" that tallies with the meaning that you seem to have derived from what he said, that when the Ohanaeze accused the Fulani herdsmen " who kill, maim and rape" he only meant (your words) : "the act of despoiling of Igbo communities economically and judicially". Of course we could save ourselves all the speculation as to what he meant by asking him what he meant. I'm sure that having said that the Fulani herdsmen " kill, maim and rape OUR PEOPLE " - i.e. kill out people, maim our people and rape our people, "and destroy our farms" , he did not mean to (your words) : "to limit and confine, without valid reason, the meaning of rape to sexual intercourse by intimidation or force."
However - and this is also significant - the Ohanaeze has been quoted, but it's probable that his words that have been quoted in that Vanguard news article is not all that he said - as often happens with newspaper reporters, perhaps only some of what he said was quoted verbatim and that would explain why he has not issued a statement saying that he had been misquoted or denying that women in his community have been sexually violated by Fulani herdsmen.
Finally, I should like to bring to your attention Victor Jara's Vientos del pueblo .
In Cornelis Sjunger Victor Jara ( Cornelis sings Victor Jara) Cornelis Vreeswijk's interpretation and translation of that song : Folkets vind starts with the words
"Nu våldtas mitt folk igen.
Oss dränka i blod vill dom."
Which I translate as
"Now my people are being raped again.
They want to drown us in blood "

In that song-poem, Jara's use of rape tallies with the interpretation that you want to impose on the Ohanaeze use of the word rape to mean " the act of despoiling of Igbo communities economically and judicially." - but even there - or especially there rape is much more than merely "despoiling (Chile) economically and judicially"

So you could be right - and all the victims and accusers wrong.
In Swedish
Nu våldtas mitt folk igen.
Oss dränka i blod vill dom.
Dom talar om friheten
med svarta handen bakom.
Dom skingrar allt folk som boss,
barn utan mor och far.
Dom tänker påtvinga oss
korset som Jesus bar.

Än döljer dom all sin skam.
Dom döljer den bakom lag.
Men mordet ska bryta fram
och visa sitt rätta jag.
Och många tusen män
ska offra sitt liv för mord.
Och blodet ska strömma igen
och gödsla vår goda jord.

Jag vill ha ett riktigt liv
med mina barn och syskon
och rekonstruera våren
som ligger där och förblöder.
Mig skrämmer ni inte alls,
ni eländets herremän!
Beröva oss hoppets stjärna!
Den ska nog bli vår igen!

Blås, folkets vindar, blås!
Blås åter! och än en gång!
Ni spränger mitt hjärtas lås
och fyller min mun med sång.
Än sjunger han, er poet,
så länge min mun kan andas
och ända till evighet
hans aska med er ska blandas.

Automated Google Translation:

Now raped my people again.
We drown in blood they want.
They talk about freedom
with black hand behind.
They dispels all people who boss,
children without a mother and father.
They're going to force on us
the cross that Jesus bore.

Than hide them all their shame.
They hide behind the law.
But the murder to burst forth
and show their true colors.
And many thousands of men
will sacrifice his life for murder.
And the blood will flow again
and fertilize our good earth.

I want a real life
with my children and siblings
and reconstruct spring
lying there, bleeding to death.
I scare you at all,
You misery gentlemen!
Depriving us the star of hope!
It will probably be ours again!

Blow, the people's attics, blow!
Blow re! and once again!
You blow my heart lock
and fill my mouth with song.
Still he sings, you poet,
as long as my mouth to breathe
and ever and ever
his ashes with you to blend."

My favourite song from that album : Fimpen

Wishing you a nice day !

On Sunday, 12 February 2017 21:36:39 UTC+1, ogunlakaiye wrote:
Once again, I have to bother you with my pedantry - display of useless knowledge or minute observance of petty rules or details - which at present had its origin on your posted link : 2017/02/fulani-herdsmen- destroy-farms-rape-our-wives- ohanaeze. The said report, from Abakaliki, in the Vanguard Nigeria was written by Anayo Okoli, Peter Okutu & Ugochukwu Alaribe. Reporting in their own words they wrote: The President-General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Chief Nnia Nwodo, has said the prevailing activities of the Fulani herdsmen had over the years led to the killing, maiming, raping of Igbo people and destruction of their farms. Thereafter, they quoted President-General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo verbatim, "The peaceful co-existence between previously peace-loving Fulani herdsmen, who herded their cattle with long canes and our local farmers has been replaced by an era of AK-47 totting and rampaging herdsmen who kill, maim, rape our people and destroy our farms. Not one of them is ever arrested for illegal possession of firearms. Even those arrested in Nimbo for mercilessly killing our people remain unprosecuted by the Northern dominated law enforcement agents." That was all that the President-General of Ohanaeze, Chief Nnia Nwodo, said. Contrary to the headline of Vanguard Nigeria, the reporters' forewords to the article and the verbatim quotation of the President-General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo did not contain the expression 'rape our wives.' The main headline that contained the misleading information, rape our wives, is not only sensational but inciting. Rape in whatever form is never a minor or petty (pedantry) thing. The effect of the rape in question caused you to write, "My sensitive reading of the Ohanaeze saying that the Militant Fulani herdsmen 'rape our people' translates into rape our girls and women, unless Ogbeni Kadiri thinks that the Fulani herdsmen are a bunch of horny homosexuals..." Your emotional reading led you to limit and confine, without valid reason, the meaning of rape to sexual intercourse by intimidation or force. But Nwodo's expression of rape of our people was only about the act of despoiling of Igbo communities economically and judicially. I do not think that Fulani herdsmen are a bunch of horny homosexuals as you insinuated, rather I find it unreasonable that a herdsman will abandon his cattle to invade a community in order to rape girls and women. As for the purported behaviour of the Red Army after capturing Berlin during the World War II, it is self-evident that if it were true that they raped German girls and women, they could not have performed that feat if they had  thousands of cows in their company to cater for. With that said, check this link, 2016/05/04/we-dont-want- fulani-herdsmen-to-leave-our- land/


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Ämne: Re: USA Africa Dialogue Series - The Dangerous Criminalization of Fulani Ethnicity
Sometimes (not always) Ogbeni Kadiri,
a stickler for detail and extreme logical correctness can be quite exasperating with his pedantry.
My sensitive reading of the Ohanaeze saying that the Militant Fulani herdsmen " rape our people" translates into rape our girls and women, unless Ogbeni Kadiri thinks that the Fulani herdsmen are a bunch of horny homosexuals...
If it is common knowledge and nothing to be proud of, how do we know that the Ohanaeze did not tell the Vanguard reporter that Fulani militants had raped "wives and women"- enough reason for him to flash that news in his sensational headlines? I don't think that the Vanguard reporter would dare to misquote the Ohanaeze or report something that the Ohanaeze had not said in so many words, maybe out of diplomatic politeness or embarrassment. (You know of course that when the Red Army ( Soviet troops) entered Berlin at the end of the Second World War, they raped all the German women others they invited to sex in exchange for cigarettes. Pedantically speaking of course maybe not all, some must have been hiding in the cellars...
What do you have to say about this sad piece of news ( something not to be shouted from the tree tops...

On Saturday, 11 February 2017 22:35:13 UTC+1, ogunlakaiye wrote:
Professor Maradona is out dribbling himself by asking me : Are you being mischievous? That hypocritical question is premised on my earlier assertion rightly quoted thus, "However, he never said, rape our wives or women as you preferred to write." In order to prove my assertion wrong, the Maradonic professor dribbled thus, "It says so here: Ohaneze: Fulani herdsmen rape our women and wives." The pronoun 'he' that followed the word 'however' in the quoted assertion of mine referred actually to the President-General of Ohaneze Ndigbo, Chief Nnia Nwodo, who according to Vanguard Nigeria online of 6 February 2017, was quoted as having said, "The peaceful co-existence between previously peace-loving Fulani herdsmen, who herded their cattle with long canes and our local farmers has been replaced by an era of AK-47 totting and rampaging herdsmen who kill, maim, rape our people and destroy our farms." In the entire Vanguard article in question, of which Anayo Okoli, Peter Okutu & Ugochukwu Alaribe were authors, there never was a place where the Ohaneze said, rape our wives and women, but rape our people. A reasonable and not an emotional reader ought to discover that it was Vanguard Nigeria that had deliberately distorted the expression, rape our people, to rape our wives and women. On reading, rape our wives and women, even an ice-cold gentleman Cornelius boiled up to 100 degrees Celsius. Thus, in his 9th February 2017 post he wrote and queried, "And raping our women. Is that not adding insult to injury?" One can see how easy it is to incite someone to hate the supposedly rapist-Fulani herdsmen that never happened. We don't need to be in Nigeria to discern the truth about Fulani herdsmen, we only need to read with logical mind.


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Ogbeni Kadiri :
Are you trying to be mischievous?
Re- "However, he never said, rape our wives or women as you preferred to write"
Re- "The links posted by Cornelius are not based on truth or facts, rather they are based on prejudice and lies against Fulani herdsmen. "
Although you are accusing the links and not me personally, I should like to be very clear, that mine are not deliberate or wanton acts of misinformation. Unfortunately, since you and I were not in Nigeria or in a position to witness the various atrocities that have been alleged or wrongly reported, as di Buckingham Palace buk pipul ehn di Pastor Lucifer dem sey, no shmoke without fire, so we can only partially rely on these sometimes unreliable links or completely reliable eyewitness testimonies which don't add pepper and salt to their versions...
Through your Sherlock Holmes type of deductive reasoning you have demonstrated significant inconsistencies relating to the death toll figures in the respective reports you have chosen to illustrate what you suggest "are based on prejudice and lies against Fulani herdsmen", thereby leaving both the partial and the impartial reader uncertain as to exactly which reports are accurate / honest/ believable/ truthful and can be trusted. As a result we must suspend our reservations that the reports/ links are not "based on prejudice and lies against Fulani herdsmen." But don't forget that even one death is a death too many...
At the same time, it's not too difficult to discern a certain propaganda element to some of the reports that are eager to identify the Fulani Herdsmen as primarily being Muslim - and whatever blood shed as Islamic and terroristic - those two words Islam and terror so regularly conjugated and so closely associated by the media as being intertwined, of course with enough repetition those two words Islamic and terroristic are calculated to rhyme psychologically in the popular imagination to the extent that you don't hear the one (Islam) without expecting the other one (terror) - an explosion of gun , bomb, suicide-bomber, immediately after or at least close by or soon to follow. It is in the Islamophobic media's interest to whip up a frenzy by conflating the Fulani Herdsmen's dilemma ( a scarcity of grazing grounds and a search for water for their livestock during their long, several hundred kilometres/ miles trek from the North to the abattoirs and meat markets in the hungry South) to conflate their peaceful struggle with those who deny their cattle grazing privileges/ pasture and water which you say they used to pay for in the past - and now the media says that the Fulani herdsmen are the world's fourth greatest terrorists.
But what do you have to say about Fulani Herdsmen activities as reported by Human Rights Watch - a fairly reputable organisation : Fulani Herdsmen
I'm waiting for your answer: Same old song

On Friday, 10 February 2017 23:12:25 UTC+1, ogunlakaiye wrote:
Cornelius Hamelberg wrote : In these links, the allegations against Fulani Herdsmen are very serious. He who feels it knows.

I have spent the whole night to peruse the entire links and I am disappointed to observe that you have read the title of the links and not their contents. Otherwise, you would have discovered that there was no single evidence in the texts to support any of the title in the links. In order to avoid repetition, I will only discuss some of your links. 

In 2017/02/fulani-herdsmen- destroy-farms-rape-our-wives/  the newly elected President-General of Ohaneze Ndigbo, Chief Nnia Nwodo, was quoted as having said among other things, "The peaceful co-existence between previously peace-loving Fulani herdsmen, who herded their cattle with long canes and our local farmers has been replaced by an era of AK-47 totting and rampaging herdsmen who kill, maim, rape our people and destroy our farms." This statement was made on February 6, 2017. I checked throughout the whole statements of Chief Nnia Nwodo to find out when and where did AK-47 totting and rampaging herdsmen kill, maim, rape our (Igbo) people and destroy our (Igbo) farms, but could not find any. I noticed that in the Vanguard headline, the Ohaneze's statement of, rape our people was substituted with rape our wives. The newly appointed Pesident-General of Ohaneze Ndigbo, Chief Nnia Nwodo, needed to say something to live up to the reputation of the defender of Igbo people's interest and he found it convenient to scape-goat Fulani herdsmen. However, he never said, rape our wives or women as you preferred to write.

In its editorial, treating-violent-fulani- herdsmen-as-terrorists, the following, among others, was written, "In their latest atrocity, hundreds of cattle herders descended on Ukpabi Nimbo, Uzo-Uwani Local Government Area of Enugu State last week, leaving a bloody trail. In all, the herdsmen killed 46 people, injuring several others. They burnt down houses and vehicles in the village. Writing on the same event we find in 2016/05/fulani-herdsmen-the- fourth-most-deadliest- terrorist-group-in-the-world, the following: The Fulani herdsmen attacked at 6.00am just after morning prayers in Nimbo, an idyllic village in southeast Nigeria where farmers grow yams and pawpaws. At first the villagers thought it was a joke. The nomadic cattle rearers , who have clashed with farmers over grazing rights in central Nigeria for decades, had never come this far south. But then they saw 20 young men descend from the hills and emerge from the palm tree forest, shooting AK-47 assault rifles in the air and waving machetes. 'We started hearing the sound of gunshots everywhere. They shot so many people,' Kingsley Oneyebuchie, a 31 year-old civil servant, told AFP. At least, 10 people are thought to have been killed and scores of others injured." The big credibility questions, if we compare Punch Nigeria and African Sun Times narrations of what happened in Nimbo village, are : Did hundreds of cattle herders attack Nimbo village or were they twenty?; Did the herdsmen kill 46 people or at least 10?; how could the attackers be identified as herdsmen when they were not accompanied by their cows/cattle?; and what of if the attackers were ordinary criminals who were there to harvest the crops of the villagers?

As Chief Nnia Nwodo observed, Fulani herdsmen no longer carry long canes to lead their herds but AK-47 rifles to ward off machineguns armed cattle rustlers which did not exist before. If plunderers of our national treasury can build high fences around their mansions and employ armed guards to protect them against robbers and kidnappers, why should it be wrong for a toiling Fulani herdsman to protect himself and his cattle with a machine gun against armed cattle thieves? Ironically, in one of the links forwarded by Cornelius, 2016/03/the-rise-of-fulani- militants-as-world-4th-terror  (3rd March 2016) the article was accompanied with a photograph of a herdsman hanging an AK-47 rifle on his shoulder in front of his herds in the bush. The pipe of the rifle pointed backward and not to the front which indicated that he was not expecting  combat with anybody, human or mammal. Psychologically, readers are wrongly impressed to believe that the rifle carrying herdsman is a terrorist or a Fulani militant, of which none is correct. Further in the link, http:// 01/opinion-fulani-herdsmen- named-fourth-deadliest-terror- group-in-the-world, photographs of two herdsmen grazing their cows in the bush, not in a farmland, were displayed without any weapon in sight. What was it that qualified the two Fulani herdsmen in the picture as terrorists? news/world/africa/glc accompanied its headline: Nigerian Fulani militants named as 4th deadliest terror group in the world with the picture of militarily clothed armed men in a military truck. None of the persons in the truck was identified as a Fulani herdsman and I strongly suspect that the pictured vehicle and persons therein were from Islamic militia invasion of Mali during the crisis there. Citing Global Terror Index, wrote: The fourth deadliest known terrorist group has been named as the Fulani militant group operating in Nigeria and parts of the Central African Republic.
In 2013, the Fulani killed around 80 people in total - but by 2014 the group had killed 1, 229.
Operating mainly in the middle belt of Nigeria, opposed to the North which is dominated by Boko Haram, the group recorded 847 deaths last year across five states and has also been known to stage attacks in Central African Republic. As much as 92 per cent of their attacks target private citizens reflecting the group's primary concern over the ownership of farmland.
For non-Nigerians, it is worthy to know that middle belt used to be part of Northern Region of Nigeria and in the present six geo-political zone, middle belt is contained in the  North Central Zone. In fact, North as a whole has never at anytime been dominated by Boko Haram even though it was somehow strong in the Northeast until recently. And what is this Global Terrorism Index that has arrogated to itself the right to name Fulani herdsmen terrorists? The GTI is a derivative of the Institute For Economics And Peace based in Sydney, Australia. There is nothing wrong in trying to find relations/connections between economic injustice/justice, peace and wars globally. It is self-explanatory that where there is economic injustice, there can be no peace. However, the Institute For Economics and Peace  would appear to be concerned mostly with the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism for which it has created Global Terrorism Database (GTD). The greatest terrorists on earth, as far as Africa is concerned, are those who help to keep/hide developmental funds stolen from Africa. On 13 November 2007, Antonio Maria Costa, the Executive Director of United Nations Office on Drug and Crime (UNODC) spoke at a three-day national seminar organised in Abuja by Nuhu Ribabu's led EFCC. He told his audience that between 1960 when Nigeria became independent and 1999 when democracy was restored, a staggering sum of $400 billion was stolen and stashed away in foreign countries by a generation of corrupt Nigerian rulers. He explained, "If you were to put $400 billion bills in a row, you would make a path from here to the moon and back, not once but, 75 times. Think of how different Nigeria would have looked today (if that money had been used to develop the country)," Maria Costa lamented. Since 2015, Nigerians have been informed that between 1999 and 2015, not less than 600 billion dollars have been stolen and stashed away in those countries that usually describe us as underdeveloped and poor. As a result of economic terrorism aided and abated by the developed countries that keep developmental funds stolen from Nigeria, Nigerians are dying in thousands daily because of lack of standard hospitals, bad roads, lack of potable water and many other things that would make life comfortable to live. In this 21st century and with the quality of education claimed by our officials, no Nigerian, whether Fulani or not should engage in nomadic animal husbandry. Without Fulani herdsmen, perhaps, Nigeria would have been a market for the export of Australian beef as if it is not disgraceful enough to be the Chairman of Fuel Importing Countries despite the fact that we are Crude Oil Exporter.

We should be honest and truthful all the time in our dealings with one another. The links posted by Cornelius are not based on truth or facts, rather they are based on prejudice and lies against Fulani herdsmen. On October 1, 2010, there was a bomb blast in Abuja near the Eagle Square. President Jonathan rushed later to the Press to tell the world that the bomb blast that killed eight people was  handiwork of Northerners that did not want him to contest for the 2011 Presidential election on the platform of PDP. At the end, it turned out that the car bomb was detonated by MEND and Okah brothers from Rivers State were behind the dastardly act. While Okah senior was jailed for the crime in South Africa his junior brother's trial is yet to be concluded in Nigeria till today. However, in South Africa, Okah swore to an affidavit that the car bomb was planned in connivance with Jonathan who had wanted to use it to blackmail Northerners who were opposed to his PDP Presidential  candidature in 2011. That is why we should be very careful not to blame Fulani herdsmen when criminals exploit darkness of the night to harvest the crops of the farmers in Nimbo.


Från: <> för Cornelius Hamelberg <>
Skickat: den 9 februari 2017 02:35
Till: USA Africa Dialogue Series
Ämne: Re: USA Africa Dialogue Series - The Dangerous Criminalization of Fulani Ethnicity
Ogbeni Kadiri,
In these links, the allegations against Fulani Herdsmen are very serious and many.
He who feels it knows.
One no less than the Ohanaeze is charging the Fulani herdsmen with "destroying our farms and raping our women."And raping our women. Is that not adding insult to injury?
By what sleight of hand/ feats of propaganda and false media reports have Fulani Herdsmen been labelled not only a terrorist organisation but as the fourth most deadliest terrorist group in the world ! How does one set about dismantling/dispelling the statistical evidence on which such an assessment is arrived at ?
May I suggest that the idyllic Nigeria of peaceful, law-abiding, pastoral Fulani herdsmen that you once knew has changed dramatically and that's one of the reasons why just a few years ago there were no complaints about Fulani Herdsmen, not even from Pastor Lucifer and his disciples.
The other reason could be that the herdsmen are associated with the North which is identifiable as mostly Muslim and therefore the accusations against them, undoubtedly part of the general pattern of the growing Islamophobia in Nigeria directed against the herdsmen who their enemies want to typify as being murderous representatives of Islam.
The syllogism that Prof Kperogi and all truth sayers must vehemently dement:
"All Fulani Herdsmen are wanton murderers
Ogbeni B is a Fulani Herdsman
Therefore Ogbeni B is a wanton murderer."
As bad as the blood libel when Toyin Adepoju accuses me of being one of those who repose in mere indignation at "those who chose to wash their mouths with the blood of other human beings " as if I like blood, or eat blood or drink it as sacrificial wine...
Various postings on this forum have explained why certain miscreants are appealing to the one that they believe is the great Islamophobic president of the United States to rally to their cause and are delighted with the solemn promise made in his first inaugural address, to "unite the civilised world against radical Islamic terrorism which we will eradicate completely from the face of the earth". This of course is music to the ears of Apostle Satani.
To me these injunctions are quite clear :
# Not to love the missionary--Deuteronomy 13:9
# Not to cease hating the missionary--Deuteronomy 13:9
# Not to save the missionary--Deuteronomy 13:9
# Not to say anything in his defence--Deuteronomy 13:9
# Not to refrain from incriminating him--Deuteronomy 13:9
Here endeth.
According to the TV meteorologist it's going to be eight degrees below zero in Stockholm, today, the 9th of February 2017. So you see, we are getting our punishment already, so that we don't have to fear ever going to join Pastor Lucifer inside or near the hell-fire…
Yours sin-cerely,

On Wednesday, 8 February 2017 00:01:11 UTC+1, ogunlakaiye wrote:
Dear Dr, Rosemary Danesi (PhD Law, Essex) BSc. LLB, LLM (MCIPM, MNIM), Fulbright Scholar, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, United States, Lecturer, University of Lagos, Akoka, Nigeria, Legal/Labour Relations Consultant!!!

Although I am not an admirer of Dr. Farooq Kperogi, his admonition against criminalisation of Fulani herdsmen should be of interest to anyone who desires justice at all levels of life in Nigeria. I assume that, even from your pedestal of academic degrees, you know not only how Fulani herdsmen look like but that you are also acquainted with their working conditions. With that assumption, may I know if you have personally witnessed Fulani Herdsmen wreaking havoc on farmlands and killing innocent people? If not, why are you so categorical in your statement and your subsequent question?

Från: 'Ms rosemary danesi' via USA Africa Dialogue Series <>
Skickat: den 7 februari 2017 18:19
Ämne: Re: USA Africa Dialogue Series - The Dangerous Criminalization of Fulani Ethnicity
Dr Farook can you tell us why nothing has been done to the Fulani Herdsmen who have wreaked havoc on farmlands and killed so many innocent people. Why has there been no arrest of these criminals and murderers?  

______________________________ ____________
Dr. Rosemary Danesi (PhD Law, Essex) BSc. MSc. LLB. BL LLM. (MCIPM, MNIM)
Fulbright Scholar, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, United States,
Lecturer, University of Lagos, Akoka, Nigeria
Legal/Labour Relations Consultant
Mobile Phone: 08100534915 & 08185825232
'Do unto others as you wish them do unto you'

On Saturday, February 4, 2017 8:40 AM, Farooq A. Kperogi <> wrote:

My column in today's Daily Trust on Saturday:

By Farooq A. Kperogi, Ph.D.

The Nigerian mass media—and the online echo chambers they have spawned on social media and elsewhere—have normalized the pathologization and criminalization of the Fulani ethnic identity through their popularization of the odious "Fulani herdsmen" collocation. Criminalizing and pathologizing an entire ethnic identity is often the precursor to genocide.

That's why an ignorant and hate-filled preacher by the name of Apostle Johnson Suleiman could glibly tell his church members to extra-judicially murder "Fulani herdsmen." "And I told my people, any Fulani herdsman you see around you, kill him," he said in a widely circulated video. "I have told them in the church here that any Fulani herdsman that just entered by mistake, kill him, kill him! Cut his head!"

Before I am misunderstood, let me be clear that I am not defending, excusing, or minimizing the mass murders attributed to some "Fulani herdsmen" in Agatu, southern Kaduna, and elsewhere. No human being deserves to be killed by any group for any reason. For as long as I breathe, I will always defend the sanctity of human life. That's why, although I'm not a Shiite, I came down very hard on the Buhari government for its horrendously bestial mass slaughter of innocent Shiites in 2015.

But we can condemn a wrong by a people without tarring an entire community numbering millions of people across vast swathes of land in West Africa with a broad brush. The Fulani people are far and away the most widely dispersed ethnic group in West Africa. And, although they dominate the cattle herding trade, they are not all cattle herders, and most cattle herders aren't violent and murderous. Nor are all cattle herders Fulanis.

Most importantly, though, although "settled," urban Fulanis are mostly Muslims, cattle-herding Fulanis are mostly neither Muslims nor Christians. Their whole religion is usually just the welfare of their cattle. In addition, cattle-herding Fulanis don't recognize, much less have loyalty to, Nigeria's prevailing geopolitical demarcations. In other words, they are not invariably northerners.

So if they have sanguinary clashes with farmers, those clashes aren't instigated by religion or region. They are just age-old farmer/herder clashes. I admit, though, that it isn't just Middle Beltan and southern Nigerian victims of farmer/herder clashes that use the lenses of Nigeria's primordial fissures to gaze at Fulani herders; northern Nigerian Muslim politicians, especially those that have a Fulani bloodline, also use these lenses to defend and protect their "kinsfolk," often ignorantly and opportunistically.

In 2000, for instance, General Muhammadu Buhari traveled all the way from Kaduna to Ibadan to protect Fulani herdsmen who were at the receiving end of retaliatory killings by Yoruba farmers. Governor el-Rufai is also a self-c
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