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Re: USA Africa Dialogue Series - The Dangerous Criminalization of Fulani Ethnicity

Oga Kadiri,

Once again you are barking up the wrong tree. Who told you that I complained or was complaining? I did not complain. I was not complaining.

A Soviet cosmonaut once said that he ascended to heaven (up in dimension space) and did not find the Almighty there. So ? I doubt that Mr. Gagarin was intending to find our transcendent God Who is everywhere, up among the stars and beyond, if he could not find Him down here on earth or in his own heart. Obviously, that cosmonaut was searching with the wrong instruments. Of course, you Ogbeni Kadiri are free to arrive or not arrive at any conclusions about someone else's journey into space or anywhere else.

Last week, I was thinking about my transcendent Almighty as I read Chapter Two of the Book of Jewish Law Shulchan Aruch ( in English) - that even under the blanket or bedsheet, one cannot hide from The Almighty...

I wanted to write "Nigerian muse" but accidentally wrote Nigerian music . Sometimes a search yields unexpected results.

Here is what I was looking for

Just like I said before, I'm through with discussing Fulani herdsmen. I should just like to add that my father's mother (Maud Young - Martinique cum N'dar/ St. Louis Senegal /Bordeaux - had an English father) was possibly Fulani (I shall enquire and let you know)

I should just like to add to what you said earlier, that "not all Fulani are herdsmen and that there are Fulani Professors, Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers and Administrators" etc. and this is specifically addressed to some of those who from their heights, look down on others, that in France today you will find Fulanis among their sophisticated citizens, some with awesome art collections etc. This must hold true of Nigeria also.

As a teenager in Sierra Leone, what I most remember about the Fulani traders along Pademba Road for example, is that at different times, no matter what day of the week, I would walk down that road and observe some Fulani traders, washing their faces, their hands and then their feet pouring the wtaer from what loked like a tea kettle. Why the should be doing this all the time was a mystery to me, but I kept this to myself. Years of observing this washing of  face, hands and feet  just outside their little kiosks by the roadside led me to the firm conclusion that the Fulani people were obsessed with cleanliness . How was I to know that they must have been doing their wudu ? I knew nothing about Islam, and until this day, have never seen a mosque in Sierra Leone or in Ghana or Nigeria - or  been inside one, in those countries ( But I have been in mosques in Sweden, Britain, Denmark, Norway, Egypt, Turkey, Morocco etc)

It all begins with cleanliness. Consider this Ogbeni Kadiri : As Rabbi Pinhas ben Yair said:

"Heedfulness leads to cleanliness,

cleanliness leads to cleanness

cleanness leads to abstinence

abstinence leads to holiness

holiness leads to modesty

modesty leads to fear of sin

the fear of sin leads to piety

piety leads to the Holy Spirit

the Holy Spirit leads to the resurrection of the dead

and the resurrection of the dead comes through Elijah , blessed be his memory, Amen"

( Mishnah-tractate Sotah 9:14 )

For your delight : Kenny Burrell : Elijah


Ogbeni Hamelberg

On Monday, 20 February 2017 12:56:12 UTC+1, ogunlakaiye wrote:

For reasons best known to Cornelius Hamelberg, he complained that Nigerian Muse has not mentioned Fulani Herdsmen, not a word. Thankfully, Bolaji Aluko, posted a link that debunked his complaint. When a Yoruba native priest asked Oluwatoyin Adepoju, to bring ÒGÚFE to appease the deity, he returned to the native priest with twenty cups, instead of a bearded he-goat because his understanding of the word ÒGÚFE is conflated with ÔGÚN-IFE. His response beneath derails completely from the complaint of Cornelius Hamelberg and the link supplied by Bolaji Aluko. If Oluwatoyin Adepoju had taken time to read through the links, perhaps, he would have been detoxified of his poisoned aversion against innocent Fulani herdsmen.

One of the links carried a title, Nimbo Killings: Ugwuanyi demands answers from security agencies over failure to protect community from Fulani herdsmen. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi is the Governor of Enugu State, where Nimbo village is situated. He said among other things, "On Sunday, April 24, (2016) by 7pm, the night before this carnage took place (in Nimbo), I got security information from Uzo-Uwani Local Government Transition Chairman, Hon. Cornell Onwubuya that such an incident was likely to take place in the State. I immediately summoned a meeting of the State Security Council which commenced by 10pm." After listing those who were present at the meeting he disclosed that, "At the meeting we received assurances from the Commissioner of Police in Enugu State, Mr. Nwodibo Ekechukwu that the Area Commander of State Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) was on ground in Nimbo; That the Anti-Terrorism Unit was at Nimbo; That he was in contact with the Kogi State Commissioner of Police and reported suspected herdsmen grouping at Odolu in Kogi State, preparatory for an attack on Nimbo and Abbi communities; That Police mobile force and Conventional police were already drafted to Nimbo and Abbi Communities; That he was in touch with the Area Commander in Idah, ACP Ikegwuonwu, and had linked him with the Area Commander in Nsukka, ACP Monday Kuryas; Both men, according to the Commissioner of Police, Mr. Nwodibo Ekechukwu, reported that there were no traces of suspected herdsmen in Nsukka or Idah; That he ordered the Area Commander in Nsukka, ACP Monday Kuryas, to redeploy to Nimbo; That the Garrison Commander, Brigadier General Olufemi Akinjobi, on his part assured the meeting that Military was already deployed in Nimbo." Although the Governor did not say when his State Security meeting of 24 April 2016 ended he told media that it started at 10pm and a guess is that such a meeting should have taken, at least, three hours to conclude, which would have been 1am. Five hours later, at 6am on Monday, 25 April 2016 attack on Nimbo started. Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi is justified to demand explanation from the security agencies on why they failed to prevent the expected attack on Nimbo despite assurances of readiness to repel such attack if it should occur. Let us now recall that the suspected Fulani herdsmen were grouping at Odolu in Kogi State in preparation for attack on Nimbo and Abbi  Communities. The distance between Odolu, in Kogi state, to Nimbo in Enugu State would take two walking days by foot and may even be longer in a company of cattle. Since there were no traces of suspected herdsmen in Nsukka or Idah, according to reports to the CP by the ACP's, the CP ordered ACP Monday Kuryas to redeploy to Nimbo. Moreover, Garrison Commander, Brigadier General Olufemi Akinjobi had assured the security meeting headed by Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi that the military was already deployed in Nimbo. How could Fulani herdsmen have walked on foot from Kogi State undetected to launch attack on Nimbo?  Where were the redeployed military and police to Nimbo when the attacker came? Why was the attack attributed to suspected Fulani herdsmen, when no Fulani herdsman was caught or identified during or immediately after the attack? In a normal society, all the security agents that participated in the meeting with Governor Ugwuanyi on Nimbo before the attack would have been sacked for dereliction of duty if they did not resign voluntarily. There is no evidence that Fulani herdsmen committed the Mayhem in Nimbo and nearby villages if we are to judge from the account rendered by the Governor of Enugu State, Ifeanyi Ogwuanyi.


Från: <> för Oluwatoyin Vincent Adepoju <>
Skickat: den 19 februari 2017 14:11
Till: usaafricadialogue
Ämne: Re: USA Africa Dialogue Series - The Dangerous Criminalization of Fulani Ethnicity
The Fulani-Hausa nexus in Nigerian politics is known by the term 'Hausa-Fulani' understood as the integration of the Fulani and the Hausa peoples conquered in the Fulani Jihad of Usman Dan Fodio, with the Hausa language eventually subsuming these  ethnic groups.

Fulani herdsmen's terrorism, on the other hand, is understood as a uniquely Fulani phenomenon on account of the bloodthirsty character in which the traditional Fulani lifestyle of cattle nomadism is being exploited as a military strategy in Nigeria and enabled by Northern Nigerian Muslim politicians, a strategy in which Fulani politicians are prominent.

The most prominent of these enabling politicians is the national ruler Muhammdu Buhari, as demonstrated by  his symblic actions, such as his creation   of a task force agst cattle rustling which he inaugurated in a  ceremony which he presided over in military gear, indicating his military commitment to the cause  of the Fulani as represented by their culturally central  cattle husbandry, while doing nothing about the ocean of Nigerians' blood being harvested by Fulani herdsmen from the Middle Belt to the South East.

 Cattle herding has been prominent for centuries to Fulani cosmology and lifestyle,with the cow being a central figure in the primordial triad of terrestrial creation of the  Fulani man, the woman  and the cow, by Gueno, the Creator. Within this context,  milk is understood as the primary substance of being as demonstrated in the first line of a well known Fulani creation story "In the beginning, there was a huge drop of milk". This fundamental psychological and social orientation continues into the conversion of the Fulani to Islam.

What Nigeria is experiencing is the deployment of the traditional Fulani nomadic cattle herding lifestyle into a form of mobile warfare, creating intimidation further leveraged  by various political strategies. These strategies include efforts at manipulation of national laws and  obfuscation of information by govt stakeholders in the Fulani led govt. These efforts at obfuscation involve providing conflicting responses at various times to the Fulani colonization strategy, at one point ascribing the murders by the herdsmen to the encroachment of farmers on the herdsmen's grazing routes, as if these private business people have paid for grazing routes in the first place, to claims that the herdsmen are not Nigerians.

These efforts at obfuscation seem to be working only on some so called intellectuals from the South, who prefer to split hairs than look down the barrel of the gun raised against them, determined Southern govt sympathizers who are not in a hurry to address something as frightening as terrorism sponsored by the same govt and members of Northern Muslim society a lot of whose sympathies are stamped in terms of an ethnic/religious affiliation.

Various Nigerian peoples, some governors, openly and others perhaps more quietly, and various Nigerian opinion shapers, are mobilizing against this scourge,  taking legal and military action agst this predatory strategy which has escalated sharply with the election of Muhammadu Buhari.

The greatest challenge to addressing the Fulani herdsmen's terrorism problem is the self seeking of many Southern Nigerian politicians, for whom silence or tardy comments are  the preferred response, as they watch their political careers and seek to escape the political tool that is the EFCC, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, the central role of this institution being  building and prosecuting claims of crime by members of the political opposition. The major exceptions to this general attitude are Ekiti State governor Ayodele Fayose and former minister Femi Fani-Kayode, people who have refused to surrender to various intimidations by the federal govt.



On 19 February 2017 at 07:37, Mobolaji Aluko <> wrote:


You wrote that: QUOTE I'm done with the matter. I see that Nigerian Muse  has not even mentioned " Fulani Herdsmen" , Not a word. UNQUOTE

Well, if you put the word "herdsmen" in the Search engine on, you will be sent to:

and you should find the word(s) that you seek.

And there you have it.

Bolaji Aluko

On Sun, Feb 19, 2017 at 12:26 AM, Cornelius Hamelberg <> wrote:

Ogbeni Kadiri !

OK, logically and reasonably: The loose-lipped Norman G. Finkelstein is a fink .

Don't waste your time listening to him.

As to your proposal that "having sexual intercourse with a woman that a man is not legally married to should be criminalised in law as a rape", wouldn't it cause more problems than it could solve? Well, as I told you earlier, an hour before the Sabbath ended I had read the beginning of Volume 4, chapters 143 (Honouring Father and Mother) 144 (Honour due to the Teacher, the Scholar, the Aged, and the Priest) and 145 ( Laws Concerning Marriage) in Code of Jewish Law : Kitzur Shulhan Arukh - Rabbi Solomon Ganzfried -translated by Hyman E. Goldin

Let me just quote three items to give you a clue, from " Laws Concerning Marriage"

1. "It is the duty of every man to take a wife to himself, in order to fulfil the precept of propagation. This precept becomes obligatory on a man as soon as he reaches the age of eighteen. At any rate, no man should pas his twentieth year without taking a wife. Only in the event when one is deeply engrossed in the study of Torah, and he is afraid that marriage might interfere with his studies, may he delay marrying, provided he is not lustful"

18. "One who is suspected of having intercourse with a non-Jewess and thereafter she was converted to Judaism, he us not permitted to marry her"

19. "A non-Jew who has intercourse with a Jewess and thereafter he was converted to Judaism, he is not permitted to marry her."

You know better than anyone else in this forum that such your proposal would not see the light of day, would certainly not get a second reading in the Naija senate - the pastors would be the first to oppose such a proposition; the bard sings about " adulterers in churches" - that's where they are and of course the Islamists are going to insist on "wa ma malakat aymanukum!" ( "and those whom your right hand possesses")

I wish that I could bring this exchange with you to a conclusive end with something like these gracious words of appreciation in the final letter from Al-Shaykh Salim al-Bishri al-Maliki, the then head of Al Azhar which concluded his marathon polite exchange of letters (112 letters altogether) with a Lebanese Shia alim, Sayyid 'Abd al-Husayn Sharaf al-Din al-Musawi recorded in the classic Al-Muraja'at .

As you said, we have now flogged this horse/ subject matter to death, but your patience and perseverance in this matter has not been in vain - I must confess that I am now more persuaded than before that there's a lot more to it than meets the eye about these vile accusations against Fulani Herdsmen. We can understand the occasional sporadic clashes that could be inevitable - just as some of the problems the children of Israel experienced during their forty year wanderings in the wilderness getting permission/ not getting permission to pass through other people's lands etc., but the maliciously hysterical media's efforts to give the impression that battalions of Fulani herdsmen armed to the teeth with AK-47's have been invading communities and willy-nilly pillaging , killing and raping women who they find on their way, is nothing less than the evil inclination at work. Of course every imaginable kind of gangsters do their looting, killing and raping whilst they and some of their victims blame it on "Fulani herdsmen" - that's what they do. As said, the Fulani herdsmen are their scapegoats. (Like a young lady who once came up to me, to confide in me that she had been impregnated "by Cornelius" Cornelius? I asked her, " Which Cornelius? " - "Cornelius Hamelberg", she replied. That's my name, I told her. She fainted. That's what some of these people do, impersonate you. The guy who supposedly impregnated her could just as well have said that he was Cornelius the Fulani Herdsman, as in "We seek him here, they seek him there, those Frenchies seek him everywhere. Is he in heaven or is he in hell? That damned elusive Pimpernel" - Now imagine if she had told me that she had been raped by a guy called Cornelius ! Or she / they had gone around telling people that she/ they had been raped by a guy named Cornelius H - a Fulani herdsman - then by now some of the Enugu guys who are currently divorcing their wives would have turned my ass to grazing grass....

Must go now: better Half is waiting for me to watch Samba on TV

Re- that Finky Norman G. Finkelstein , please don't believe everything that the fink thinks...

I suppose you have some issues with Temple Chima Ubochi's

Part one Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 ?

I'm done with the matter. I see that Nigerian Muse  has not even mentioned " Fulani Herdsmen" , Not a word.


Ogbeni C

On Saturday, 18 February 2017 19:38:32 UTC+1, ogunlakaiye wrote:

Cornelius!! You are a joker which makes it impossible for you to tolerate the truth and recognize facts. From your sentimental and emotional state of mind, you believe that truth is not constant and as such it is bendable. Exhibiting your joking and truth bending ability, you wrote, "Ogbeni Kadiri ..... At this point you are beginning to remind me of the obduracy - and wickedness of some of the Holocaust deniers of which ilk there are several categories of liars." Before Hitler, there were Holocausts against American Indians, Australian and New Zealand aborigins and against Black Africans. Which of these is the greatest depends on our perception. The parents of Norman G. Finkelstein were Auschwitz survivors, yet he had reason to write a book, in 2000, titled : THE HOLOCAUST INDUSTRY - Reflections on the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering. He wrote, "My parents often wondered why I would grow so indignant at the falsification and exploitation of the Nazi genocide. The most obvious answer is that it has been used to justify criminal policies of the Israeli state and US support for these polices. ....//..... In the face of the sufferings of African Americans, Vietnamese and Palestinians, my mother's credo always was: We are all Holocaust victims." It should be clear to you that not all Fulani are herdsmen and that there are Fulani Professors, Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers and Administrators permanently resident in many communities in Nigeria. Fulani people have no specific state attached to their ethnic group in Nigeria, rather they belong to the state in which they have permanently been resident for centuries and from generations to generation. Just as it was in Agatu, there has been dispute over if Fulani belong to the communities in which they are resident with the intention to refuse them political representations and rights in the country. In some cases the ensuing fracas have been very bloody between Fulani and others in the (host) community. The weakest link in the dispute between Fulani and their host are the herdsmen who are constantly blamed for attacking communities and perpetrating atrocities. My point is that it is not physically possible to go into combats in the company of cows and as such Fulani herdsmen are just the easiest group to scapegoat for communal mayhem between Fulani and others.

He who feels it knows, you wrote, similarly, I will add that he who sees it feels it too. Thou shall not kill fellow human being should be sacrosanct at all times. We do not need to quantify the number of murders before they are considered horrible acts. I have never disputed that Fulani people might have been involved in interethnic conflicts in Nigeria resulting in the lost of lives and destruction of properties. Fulani have been killed as other ethnic groups in disputes. What I have disputed is the attribution of crimes arising out of such conflicts to Fulani herdsmen. 

Sometimes ago when the discussion of rape came up on this forum, I suggested that having sexual intercourse with a woman that a man is not legally married to should be criminalised in law as a rape. I premised that suggestion on the fact that only the man had the power and urge to forcibly penetrate a woman, therefore it should be explicitly clear in law to a man that mounting a woman with whom one is not legally married to is illegal and criminal regardless of if the woman consents to it or not. Yes, Cornelius, I abhor rape crime as much as you or any other person. Nevertheless it should not be used as a political propaganda to tarnish a group one is opposed to politically. It is only in a fable that an elephant can fly, equally true it is only in a fable that two Fulani herdsmen leading a flock of about a hundred cow would be capable of invading a village, kill men, rape women, burn down houses and escape unapprehend with their flock of cows from the crime scene.

... You know that the camera lenses cannot be deceived in the same way that Ogbeni Kadiri's eyes cannot be deceived...., you wrote. You are smart Cornelius, but you are not clever. In his 1964 book, titled: A curtain of Ignorance - CHINA - HOW AMERICA IS DECEIVED, Felix Greene exposed how American Press and Officials were lying with photographs. He wrote, "We remember pictures longer than we remember words. There are few more effective ways of creating lasting impressions than by visual images - by photographs or cartoons. And by the same token there is hardly a more effective method of creating erroneous images if one should desire to do so." He illustrated the erroneous images where the same pictures were published as slain Viet Cong guerrillas in  South Vietnam and exhausted refugee from Communist China. Edgar Snow, in his 1961 book, The Other Side of the River, showed a photograph that has been used on several occasions to show Communist brutality, though the picture itself was a photograph of one of the Kuomintang street executions which were very common in Shanghai before the Communist took over the city. Pictures can be edited and manipulated to give erroneous impression and those are the characters that I observed in your enormous links. Pictures of a lonely rifle carrying herdsman grazing his cows in the bush is published in association to the headline, Fulani herdsmen rape our wives and destroy our farms. When I express my displeasure at this manipulative information, you indirectly accuse me of wickedness, desiring the killing of our brothers and raping of our sisters. Common Cornelius, the head is not just a hat-shelf good only to hang a cap but to think, logically and reasonably.


Från: <> för Cornelius Hamelberg <>
Skickat: den 17 februari 2017 22:49
Till: USA Africa Dialogue Series
Ämne: Re: USA Africa Dialogue Series - The Dangerous Criminalization of Fulani Ethnicity

Ogbeni Kadiri,

At this point, to me you are the forums, school teacher Mr. Gradgrind of the first two chapters of Dickens ''Hard Times"

Ogbeni Kadiri. He who feels it knows.

At this point you also are beginning to remind me of the obduracy - and wickedness

of some of the Holocaust deniers -

of which ilk there are several categories of liars.

They have their annual summit, their Holocaust Deniers Conference in Tehran organised by Satan and his Chief Priests .

There are those among them who say it was not six million who perished in the Holocaust. The deniers come in various grades. There are those who want to reduce the number of Jewish people that perished to less than six million martyrs and there are those who continue counting down even further, to 5 million souls, 4, 3, 2, 1 - the same disciples of Satan, the same anti-Christ people who say that one Jesus of Nazareth was not crucified and about the Holocaust, the worst of them say that the actual number of Jews who perished in the Holocaust was also zero - that it never happened at all, that Hitler was just a bad Jewish nightmare a bad Jewish joke concocted to deceive gentiles. Now wake up Herr Kadiri ! Listen here and listen good - this is about our Nigerian brothers and SISTERS!

I know. Like unbelieving Thomas, your intransigence is understandable: never mind all the media reports about Fulani herdsmen 's wanton rapes and wanton murder , maybe it's the Muslim in you that won't be satisfied with less than four witnesses for each and every rape atrocity committed - and then I doubt that you would even be satisfied by other witnesses' testimonies - you would most probably like to be one of the four witnesses - and even then - I know that you will probably tell us what I already know, have seen and experienced : that some low grade magicians are capable of performing the Indian rope trick - create an illusion for you to see - but the cameras film the same event and lo - you realise that the camera lenses cannot be deceived in the same way that Ogbeni Kadiri's eyes can be deceived. - as in

"and all he believes are his eyes

and his eyes, they're just telling lies" (Licence to kill)

Yesterday, I got back home at 1.30 a.m. after a very informative evening with a West African man of knowledge (an old friend of yours - he sends you his warmest greetings. Tomorrow, after the Sabbath I will phone you and give you his telephone number because he wants to talk to you, before he returns to Africa in six days' time). What he told me was most shocking, left me speechless, he seemed to know what he was talking about - first hand but I could hardly believe my ears. On his authority I have it that it's a well known fact that the Fulani herdsmen from Mauritania through Senegal and all the way to Lake Chad have a culture of rape - he even took it one step to far, some disgusting talk about bestiality which I absolutely didn't want to hear - you can guess the rest - but this would be too hot for the likes of an apologist like you and  for the sake of politeness and maintaining good relations with the Fulani people far too volatile to share this kind of information on the forum - something as unfortunate as this:

It was all too unpleasant - disgusting - and I didn't want to hear more - indeed if it had been an Oyibo that had told me this, I think that I would have definitely punched him - one punch for Madiba.

Talk to you later.

Ogbeni Hamelberg

On Friday, 17 February 2017 20:57:28 UTC+1, ogunlakaiye wrote:

Oluwatoyin's voodoo concoction would appear to have worked effectively on Cornelius who suddenly volte-faced acrobatically to find Fulani herdsmen guilty of murder, arson and rape without any physical evidence.

On Saturday, 4th of February 2017 Cornelius Hamelberg wrote, "Many thanks to Prof Kperogi, for this timely intervention. I'm sure that apart from that ''ignorant and hate-filled preacher by the name of Apostle Johnson Suleiman'' and some members of his congregation, every good-hearted person is with you on this one. Apostle Johnson Suleiman, in the name of Jesus or even in the name of common sense, ought to know better.

The following day, Sunday 5th February 2017, Oluwatoyin Adepoju, in his edited post on this list serve, voodooed Cornelius Hamelberg thus, ''I have a problem with the tone of the Farooq intervention and happy jumping on that by Cornelius.

Tacitly referring to both Cornelius and Farooq, Oluwatoyin wrote, ''Gentlemen, can you please point out to readers your contributions on this subject as Fulani herdsmen set the nation ablaze from the Middle Belt to the South East, contributions worthy in scope and consistency in relation to the long running character of the wanton vampirism Fulani herdsmen have made synonymous with themselves across the nation?

...//... We now have a Christian pastor calling for a response in kind agst those who chose to wash their mouths with the blood of other human beings while the Nigerian govt aided the murderers and your response consists largely in adopting a stance of righteous indignation.'' With that voodoo concoction, Oluwatoyin Adepoju gurgled his mouth to transform Cornelius Hamelberg into a fantastic google-crat and a dogmatic believer in google-cracy. Thereafter, Cornelius began to sing Fulani herdsmen's maiming, killings, rapes and arsons like a doped canary. On me, Oluwatoyin Adepoju's voodoo concoction works like an effigy in the water. That is why I will continue to demand direct or indirect evidence from anyone, especially Oluwatoyin Adepoju and Cornelius Hamelberg, that linked Fulani herdsmen to the maiming, killing, raping and burning down of villages in Nigeria. May I add that it is very insulting to intelligence to refer readers to google links where it is stated that heinous crimes were committed by suspected Fulani herdsmen without any proof. Showing a picture of a rifle carrying herdsman amidst his herds in the bush is not a proof that he has deployed his weapon against innocent people. Political violence in Agatu, for instance, had nothing to do with Fulani herdsmen and I stand to be corrected on that with facts.



Från: <> för Oluwatoyin Vincent Adepoju <>
Skickat: den 16 februari 2017 22:20
Till: usaafricadialogue
Ämne: Re: USA Africa Dialogue Series - The Dangerous Criminalization of Fulani Ethnicity
I congratulate Cornelius for his efforts in patiently dismantling the efforts of an inhuman strategy of supporting everything identified with the Nigerian govt, even when it is a terrorist campaign agst Nigerians represented by Fulani herdsmen terrorism aided by Nigeria's Fulani led govt.


On 16 February 2017 at 14:42, Cornelius Hamelberg <> wrote:

Ogbeni Kadiri,

What would we do without him - or is he a she?

I asked our good friend Pa Google:What is a fact ?

Re- Perfidy! This mass-reporting of women being raped by Fulani herdsmen , which from your point of view is pure bunkum. But he/ she who feels it knows.

The basis of your certainty is that "No woman has ever come out to claim she has been raped by Fulani herdsmen in Nigeria, but some bachelors in the social and print media have claimed that "our wives have been raped by Fulani herdsmen" - and thereby you too became that which you wrongfully accuse me of being , namely "a fanatic google-crat and an absolute  believer in google-cracy that everything in the google is true and the only truth" - because it seems that for you too Professor Google is the only source of your asserting your " No woman no cry" - that "No woman has ever come out to claim she has been raped by Fulani herdsmen in Nigeria". Otherwise, who told you that no woman has ever been raped by a Fulani herdsman? As the Almighty asked your ancestor Adam, "Who told you that you were naked? Have you eaten from the tree that I commanded you not to eat from?"

Ogbeni Kadiri, you yourself have commanded: "We should be honest and truthful all the time in our dealings with one another."

The fact is that a moral stigma attaches to the poor woman who comes out and says that she was/ has been raped by a Fulani herdsman or some Fulani herdsmen. Think of the Lady types who say, "I be lady, oh - I no be woman - Market woman na woman "

This may be the reason why most wives and other honourable women would feel too ashamed to come out and say that they have been raped. Already, in Enugu men are divorcing their wives on those grounds. It's also possible that for some men who don't want/love their wives any more, the Fulani herdsmen provide the perfect excuse for divorcing their wives - accuse them of concealing the fact that they have been raped by Fulani herdsmen. ( You know that in Sweden too it's only now that women are less afraid to come out and confess to having been raped, because it's less of a moral stigma than before - so rapes cases are being more frequently reported in Sweden these days - not necessarily that there were fewer rape cases in the last century and earlier .)

This remind me of another joke:

A member of one synagogue said to the member of another synagogue," Our wonderful rabbi talks daily with the Almighty!

"How do you know? asked the other man

" He told me !"

"He might have been lying"

" Nonsense - the Almighty wouldn't talk daily with a liar! "

( <span style="font-styl

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