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USA Africa Dialogue Series - Rev. Esale /Bro. Dioh - ON FRANCOPHONE BROAD BRUSH - CONFLICTS [cameroon_politics]

Hello, my dear Lawrence:


I combined Reverend Esale's response for the purpose of time (not responding to 2 mails on the same issue).

Your keen intellect adds substance to a clear discourse. 

My point was the multiplicity of persuasions. I provided documented evidence to show that some stakeholders in the Southwest Region have their own misgiving and sense of being marginalized, complete with pie charts.  These are the same teachers who are expected to respect the strike and not teach. Hence, the relevance of the evidence.

Evidently, within the Anglophone clamor in Cameroon, there is no monolithic brigade. If attempts are made to silence varying voices rather than constructive and tolerant discourse, you start a war (used figuratively) with a war within. That is not what strategic generals of war prefer.  

When they sense present or eminent problems that are likely to undermine their strategy, insulting people whose inherent liberty to differ is theirs to exercise does not make much sense. As nature has it and with legal wings, they will push back and also dismiss their detractors, state their position to international onlookers or whoever can read. After all, they sent it to Facebook. That was my point - suppressing dissenting is futile. 

People who ask obvious questions are not anti progress or liberty. Nevertheless, the hostility greeting normal and ordinary inquiries calls into question the viability of the strategy. The questions some are asking: for how long will children stay at home before parents get fed up with no liberation promised?   For how long will teachers go unpaid before they, too, begin to question the strategy? 

I am merely putting things in perspective: Government has the responsibility to ensure basic and secondary education up to a level (not parents, teachers or proprietors of any of school). The fact is, it can use legitimate methods to demand the records of students and make alternative arrangements if need be. In the US, parents are fined and social service will step if a minor under the adult care is not in school.  It may feel good to disagree but what good will that do?

On the Francophone point you raised.

Since you brought up the Francophone angle,  I will address it according to my convictions.  Okay, at the elementary, smaller  (subatomic) level as you say,  will the misguided views of some Francophones not constitute a slippery slope to generalize? 

Rev. Sam Esale can agree that some French speaking Cameroonians think in the manner you described. It is no different from the unhinged in America throwing bones and the red meat of black inferiority while opportunistic lawmakers bank it for their exploits. But in all of these, would it be half-way appropriate to say all or even majority of  white people are racists, anti Muslim, and anti-other people? If not, how can this be used as a reasonable premise for broad categorization?

With bitter irony, it will be at odds with the most pivotal moments in the civil rights  era. White students were avid advocates and freedom riders, the old registered black voters, etc. The legend of Martin Luther King galvanized without succumbing to least common denominators like color and ethnicity.

It is in the same vein of lessons and forethoughts that many informed people  will  not make blanket statements to indict "all Francophones"  lest we do grave injustice to the legacy of Cameroon's liberating  heroes such as Félix-Roland Moumié, Um NyobeAbel Kingué, Michel Ndoh,  Woungly-Massag; Ndeh Ntumazah. In Africa, the genius of Kwame Nkrumah,  Patrice Lumumba and those in their league lies in their ability to rise above the colonial patterns. These great minds confronted powers and principalities (stronghold and system of oppressions); not people with dime a dozen opinions who may be victims of group indoctrination or their own peculiar nonsense. 

For example, in Cameroon, the liberating heroes battled the  French and  its encroaching system. While you may disagree with the other people's emphasis, you may still respect the idea that people can choose their focus based on their world-view; not because they are less aware, unconcerned, sell-outs, etc. Their own solutions may require forging bonds across sectoral niches and languages to win the day in troubled times. They will be appalled by the notion of labeling all Francophones as culprits. Just yesterday, South Sudanese people were still killing each other. What causes the mayhem since it is no language or cultural divide? It is a rhetorical question.

Even if explained in extraordinary or figure head terms, the Prime Minister - Philémon Yang (Executive Branch); the Supreme Court - Daniel Mekobe Sone (Judiciary branch) are headed by Anglophones. Therefore, the expectation of branding all Francophones as accomplices in a system is a non-starter when Anglophones believe in the system and enjoy the fruits from their various perches. Meanwhile, the poor buy'am, sell'am in Mbounda speaking French or in Tiko speaking English are similarly crushed under the weight of tough times, inflation, cannot afford clean drinking water or fees  for their kids' education, etc.

While those inclined to insult all Francophones see value in the method, other Cameroonians may think outside the box to examine what drives policies whose pinches are felt in far-flung corners of former colonies with hungry and disposed inhabitants. 

A leading political candidate in France is an anti-African who will be benefiting from African minds thinking in ways of Francophonie or Commonwealth / Anglo-saxon. In the opinions of some, it is mental suicide - a nefarious affront to endogenous empowerment.

Last week, the Chadian Minister of Justice inspired the civil society in his opposition to CFA. There is a movement by civil society groups, including students and Diaspora organizations, especially in France, making the question of CFA a battle cry.

Here is an excerpt. Anyone can use google translate.

Le Ministre Tchadien de la Justice, présent au colloque, a pris position sur la question du Francs CFA lors d'une allocution qui est presque passée inaperçue des médias. "Des dirigeants qui ont osé se retirer du Francs CFA ont pris pour leur coup. Aujourd'hui, on va oser puisqu'il s'agit de notre destinée, même si on meurt, il s'agit de la destinée. La jeunesse africaine, si elle est mieux sensibilisée va continuer le combat. Idriss Déby l'a annoncé. Les tchadiens, au-delà de nos divergences, de nos convergences, c'est une question qui concerne pas un régime politique, un parti, c'est une question qui concerne nos destinées et votre devenir", a déclaré le nouveau ministre, Ahmat Mahamat Hassan. 
Back on the Francophone Broad Brush.

The ordinary Francophone on the street did not steal keys to economic paradise and social aromas. Africa is in need of  9 million scientists / engineers while there are unemployed, unskilled, broke behind, Francophone paupers in the regions in Cameroon.  Both the Anglophones and Francophones went to school. However, the curriculum content must be aligned with today's job market or forecast. If not, boycotting school for even two years will not solve  any problem.  Research institutions have determined the possible solutions to be applied. 

An aside: One of my close friends sent me a text on a prayer occasion for Anglophones. 

In declining, I explained to her something from this fact: In the 1880s, when matters came to head between the White French Fathers from France and the Anglican Protestants from England who went to teach religion to natives in Buganda (current Uganda), the Anglicans settled the scores and won with the introduction of the  Maxim Machine Gun in the fight. It affected the schools and churches they built, and communities they stole from.  Both of these missionary groups specialized  in land  theft and  left colonial divide in their wake. 

I replied to the text: What has Jesus got to do with colonial anxieties? Would Jesus call an exclusive prayer meeting? On the day of Pentecost, did the Gentiles and Jews not understand in their own languages in the same place 

She wrote back. What history is that - the Uganda one?

Africans schools did not teach this kind of history. From early years, my Mom gave me the lessons and encouraged me to question the source of knowledge when I read information.  My eyes will widen by the whole thing. Today, my mind does. What's the point? When Africans start talking about fighting each other on colonial grounds, I deeply believe it is negro sh*it as our African American brothers and sisters call it using another N word. Bottom line: I understand where Rev. Esale is coming from. 

Britain is afraid of the influx of blacks and the Anglo-saxons compelled their exit from EU. When you have cottages of deprived people at each other's throat,  they can speak any colonial language they want. The Chinese man is still getting the contracts anywhere in Cameroon speaking little or no English or French; former colonial powers will look for their slices.  Ditto in other African nations. 

For me, I am committed to Silencing the Guns in Africa by 2020. Under no circumstance will I touch anything with a proverbial ten-foot pole when violence (psychologically or physically) is a method - anywhere.  Peace is more than the absence of war. It also requires buy-in on shared values that prevent conflicts and practices  that override language, ethnic, or political divides. It requires justice but it is collective responsibility and consciousness.  Framing anything as Francophone versus Anglophone will be counterproductive to peace and justice.


To Lead You Must be a Servant

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My darling Sister Evelyn,

Thank you for explaining the mysteries of life to the uninitiated. May the love and peace of God that surpass all understanding be with you.

It written:

"The knowledge of the secrets of the Kingdom of God has been given to you, but to others I speak in parables: though seeing they may not see, and though hearing they may not understand."
(Luke 8:10)

Be truly blessed & Good night my dear.

Rev. Sam Esale 

To Lead You Must be a Servant

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Hello my dear friend Evelyn,  the Rev who is very dear to me is flat wrong. The fundamental premise of his argument is wrong at the very subatomic level. Sam cannot pretend that francophones even think of anglophone a as Cameroonians of equal standing. They have called us Biafrans etc etc and you name it. Not only by the common man on the street but also by top government officials and politicians.

Sadly enough, just a few days ago you and Rev. Esale were all over Pah Fru ands for being the son of his father and by extension a profiteer and supporter of the regime. How come you don't hold the francophone populace to the same standards. Should they be held accountable for the crimes of their brethren against anglophone.

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Hello Lawrence:

When someone articulates a possible problem, the person is not implicitly advocating the position. It may be broadening the discourse  that has many points of view. Knowing how people are inclined to think -  or even do - cannot be detrimental in crafting solutions. You can dismiss it but understanding the range of persuasions does not harm.  

For example, this is a list of "marginalization of Southwesterners" by a South West Teachers Association and posted on Facebook, too.  When I looked at the list (attached), after noting  all the marginalizing data, from Ngaoundere to Douala, the graphs focused only on Northwest.  When you have people harboring notions, correctly or incorrectly,  it may be helpful to know: Why do you think/feel so? What are the co-factors?

These engaging approaches  may open up room for constructive exchanges  that may lead to correction of erroneous premises or common understanding on critical issues. But when people try to  silence thoughts that they do not like with (shut up; you lizard; I will teach you a lesson, and worse); they still do not go away. To the contrary, they hardened with missed opportunity to bridge previous points of departure. Conspiracies are germinated, fears are caressed, cracks become line on the sand, niches are entrenched.  Some enrollees in the camps may have been newly influenced by the convenience of stupidity - but not even stupidity is corrected by silencing the liberty to be stupid.  Mindfully, democracy protects the right to be wrong.

Reasoning will go a long way. Sometimes, the gulfs test the mantle of leadership. Who is the major? It is like looking for pin in a haystack.

To Lead You Must be a Servant

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Rev. Sam, who have run the government Cameroon since the two states united? Francophones, sir. Anglophone marginalization is designed and executed by francophones. What are you think? If you think your argument is putting you on the high road, then I'm sorry because you are not on any road. Hence, going no where.

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On Feb 21, 2017, at 1:44 PM, SAM ESALE [camnetwork] <> wrote:

My Dear friends,

We must first understand what Mr. Nguini means by "Divide the people......" before jumping into any conclusions that may be misleading or not be consistent with his thought process. Obviously, Mr. Nguini did not say he was opposed to Federalism, a dispensation that cannot be viewed as "division," by any stretch of my imagination. 

I think what Mr. Nguini may be "critical" of, is any political "agenda" that pits "Anglophones" against "Francophones." If that is true, then he is not alone. There are millions of Cameroonians on both side of the Mungo River who share Mr. Nguini's point of view.
The struggle in Cameroon is NOT against "flesh and blood." It is NOT Francophones versus Anglophones. It has always been between the people of Cameroon and their Government. Today, it is between Cameroonians of Anglo-Saxon heritage and the Government of the Republic of Cameroon. This segment of the population has been marginalized for more than half a century by the Government of the Republic. So, let us not get all worked up, confused, muddy the waters, antagonize our neighbors and in the process dissipate our collective efforts at dismantling a moribund system of government. That is what I think Mr. Nguini is referring to and I tend to agree with him.

"Our struggle is not against flesh and blood, it is against the rulers, against the authorities, against the dark forces of this world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms." (Ephesians 6:12)

There are thousands of Francophones who have made West Cameroon their home for more than a century. By the same token there are thousands of Anglophones who have considered East Cameroon their home for at least 5 decades. These groups live side by side peacefully. There have been more inter-tribal wars in both territories than between Anglophones and Francophones. This symbiotic relationship cannot be likened to what existed between Hutu and Tutsi in Ruanda, a combustible situation which culminated into genocide of historical proportion.

Another important issue is the corruption raised by my learned friend Venus. I agree that vices such as tribalism, nepotism and favoritism are the primary causes of the endemic or chronic corruption in Cameroon. But I do not share the opinion that "Francophones" have a monopoly on corruption. That is a very misleading hypothesis. Throughout the history of our union, there have been Anglophones in government and in positions of power and authority. They did not demonstrate Angelic tendencies. They have also been corrupt. Anglophones are Not saints.

It is true that West Cameroon has been marginalized by the government since the Constitutional dissolution of The Federation in 1972, and systematically assimilated under Paul Biya since 1984. But during this same period we've had Anglophones as Ministers, at least 3 Prime Ministers, Parliamentarians, Senators, Governors, Secretary of States, DGs, SDOs, Police Commissioners, Senior Military officers, etc. These are our Anglophone representatives in Government who did not look out for the best interests of West Cameroon. That's why we are where we are today. No one can claim that these folks have been saints or incorruptible. Even in the middle of the current crisis in the Country, these same Anglophone representatives are still keeping their positions and power. The PM has not resigned, no Parliamentarian has resigned, Senators are still holding on to their seats, no Minister has tendered in  resignation letter to leave the rotten system and more than 90% of all Anglophone Civil Servants still go to work for the corrupt system daily. How do you explain that phenomenon? Why have we not had Anglophone Parliamentarians walk away from the National House of Assembly, using Anglophone marginalization to buttress their conscience? With folks being locked up and some killed or maimed, what has been the general reaction or attitude of our Anglophone representatives in the heavy handed or repressive government? Whose side are they on?

How many civilian Francophones did you see carrying cutlasses or axes and chasing an Anglophone down the street in Yaoundé or Edea? How many Anglophones have been butchered recently in Baffoussam or Doula by civilians? Do you have any video to show this readership?

In 1998 and 1999, (i.e. two consecutive years), Cameroon was ranked the most corrupt nation on God's Earth. Yes, "Most corrupt nation." Who was PM of Cameroon then? What is Cameroon's ranking today? With all the natural resources and unimaginable human potential, Cameroon is still seen among the most Highly Indebted Poor Countries in Africa South of the Sahara (HIPC). Why? Do you have Anglophones in this government? What have they done for the country and for the constituencies they represent? Now, what are the sizes of their bank accounts? Would you agree or disagree that our Anglophone representatives in  Biya's Junta are also corrupt?

I have carefully followed the discussions on this 
Forum about the way forward for Cameroon, since this crisis began. I have also read a whole lot about the legitimate concerns of our Anglophone Lawyers, Teachers, Students and Civil Society. These brave men and women have earned my respect. And  I have pondered over some of the clever suggestions offered as solutions to our debilitating problems. But I shudder to say that none of the following suggestions really  address the fundamental issues facing Cameroon today:

(a) 10 States Federation 
(b) 2 States Federation 
(c) Secession 
(d) Status quo.

Let's take Secession as a glaring example: what guarantees do we have that "secession pureand simple," will eliminate tribalism, favoritism and nepotism, as the primary causes of Corruption in any new dispensation? Corruption exists from the streets in Mbonge Road Kumba or Fiango and Mankon Town or  Nkambe, to the corridors of power in Yaoundé. How are you going to eliminate that which is part of the culture or DNA of our society? Will you paper over the cracks in the NW/SW divide? Which region will produce most of the resources and who will be the principal beneficiary? What is the difference in population size between both regions and what is the demographic distribution. Who will be the majority or minority. Will any group feel oppressed, marginalized or disenfranchised? What was the political, social and economic climate in West Cameroon during the Federation? What will be the new definition of tribalism or favoritism or nepotism or corruption? Will you eliminate bribery using laws? What is the definition or "The Rule of Law" in any new dispensation following the Secession scenario?

In discussing these "taboo" issues, my intention is to drive the point that the suggestions we have on the table do not go deep enough to provide sustainable solutions to the problems we face today. They are Inadequate or shallow. These suggestions and actions are cosmetic because they address the symptoms of our problems but ignore the causes. They do not tackle the fundamentals and they are akin to kicking the proverbial can down the road. In other words, they may offer temporary relief or relieve the steam from the boiling pot, but they are not the real answers. I repeat, the suggestions address only the "symptoms" of the condition, while ignoring the real causes of the problems. And the real cause, remote and immediate, is a chronic decay in the moral fabric of our society. The apple is rotten inside. Leaves are falling  off the mango tree because the roots are dead. We need a change in our "vision du monde." A total overhaul of our mindset or disposition. A completely new direction ordained by our God.

Yes, we suffer from a chronic decay in the moral fabric of our society. Our minds have been inhabited by a wicked consciousness. It's a spiritual matter, to say the least. That is the main cause of our malaise and the solution is found in the conscience of all  Cameroonians. It requires a renewal or transformation of the human spirit for a common good. For Christians, the Bible suggests a return to our God. We honor, glorify and magnify God's name in whatever we do. We become the lamp and the salt of this dark world and we look after the least of these. For non-Christians, the answer will be found in a paradigm shift from the pursuit of ego driven ambitions to the quest for meaning and purpose in life. We choose not to be defined by what we have or what we do, but strictly by the content of our Character. We treat others like we would love to be treated and we act as caretakers or caregivers in this world. We gain trust through hard work and responsible action. That answer has always been here and it is universal. Don't try to re-Invent the wheel.

The problems we face today will come back to haunt us tomorrow, if we do not use our imaginations, talents, skills, gifts and expertise plus experience, to address them adequately. We must avoid vaulting political ambitions that do nothing more than satisfy our egos or selfish intentions. Our motivations must change, in order to create a better world, starting in our minds. Every Bible reading Christian knows what Satan tried to do when he took Jesus Christ to the "highest" mountain and showed Him the whole world with all its splendor. Satan said: "Bow down to me and all of these shall be yours." And Christ refused. Jesus said "NO." How many Anglophone leaders have said "No" to the evil spirits in Yaoundé? How many of them have quit their "lucrative jobs" on grounds that their people are being killed in the streets of Buea and Bamenda? How many of these promoters of Secession will resist Satan's temptations to become tyrants, despots or dictators? How many of them will resist the temptation to be corrupt or spill innocent blood? I don't see anyone good enough to lead us to the land that God has promised Cameroonians who love Him. A return to our God or whatever you want to call the creator, is the most sustainable solution to our sad human conditions in this world, anything else is cosmetic or akin to "
Kicking the can down the road. It's all vaulting ambition that over-leaps itself and falls on the other." 

"Seek yes first the Kingdom of God and everything therein shall be thine."

Try God and you'll see what difference HE will make.

Our struggle today, is not between Anglophones and Francophones. That has never been the issue. The issue now is the marginalization and systematic assimilation of Anglophones by the government of the Republic of Cameroon and this same government includes Anglophone representatives. It is spiritual Warfare between the forces of Good and Evil, and the battlefield is the human mind. Thoughts are things. Whichever spiritual force takes over control of the minds of our leaders or folks in positions of power or authority, shall control the destiny of our country. The poor human conditions we experience of witness today in Cameroon, are mere symptoms of who is winning the battle in the minds of our leaders in the spiritual realms of our existence. And so far, the devil seems to be winning the battle, albeit temporarily. A war has many battles and children of God must decide to win this Spiritual Warfare for all Cameroonians, Anglophones and Francophones. It's just a matter of time. Love conquers evil and God is not dead. God is Love.
Warm regards, 
Rev. Sam Esale

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--minor corrections made-- 

And, if you want to preserve Cameroon, then support Federalism. If you want to break it, then keep it Unitary and tribal, and it will be bound to devolve in a failed tribal state, with perpetual ethnic and tribal tensions and possibly wars. A great source of inspiration to the problems we face.

Unto us God has given the SUN, and unto us the Universe has given Science and Knowledge through the Minds of our fellow human beings. Just open your eyes so ye may see. Open your ears so ye may hear. Open your Mind so ye may learn and grow.
–ANST Fraternity Order--

"There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what is not true. The other is to refuse to accept what is true."
 ---Soren Keirgegaard---

"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them." ---Albert Einstein---
"The people deserve the leaders they get at any point in time of their evolution" –The ANST Fraternity—
"You are the change you have been waiting for. You have to deserve and earn change before it can be achieved." –The ANST Fraternity—
"The virtuous and ingenious Mind will remain restless and unrelenting in the pursuit of Liberty until it achieves the level of Freedom known to its consciousness" –The ANST Fraternity—
Powered by the ANST Fraternity Order

On Monday, February 20, 2017 9:31 PM, Venus Sourakata <> wrote:

"I am strongly critical of any political propaganda which aim is to divide the citizens of the Republic of Cameroon." –Mathias Owona Nguini—

My Dear friend Mathias Owona Nguini,
I would not be wasting my time writing this if I did not think that you were serious in the statement above. If you had a good mind, as many may grant you in this forum, you would understand that the reactions of the people of SW and NW regions is not what is diving your country. It is just a consequence or a reaction to the policies of the regime that is entrenched in the tribal politics of fear, corruption and tyranny. Policies that have already divided the country that ironically, they claim to want to preserve. –albeit hypocritically and deceitfully--.
Cameroon is already divided in the minds of the people. Just yesterday, I read that the Minister of "Water and Electricity" announced a project that would only employ the Beti/Boulou people of his region.
Your father is on record saying the "he considers himself a Beti guy, before being a Cameroonian".  A well-known General is record on National TV saying that "he would have a coup d'état if John Fru was rightfully declared the winner of the presidential elections in 1992".
The Beti/Boulou monarch president is on record saying that "quand Yaounde respire, le Cameroon vit".
It was alleged that regional budget of the small Southern region of Cameroon, is larger than the combined budget of the SW and NW regions. And we can go on and on.

What has divided your country –and perhaps so in a permanent and irreparable way-- is the entrenched tribal arrogance that has been expressed over the years by the Beti/Boulou folks running the country.
Tribalism is indeed the problem of Cameroon and that is why a centralized form of governance can no longer work. One of the reason you can run around the televisions stations running your mouth and not get arrested is in part because your tribe.

If you are honest with yourself, --and I have no reason to think that you are not--, you must know that the effects and affects of entrenched systemic and institutionalized tribalism, injustice, and marginalization of the people is what has divided the country. And that is in my view, what you should be talking about.
When you have a system in which Governors, DOs, ministers, Supreme Court judges, Senators and everybody in between are appointed by the Beti/Boulou tribal Chief, who is known to be tribalistic at his core, is what is dividing Cameroon.
When you have one man, entrenched in power for 35 years, who only sees the people of his own tribe as representative of Cameroon is what has divided Cameroon.

When people like you go on TV, instead of finding the correct formula to address our complex problems, but instead fall in the traps of tribal political clientelism, this is what is dividing the country.
So my dear friend, the arguments above are what have divided your poor and enslaved country, and what you see from the people of Southern Cameroon is a reaction or an effect to that division.
Now, I have heard some Francophones say on television that, well the problem of marginalization is equally affecting everybody, as a justification to do nothing. This is precisely the type of reasoning and mindset that has kept the Francophone African man in the abyss at the world stage. Because such as reasoning is neither aspirational nor inspirational.
It is the argument of: I don't want you to be free because I am a slave too.
This underdeveloped mindset is part of the problem, and it is what keeps the people in the permanent state of voluntary mental slavery. A more rational way of thinking would articulate the following two points:

1-   Just because everyone is suffering the consequences of exacerbated tribalism and marginalization --and is happy on unhappy about, but do nothing--, does not mean that a group of them –the Southern Cameroonian– do not have the moral basis for their legitimate protest and revandications.
By analogy to the ten regions of Cameroon, if you have ten slaves, and 8 of them are happy in slavery, this does not preclude two of the slaves –SW and NW regions—to rise up, denounce the systemic injustice and corruption in the system, and to seek their freedom.
The Southern Cameroonians, --even though just 20% of the overall—have the moral and legitimate basis and argument to seek fairness, freedom and justice from a system that tyrannizes them in particular.

2-   The Specificity of the Southern Cameroon. The Francophone people, for the most part, either do not understand the historical specificity of the Southern Cameroon, or they are being deceitful in their argumentation of the problem.
Within the current configuration of "La Republique du Cameroon", the two regions that constitute Southern Cameroon are not statutorily the same as the other 8 regions. These two regions hold historic specificities that the other 8 do not.
The other 8 regions have always been part of the "La Republique du Cameroon". Southern Cameroon is a distinct territory –with a distinct people with certain common traits and history-- well defined by the United Nation charter. And this territory became independent by joining "La Republique" in a Federation, and whatever treaty came out of Foumban has never been legally recognized by the UN charter. It is like a traditional marriage that was never announced to the government.

That is precisely why during the celebration of the 50th anniversary of independence, a UN envoy came to Cameroon and handed two distinct maps of the "The Cameroons" to M. Biya in Buea.  
Understand that till this date, at the UN, there is and always been two Cameroons: "La Republique and Southern Cameroon", hence the two maps handed to the President in Buea. So the so called "Republique du Cameroon" is still referred to as "The Cameroons" at the UN.
So, this is the specificity of the two regions –SW and NW—that many Francophones either do not understand or try to be deceitful about. Till today, there are statutorily two Cameroons: La Republique du Cameroun and Southern Cameroon.  
And those who continue to be ignorant and/or play bad faith with this international reality are misleading the people of Cameroon.
Now, because of the exacerbated and pervasive ethnic and tribal discrimination perpetrated by the Regime of Yaounde, understand that the Southern Cameroonians, in their reactions to this problem, have historical tools that other provinces do not have. And they reserve all their rights in using their specificity in the Union to seek redress to the systematic tribal discrimination and marginalization. And that is what they doing today.
Other countries in the world have gone through similar experiences such as in the ex-Soviet Union, ex-Yugoslavia and so forth. So Southern Cameroon would not the first to raise such a stance.
Now, there is an old saying that you cannot eat your cake and have it.
You cannot hold a people in bondage and slavery for 55 years and claim that they are your brothers, because you know this is simply not true on the ground.
Your own father, the General and the President, when they made their respective statements, did not consider Southern Cameroonians as their brothers and sisters.
When the police and gendarmes go into the University campus in Buea, torture, maimed, raped and killed, where was the brotherhood? Why did you not come out at that time to denounce the hatred and tell the Francophone people we are brothers and sisters? Where were you then?

My Dear Owona Nguini, Southern Cameroonians are a peaceful and lovely people. Granted, you could even say that they were naïve in joining "La Republique". They may still want to accept the love and brotherhood that may be lying latently in your heart, but as you know very well, the reality on the ground cannot be further from whatever feeling may be in your heart.
Those who have taken the time to look at the complexities and perplexities of this human problem understand one thing: The sub-Saharan African people are inherently triballistic. The notion of tribe is genetically wired in the DNA of the sub-Saharan African people. Whether you are Haoussa, Ewondo, Bassa or from any other tribe, you must know that your tribe plays a preeminent role in your decision making, conscious and subconscious. There may be exceptions, but that is the generalization.
There may not be anything wrong with this, if the expression of one's ethnicity or your tribalism did not have a negative effect on people of other tribes. But in the case of Cameroon today, it does.  
So, let's be bold and say to ourselves: Let people of more of the same tribes govern themselves and we will be all better off. That is precisely why even the Colonial masters created these Provinces now called regions.
Nigeria, Ghana, Switzerland, Germany and others have made that trivial and smart choice.
In my view, the People who cling to the Unitary State solution are either not reasoned enough, hypocrites or dishonest political charlatans whose only goal is to perpetuate the exploitation and suffering of the ignorant.

Cameroon, as a multi-tribal, multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, multi-lingual country cries out for a federated system of Governance.
And, if you want to preserve Cameroon, then support Federalism. If you want to break it, then keep it Unitary and tribal, and it will be bound to devolve in a failed tribal state, with perpetual ethnic and tribal tensions and possibly wars.

Thanks, A great source of inspiration to the problems we face.

Unto us God has given the SUN, and unto us the Universe has given Science and Knowledge through the Minds of our fellow human beings. Just open your eyes so ye may see. Open your ears so ye may hear. Open your Mind so ye may learn and grow.
–ANST Fraternity Order--

"There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what is not true. The other is to refuse to accept what is true."
 ---Soren Keirgegaard---

"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them." ---Albert Einstein---
"The people deserve the leaders they get at any point in time of their evolution" –The ANST Fraternity—
"You are the change you have been waiting for. You have to deserve and earn change before it can be achieved." –The ANST Fraternity—
"The virtuous and ingenious Mind will remain restless and unrelenting in the pursuit of Liberty until it achieves the level of Freedom known to its consciousness" –The ANST Fraternity—
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On Monday, February 20, 2017 5:40 PM, "agendia aloys [cameroon_politics]" <> wrote:

"Southen Cameroons",a political denomination that disappeared with the federation advent in 1961" 

Dixit Mathias Nguini  Eric on Monday February 20, 2017.

You say you are a scholar.  Did you really mean what you wrote above? 

Kamerun= parts of Cameroon,  Chad,  Gabon,  central Afica Republic,  Congo 

LA République du Cameroun (1945-1961) Southern Cameroons was never exclusively part of La République du Cameroun. 

Southern Cameroons  (1945-1961).

East Cameroun) 1961 ( Here the name La République du Cameroun died)

West Cameroon  (1961) +  East Cameroun = Federal Republic of Cameroon. 

1972 United Republic of Cameroon  (illegal and illegitimate )

1984 From  United  Republic of Cameroun to La Republique du Cameroun. IllegIllegal and illegitimate.

It is therefore normal  that we call ourselves  SouthernCameroons.  I won't address Ambazonia because I don't indentify with that name. 

So Mr Scholar Owona Nguini Eric Mathias,  do not talk about what you don't know or you refuse to learn about or what you know little about.
I understand you are as arrogant as your father was with Dr Munzu and Barrister Elad in the 1990s. 

This Eric Owona Nguini guy is the one using media platforms together with a certain Atemengue and Aboya Endong to spread hatred and lies.

So at the  end of the day what do you stand for?  Your text was absolutely confusing. 

I understand  you stand for what your brother Atanga na Kouna BasIle just did.  You pretend to condem it but that's actually what you represent.

AGENDIA Aloysius

I am not surprized of what is said.Those who do not share your views are necesarily people lying. I am laughing when someone who thinks he is serious can call me "Biya's Song Bird".That is absolutely ridiculous.There is enough material showing my criticisms of the New Deal's Regime when   I think it is necesary,true and accurate.The difference between you and me, is that you are political activist and I am just a scholar.That does not mean I do not have a political opinion and perception of the ongoing political crisis in the two regions of Cameroon of North West and South West that your political ontology of Ambazonism imposes you to call "Southen Cameroons",a political denomination that disappeared with the federation advent in 1961.Contrarily to what you think ,I am not an advocate of the Unitary state and a radical opponent of a Federal State but I am a  strong adversary of any separation or secession position.That is the difference between us my dear.I think what is named the Anglophone Problem can be solved within the boundaries of what you call scornfully or ironically "la République".I am strongly critical of any political propaganda which aim is to divide the citizens of the Republic of Cameroon,wherever it comes from, dear fellow countryman,if you accept to remain my fellow country man.Whatever you think of it,I will keep safe my skills of a political scientist who learned and teach among several topics,collective mobilizations ,social movements and political crises and conflics from a sciological perspective.See you next my Cameroonian Brother.

De : "Francis Njung [cameroon_politics]" <>
À : "" <>
Cc : "" <>
Envoyé le : Lundi 20 février 2017 16h34
Objet : [cameroon_politics] Fw: [New post] Exposing the Political Falsehood Of Nguini Owona: Biya's Song Bird


From: BaretaNews <>;
To: <>;
Subject: [New post] Exposing the Political Falsehood Of Nguini Owona: Biya's Song Bird
Sent: Mon, Feb 20, 2017 2:47:50 PM

baramarkofficial posted: "Open letter to Mathias Eric Owona Nguini I have followed you very keenly since the Southern Cameroons problem resurfaced and I will like to address your views. You gained your popularity in Cameroon by sitting on television panels almost every weekend "

New post on BaretaNews


Exposing the Political Falsehood Of Nguini Owona: Biya's Song Bird

by baramarkofficial
Open letter to Mathias Eric Owona Nguini I have followed you very keenly since the Southern Cameroons problem resurfaced and I will like to address your views. You gained your popularity in Cameroon by sitting on television panels almost every weekend to address current issues in Cameroon and around the world. You won the admiration […]
baramarkofficial | February 20, 2017 at 3:45 pm | URL:
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