Thursday, February 23, 2017

USA Africa Dialogue Series - TIME FOR BIG MONKEY SENSE? CUE what of Biafra and all? The colonial pact of shame, what a humiliation to us

Dearest CUE, how come you are not applying this liberation theory to help Biafra? As an Edo man, you do not think your Eastern brothers deserve a country of their own since their case is more indigenous than colonial? Nnmadi Kanu, leader of IPOB  is in jail, he can benefit from your pro bono legal service.  I am sure you are not a "Monkey Sense Pass King" practitioner. 

On cultural identity? The British defiled  the Benin Kingdom, dethroned your King and stole all your treasures. Since then, some well meaning Africans have been trying to recover all the loots.  At one point, the British sold some to Boston University in Massachusetts, USA.

So you can help  to address Elginism, which is  cultural vandalism with  severe negative effects on the African concept of self.  I mean when heritage and priceless arts are destroyed,  torn out of their cultural  and  spatial context,  dealing with fragmentary remains after colonial escapades is a serious matter - an identity crises. You start thinking you were actually discovered by Mungo Park and colonialists. 

By the way, if we have to do indigenous authenticity, all Obasijom people will create a state - it means a part of Bayangi people in Cameroon will be joining their Calabar brothers and sisters in Nigeria and be writing in Nsibidi. Yoruba people will simply welcome their kins and kith from the Patrice Talon's Republic of Benin and all Yoruba people in Brazil. The Adamawa Region in Cameroon and Adamawa State in Nigeria are the same people.

Coming back to internal enslavement, you do not think the South in Nigeria, producing the most resources,  is not eternally enslaved by the North in an unyoked equation? What kind of liberation do you practice - one inspired by situational ethics and not in your backyard? Please check out Colly Ezebuihe,  he has been writing sports. 

Get back with me when you figure out:  equal opportunity liberation.

Of course, CFA and France are problematic. That should be addressed, too. But we have to wean ourselves from all colonial mentalities.

Cheers my brother.


To Lead You Must be a Servant

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Ada Africa,
It's why Southern Cameroon must unyoke herself from this eternal slavery that has persisted into the twenty-first century.

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Hmmm. What a shame, in deed.

To Lead You Must be a Servant

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Cooperation agreements between France and the Republic of Cameroon: already 57 years old

Signed on 26 December 1959 by President Ahidjo of the Republic of Cameroon and President Charles de Gaulle of France.
Until this day, neither Paul Biya, nor Georges Pompidou, nor Valéry Giscard d ' Estaing, nor François Mitterrand, nor Jacques Chirac, nor even Nicolas Sarkozy  nor François Hollande, have changed anything. But it is article 6 that arouses more curiosities.

1-France shall determine the  political, economic, and sociocultural  choices of Cameroon.

2-France will have to mint a currency for Cameroon, FCFA.

3-France should guide the determination of school programs of Cameroon at all levels.

4-France should have in his public treasury, a wallet called account of operations, 100 % of foreign exchange reserves of Cameroon.
NB: This percentage has evolved in 1972 and 1973, respectively, in Brazzaville and Dakar for the BEAC and the UMOA , at 65 % and finally today it is located at 50 %.

5-The strategic raw materials of Cameroon will be exploited by France with priority. If France is not interested, Cameroon can find another partner or exploit it itself.

6-10 November 1961: Military assistance. Every time that the president of Cameroon will be overwhelmed by an external aggression or internal rebellion, he can appeal to military aid from France.
If he is no longer able to do it by any means of communication, the ambassador of France in Cameroon can do so in the place of the authority of Cameroon.


Here are the agreements that a country has signed...
Clearly, we were never out of colonization.
What a shame!!!

Dr. Protus Nkwana Taniform, MD, EdD

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