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SV: USA Africa Dialogue Series - Re: Today's Quote


Before 1967, Northern Region, Eastern Region and Midwest Region carved out of the Western Region by the Hausa/Fulani and Igbo led federal government were multi ethnic groups. In fact, before independence in 1960, there were agitations for creation of minority regions from the then existing Northern, Eastern and Western Regions (Middle Belt, Calabar-Ogoja-Rivers and Midwest respectively).

On February 12, 1966, Isaac Adaka Boro, declared a sovereign state of Niger Delta Republic from which as he explained during his trial for treason on April 4, 1966, that he wanted to prevent the domination of his people by the Igbo. As you probably know, Ironsi crushed his rebellion and sentenced him and his comrades to death. He was still awaiting execution when the second coup took place.

With regards to your touted 'Eastern Region Consultative Assembly' that advised Ojukwu to declare Biafra, Nnamdi Azikiwe in the Lagos Morning Post of 24 February 1970 asserted thus, "Because legislative and executive powers were vested in one person, Ojukwu, the impression created that decisions of the Eastern Region Consultative Assembly had mandatory effect was a COLOSSAL DECEPTON. Ojukwu at gunpoint asked his self-composed Eastern Region Consultative Assembly to rubber-stamp his personal ambition to be Head of State. Can you tell us when elections into the Eastern Consultative Assembly was held in 1967?

By September 1968, all the South-South that embraced the non-Igbo speaking parts of the Eastern Region had been liberated by the federal forces and military Governors were appointed to South-Eastern and Rivers States carved out by the Federal Military Government on May 27, 1967, and three days before Ojukwu's declaration of Biafra. The easiness with which the federal troops overran the Biafran forces in the coastal areas depended on total collaboration of the inhabitants there. One of the reasons adduced by Philip Effiong for the failure of Biafra was, "On the home front, Ojukwu and his field agents parading fear, suspicion, tyranny, insecurity, and lack of intolerance in the non-Igbo speaking areas of Biafra resulted in the withdrawal of support for the Biafran cause in those areas. They, the people of those areas now saw the federal troops as liberators, which was a serious political blunder as far as the 'Biafran' dream was concerned (p.334, Nigeria & Biafra: My Story By Philip Effiong)." Although Philip Effiong was made to play the unpleasant role to sign Biafra's surrender, he indicated clearly in his book that he and many minorities in Biafra were not trusted. After Ojukwu had handed over the government of Biafra to Philip Effiong on the 9th of January 1970, Effiong expressed the impossible task confronting him thus, "In the first place I had been his (Ojukwu's) Deputy and Chief of General Staff for most of the war and yet I did not know the machinery of obtaining arms, ammunition or even money. I did not know what stock of ammunition and weaponry (if any) we held (p.289)." Effiong lamented thus, "Once again, to use a well-worn cliché, I was left to carry the can - to be the sacrificial lamb (p.290)." That was the narrative of 'number two non-Igbo  man in the then Biafra. Well, Biafrahas been resurrected by Nwazuruke (MASSOB, IBM) and Kanu (IPOB), both of who are Igbo aborigins from the Southeast. Can you name persons from the South-South who are agitating for Biafra with the Igbo speaking people of Southeast?  The Igbo want Biafra because a pure Igbo Republic would be landlocked.


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Biafra, when it first came into being in 1967 was not an ethnic enclave, it was a multi ethnic entity whose geography comprised The entire eastern Nigeria.

The eastern region consultative assembly that advised Ojukwu to declare Biafra had persons from the various ethnic groups willingly playing key roles.

When Biafra was finally proclaimed, these persons from the various ethnic groups  willingly played prominent roles also. The number two man in Biafra then was a non Igbo.

At the ressurrecton of the cause, these ethnic groups willingly opted to be part of It. 

So,sir,I do not understand the basis for your exclusion prescription.


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