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USA Africa Dialogue Series - BRILLIANT FORENSICS & THE REAL WAR >> FW: Fake News: The Unravelling of US Empire From Within | Global Research - Centre for Research on Globalization

From: Michael Vickers <>
Date: 29 March 2017 at 11:35:55 BST
To:  Michael Vickers <>
Subject: Fake News: The Unravelling of US Empire From Within | Global Research - Centre for Research on Globalization

To My Brothers and Sisters; Cream of Intellect, Keepers of Conscience of Africa—This "Fake News" item is not slight. It is an important statement, by a highly-regarded World Authority on this and related matters, Prof John McMurtry, FRSC. I commend it to your attentions and serious thought. Immediately below are my own observations.  Baba m


Brilliant Forensics & the Real War
Brilliant forensics on current rudiments of the real war that is raging; in fact has been quietly waged with savage ferocity for a long time. Only difference? Merely that the savage ferocity of it has been hugely stepped up.

And of course tis wonderfully designed for virtually all of Africa's entrenched governmental systems ensuring the rule of "Oligarchs in Perpetuity." Nigeria's recent former President Jonathan, is but one to have taken his place in the wondrous worldwide Club of Fellow Oligarchs—"Oligarchs United" (OU).  Superb and life-fulfilling for those stripping world assets; thus further expanding their hoards; just as it/ OU, is the continually strengthening agent of savage infancy, so far as the 98ers of this world—in both the so-called "developed" and "developing" world--are concerned.

Tis just that 98ers of Africa and the very sizeable developing world have few weapons/ resources to resist the merciless and continuing savagery of their oligarchs. And while in the developed world, there is still an intellectual and material base through which to resist, MCMURTRY here demonstrates this too is being relentlessly stripped. He shows how related forces seeking to defend Life Principles and the vital root of Life Values that are the active agents of Light in Life, are progressively eroded and neutralised, as the Curtain of Darkness relentlessly descends.

It is where we are at, worldwide. With the billionaire Trump in the White House/ this Magnificent Golden-Maned OAP as merely the most recent Captain of OU at the helm. Tis just that the pace of engagement and brutal assertion has been stepped up; with attendant ethics thus further validated and stepped up by fellow members of OU.

My oh my. Does sound like we're getting very close to Tyranny, the final stop in Aristotle's Cycle of Constitutions. And it's not happening to one or two Greek City States of Classical times. It's happening worldwide. And we all know where things go from there. 
There are times when it's a relief to be Elder. Certainly for the generations following, tis a Vesuvial Cauldron they face. Not pleasant. 

Of course for most of us in this List who are seasoned students of human and institutional change, none of this is any surprise. Tis the path we've been on for many 100s of years. Tis just that now the path is sharply steepening. And Prof MCMURTRY, the skilled surgeon who long ago expertly dissected and fully exposed our condition in his keynote/ era-shaping, brilliant book, The Cancer Stage of Capitalism is here merely providing us with clear and powerful reminders, that we're fully on track; right on the line of the projected path.

And yet, it all seems so bizarre, totally unreal as I tap out these early morning observations/ thoughts on this my iPad. All is silent in this Sussex countryside. Only the gentle patter on my window of an early Spring shower providing Life Nurture for trees, shrubs, and all the living countryside, suddenly releasing into vibrant growth sprays of floral white and cream; of pinks and yellows and lavenders and blues and purples of varying exquisite shades. It is of course England, and the words of the poet Robert Browning come to mind, "Oh to be in England, now that Spring is here." And truly here in deepest Sussex, it is indeed very fresh and green and floral and magical. And I am reminded there are more powerful forces, more resonant beats and rhythms, in the lands, the living things, the seasons as in their millennial cycles, they move on, in no great hurry; indeed by vastly more powerful forces than the regular alarums stirred by our humankind; savage infants that we are, with our sharp-honed modern Savage Rulers, as Leaders of our respective Packs. 

There is however a difference today.  In our not-so-long millennial past of those 10,000 years we've been living in our Socially Ordered Groups; our oligarchs could execute vast and terrible acts, and command our participation to "defend" pronounced interests; and in doing so making us "Patriot Parties" to repeat slaughter of millions of "declared enemies". This of course was regular time-repeated world-round. Oligarchs declaimed; and 98ers, the celebrated "Heroic Patriot Parties"— a "Land Fit for Heroes" and all that— died in their millions for the pronounced "Cause" of their Oligarch; which seldom went further in un-declared object than replenishing/ further swelling the oligarchical purse and property holdings. 

Well, to a degree, the same pattern persists today. Mr Trump, as I write, is conferring with Military leaders, Defence Contractors, leading Financial and Commercial/ Market elements/ and other Billionaire friends with large interests and networks of powerful and influential friends, who/ which country/ perhaps Region; they are deliberating on WHO is to be the next selected/ chosen enemy? After all, at the very least, all those vast military encampments/ bases throughout the 50 states of America, run up big bills; and these bills need to be paid. Only one way to do that: war on a selected "enemy" which has resources to be "liberated", assets to be stripped. And of course lots of employment, for those otherwise forgotten folk; folk on the margins of life; 98ers of the vast, alarmingly deprived and shambolic, largely empty spaces of Middle America. All are keen supporters of the new man in the White House. And, as you can see, for good reason.

So yes, we're still fully on the customary blood-letting round.

But, as MCMURTRY reminds us, things in this game are different from the old days. Modernity has provided tools and associated opportunity whereby war on a scale imaginable only in sci-fi, is today a reality. The spoils/ resources stripped and stolen, are immense. The increasing cost/ damage to lives and living of the world's 98ers, accelerating as oligarchs relentlessly extend, deepen and tighten their ring.
And always lurking, always threatening like the ever-hanging Sword of Damocles over us, is the Nuclear Reality—with Bacterial and Chemical options and back-up. it takes but a pressed button; and not necessarily by Peter Sellars' "Dr Strangelove."

It is a reality. It can happen at any moment. And all the millennial rhythms of our planetary seasons will be as nought. Whether it's Trump, maybe Putin; or merely some minor Oligarch, elected via genuine, 100% American-guaranteed system of "Free and Fair", "Democratic" elections, who in a raging temper stirred by his next-door oligarch, pushes the button on the store of WMD weaponry his country has had tucked away, since acquisition in those fruitful days of the "Fall of the (Berlin) Wall," in 1989, and collapse of the Soviet Union. Many unknown, unrecorded, purchases of lethal "suitcases" were made in those balmy days. Their location today? Unknown.

So there we have it. The point of this rhetorical mini-ramble? What MCMURTRY is doing is reminding us, that silent and lovely as fine countryside everywhere may be; we'd best wake up. The forces operating at a deeper level are growing; the "waters beneath the earth" are deepening/ quickening in pace/ with intermittent surface breakthroughs and contingent alarms, as Authorities struggle to contain them. They threaten obliteration, total and complete. It is time for action.
Ah, but there's the catch. What kind of action, directed by who, and where, and when?

I look out my office window. Tis still raining. Gentle curtains of grey, slanting in from the west. More profusions of delicate pink and cream released in the wood beyond.

And everything is quite silent.

All best,  Baba Mike

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