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I stopped reading Salomon Kadiri's at this point:

"The abduction of Chibok girls occurred on 14 April 2014, which gave a time space of 12 years. Before 14th April 2014, there was no known abduction of girls by 'Boko Haram(?).' A commonsense questions that should be asked are, did 'Boko Haram's(?)' men sexual appetites die between 2002 and 13th April 2014 but were suddenly awoken on April 14, 2014? If easy access to sex is what attracted Northern Youths to 'Boko Haram(?)', how could access to sex have been fulfilled through the abduction of only three-hundred Chibok girls? Apart from the Chibok girls, why were there no further kidnappings of girls since..."

More than 700 women and girls have been rescued from BH dens since Buhari came to power, none of them identified to be among the Chibok victims. Many more are said to be in captivity.

There is no record of when the kidnappings of these non-Chibok females took place, unlike the Chibok haul; these could have before or after 14 April 2014, and this effectively knocks off the only leg of the argument that was standing at the point I stopped reading.

I believe a new and more sustainable argument is called for.

On 21-Apr-2017 11:53 pm, <> wrote:
Salimonu Kadiri <>: Apr 21 08:36PM

However, I will continue to back Moses Ochonu's provocateur on a psycho-analytic examination of human motivation to horrendous mass action because it has been proven to be a useful (if difficult & technical tool) of social scientific and historical analysis. It is not a populist field in view of the highly technical manner of its investigative approaches and reactions so far had proven some of us trained in its intricacies right - Olayinka Agbetuyi.
You would have been telling the truth if Moses Ochonu's lecture at the University of Pittsburg had called for psycho-analytic examination of human motivation to horrendous mass action like the one allegedly perpetrated by "Boko Haram." The Christian name of the Lecturer at Pittsburg University is Moses, a Hebrew name from the Middle East. If his parents were Islamists, they would probably have named him Musa, also a Middle East Arabic equivalent name for Moses. I suspect that the majority of the audience at the University of Pittsburg, where Moses Ochonu lectured, must have been Christians and non-Africans (or non-Nigerians). He was not only being politically correct to the Christian majority listeners at his lecture, he was also selling himself to them by sinking Muslims in Northern part of Nigeria into sewage tank. Hear him, "Muslim-majority Northern Nigeria houses a sexual economy into which access to sex and the female body, whether mediated marriage or concubinage, is almost exclusively reserved for older, mostly Western educated, well off men."
"The region, moreover, is a home to a culture of sexual repression in which the expression and pursuit of desire is constrained by status and financial resources. The result is that sexual frustration coexists with and is exacerbated by the inability of young, uneducated and thus unemployable Muslim youth to access sexual resources and other benefits of heterosexual relationships."
"The rejection of Nigerian secular society and the concomitant allure of terrestrial caliphate or an extra-terrestrial paradise is intensified when the indoctrinated Muslim youth sees Western educated co-religionists and Christians engage in both licit and illicit sexual relationships with women. This is one of the silent but rarely acknowledged drivers of youth vulnerability to extremist indoctrination in Northern Nigeria."
"It is no coincidence that rapes, the kidnap of young girls, and sexual crimes have been rife within the ranks Boko Haram. Raids on the camps of Boko Haram have consistently turned up Viagra and other sexual enhancement drugs as well as condoms in large quantities." In the afore-cited statements from Moses Ochonu's lecture at the University of Pittsburg, nowhere was it indicated that he was calling for psychoanalytic examination of human motivation to horrendous mass action in general. 'Boko Haram (?)' might have committed criminal acts, but it is a product of the most horrible criminals in Nigeria, which are the political class and the intellectuals that serve under them in the Ministries, Departments, Agencies and parastatals. Any psychoanalytic examination of human motivation to horrendous mass action in Nigeria must start from the political class ruling Nigeria and the intellectuals serving under them. 'Boko Haram(?)' is just a stem in the tree of the evil in Nigeria and the best way to deal with the evil tree is to uproot it and not to just prune its stem.
Before attending to the questions raised by you, I must express my dissatisfaction over the disparagement of Northern Muslims at a lecture where the audience were mostly Christians and, perhaps, whites. Moses might have sold himself cheaply to his audience but the cost of negative repercussion for future generation of Nigerians is now inestimable. Slave trade started with Africans capturing their fellow Africans and exchanging them for pittance from Europeans. And in the intellectual front, we have the example of our African brother anthropologist, Anicet Kashamura, who in 1973 published a book in French, titled : FAMILLE, SEXUALITÉ ET CULTURE. The book contained a story about the sexual practices of peoples from Rift Valley Region of Central Africa. A section subtitled : MAGIES D'AMOUR, described the following sexual practice. "In order to stimulate a man or woman and induce them to intense sexual activity one inoculates them in the thighs, the pubic region and the back with blood from a male monkey (for a man) or a female monkey (for a woman)." Kashamura's book began with the preamble, "In the countries of the Great Lakes, and in particular, in Idjwi, one encounters a great variety of magic rites involving love." Fourteen years after this book was written, the origin of AIDS became public debate in 1987, whereby some European and American Scientists insisted that the disease originated in Africa from where it spread to the Caribbean and from there to the US and from there to Europe. Armed with Kashamura's book, J. Noireau got his letter published in the British Science Journal, Lancet, of June 27, 1987 with the title: HIV TRANSMISSION FROM MONKEY TO MAN. Since it was touted at that time that HIV jumped species from Monkey to man, Noireau asserted that the sexual practice described in Kashamura's book was the cause of AIDS originating in Africa. Professor Abraham Karpas of the Department of Haematological Medicine at Cambridge University Clinical School jumped on Noireau's assertion and wrote in the New Scientist of July 16, 1987 with the title: Origin of the AIDS Virus Explained. The explanation of course was the sexual ritual described by Kashumara in his 1973 book pertaining to the people around Lake Kivu on the Congo/Rwanda border. The only difference being that the alleged ritual sex practice was extrapolated to cover the entire Black Africa because of AIDS. It did not matter that Whites like Dr. Rosalind J. Harrison-Chirimuuta of Burton Hospital in Britain informed the world that thousands of Europeans in the 1920s underwent operation that was believed to slow down the ageing process, bring about rejuvenation and increase virility. The technique, she said, was pioneered by Dr. Serge Voronoff, a Russian working in Paris, and which involved the transplantation of testicles from living chimpanzees, monkeys and other simian species directly onto the testicle of the European recipient. She asserted that, those transplantations would have been far more efficient to transmit Simian Immune Virus to humans but her input was ignored. My point here is that just as Sexual rituals described by Kashamura in 1970 earned him French accolade and recognition of his most white French audience in 1973, Moses Ochonu's Lecture at the Pittsburg University before his Christan and perhaps mostly white audience may certainly earn him recognition or pecuniary reward now but which may turn negative not only to Nigerians but entire Africa in future.
Your questions as to whether the abduction of the Chibok girls was sex specific or not cannot be answered in yes or no. As you already know, the Islamic sect, 'Boko Haram(?),' was formed in 2002. The abduction of Chibok girls occurred on 14 April 2014, which gave a time space of 12 years. Before 14th April 2014, there was no known abduction of girls by 'Boko Haram(?).' A commonsense questions that should be asked are, did 'Boko Haram's(?)' men sexual appetites die between 2002 and 13th April 2014 but were suddenly awoken on April 14, 2014? If easy access to sex is what attracted Northern Youths to 'Boko Haram(?)', how could access to sex have been fulfilled through the abduction of only three-hundred Chibok girls? Apart from the Chibok girls, why were there no further kidnappings of girls since, as Moses is contending, access to sex is a major cause of youth's attraction to the sect? Do you know that despite the fact that the Chibok girls were said to have slept in a hall in anticipation to write their WASCE, no official at the State or Federal level has been able to confirm the exact number of girls that were kidnapped in Chibok till date? Some months ago, the federal government claimed that about 21 Chibok girls were released, but how the release took place was not disclosed. Why were only 21 girls released? There was no information on how many girls were still in captivity, why they were not released together with the 21 girls and when they are expected to be released. There are many illogic surrounding both the number of abducted Chibok girls and how the abduction was successfully executed in Bornu State where a State of Emergency and 24 hours curfew had been declared with patrolling soldiers and police to enforce law and order. Chibok to Sambisa forest is a distance of 60 kilometres. For 'Boko Haram (?)' to have transported three-hundred girls in a convoy from Chibok to Sambisa forest unhindered by the Nigerian armed forces is a mystery. Forty-two days after the Chibok girls were abducted, the Chief of Defence Staff, Air Marshal Alex Sabundo Badeh, told News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Monday, 26 May 2014 thus, "We want our girls back. I can tell you that our military can and will do it; but where they are held, can we go there with force? Nobody should say Nigerian military does not know what it is doing; we can't kill our girls in the name of trying to get them back." Badeh's statements implied that the where about of the girls were located and kept under surveillance by the Nigerian military. On July 22, 2014, the Director General of Nigeria's State Security Service (SSS), Ita Ekpeyong, told the press that the Nigerian government was aware of the location of the kidnapped Chibok school girls. He emphasized, "Government is making efforts. We know where they are, but we don't want to endanger their lives. That is the truth. We want to take it gradually and release them at the appropriate time. We know where they are. You can go to bed with that." Towards the end of July 2015, the newly installed President of Nigeria relieved both Badeh and Ekpeyong of their appointments and the Chibok's girls whose location they assured Nigerians they knew, remained in captivity. While retiring on 30 July 2015, the Chief of Defence Staff, Air Marshal Sabundo Badeh, informed his audience that the Armed Forces he led lacked the equipment to fight the terrorists. He failed to add, as subsequent EFCC enquiry and ongoing trial have shown, that he was under 13 months transferring N531 million every month into his private account from the Military budget. That was how President Jonathan and the service men under him gave life to 'Boko Haram(?)' and, in fact, the number of Nigerians killed by Jonathan's regime in a day could not be accomplished by 'Boko Haram(?)' in a year.
Questions which you think Psychologists should find answer to in Nigeria are : Why did the eastern Nigerians not react to whole sale corruption in their region the way Boko Haram did?; Why did Sata Guru religious commune not take up arms against their surrounding State?
Throughout Southern Nigeria, some people react to whole sale economic deprivation and impoverishment through armed robberies (Banks and private homes) and kidnappings of illegitimate millionaires and their close relations, for ransoms. 'Boko Haram(?)' also resorted to Bank robberies and kidnaps for ransom later after it had been attacked militarily by the power that be which felt threatened politically by the socio-political movement of the sect. Your observation about Eastern Nigerians to economic deprivation and impoverishment, presumed that all Northerners are 'Boko Haram (?).' That is not true. As for Sata Guru religious Commune, if their leaders had constituted threats to the surrounding ruling class, they would have been extra judicially murdered and their surviving members might have resorted to armed resistance just like 'Boko Haram(?)'.
Moses asserted that when Northern Muslim Youths were excluded from or deprived of sexual intercourse, and see their Western educated coreligionists and Christians engage in both licit and illicit sexual relationships with women, they become attracted to extremists who offer to quench their sexual hunger. What is just too easy for Northern Muslim youth to see their Western educated coreligionists and Christians engage in, than licit and illicit sex, is illegal acquisition of wealth and the worship of money, material wealth and not the worship of God or Allah. Whether Western educated or not, a Northern Muslim male youth knows that if he has money he can marry and care for, at least, a wife. If he is asked to choose between enslaving a woman sexually and money he will definitely choose to get his own legitimate share of the Federal allocation funds to his state with which he knows, he will be approved by his community to get married to a wife according to the tradition and culture. By the way, Western education should not be a criterion for a man to get married because before slavery, whether colonial or neo-colonial, Nigerians have been contracting marriages between the opposite sexes. What we proudly call Western Education in Nigeria is fluency in spoken and written English language which is not the mother tongue of Nigerians. Imposing English as the official language of Nigeria and making it a criterion on which one can get marry without simultaneously compelling the impostors of the language to provide opportunity for all Nigerians to acquire knowledge of the language is criminal. The imposition of Western education in Nigeria as a criterion for a man to gain access to a woman demands psychoanalytical examination of the impostors.
With Western education comes the perversion of our marriage system, traditionally and culturally. Thus, Moses in his drivel claimed that Western produced sexual facilitators were found during raids on 'Boko Haram's (?)' camps. Before the cultural pollution of Africa family-wise, boys and girls were brought up to abstain from sexual intercourse before marriage. Marriage itself was not just an affair between the bride and the bridegroom alone but parents and extended families on both sides. Even where the boy or the girl chose their would be partner in marriage self, parents were informed and mediators from both sides were appointed to investigate the suitability of the would-be couples together and to negotiate payment of traditional dowry to the family of the bride. Sex was seen only as means of procreation and not just a means to satisfy the man's lust. Boys, in particular, were trained to discipline their sexual instinct. The practice of polygamy ensured that every female was mated, especially where there were shortage of men. Even Lord Lugard who wrote the book, ' The Dual Mandate in British Tropical Africa,' to scorn Africans, could still appreciate the following, "The custom, which seems fairly general among the negro tribes, of suckling a child for two or three years, during which a woman lives apart from her husband, tends to decrease population." Lugard says the woman lives apart from her husband because they do not have sexual intercourse for the period of suckling when the child is still being tied to the back of the woman. There were no condoms but African men exercised self-control over their sexual behaviours. As history had it when the Western educated Nigerians returned from overseas to take appointments in Nigeria after independence, their loggages contained some kilograms of condoms which they intended using on their Nigerian wives. Contrary to the belief that Nigerian women are dominated and oppressed by their men, Nigerian wives of the condom wearing Western educated told their husbands that they should learn not only to know when to shower but not to shower with the rain-coats on. Some wives were even more blunt to their condom wearing husbands with questions, "Do you think I am a prostitute or a masturbating machine?" It was under the pretence of curbing the
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