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The mathe-magical God/dess greets you!

The Primal Digitizer whose will you project greets you.

Author of the Primal Cogito,
S/he who is affirmed in the very act of denial enkindles you.

The Primal Dialectician greets you,
the protector of Marxists embraces you.

S/he who bade the Golden Mercury of Africa sing:
Nkrumaism will never die
salutes your industry.

She who appeared in Moremi and affirmed: 'the palm that rocks the (civilizational) cradle
greets you.

She on whose supine backbone lay Esinmirin on its snaky winding way across Africa through subterranean streams welcomes you.

Primal Teacher
At whose pendulous breasts
humankind suckles at the fount of knowledge welcomes you into the fold.


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Greetings to ALL

I am happy to introduce you to my two books published in February. These books may be of interest to you and all interested in Pan-African transformations.

These two books are my 2017 books published to honor Kwame Nkrumah on  GHANA@60. These books are useful to read for all those interested in socio-economic and political transformation and the problem-solution space of economic development.

They are also useful in applications of game-theoretical approach to  general transformations on the principle of opposites. They also charter a course for the development of qualitative mathematics in understanding the role of qualitative dynamics in social change.

I hope you find them interesting as  Pan-Africanists.  

1.      The theories are developed from the logical foundations of  category theory , game theory and the fuzzy paradigm composed of fuzzy logic and fuzzy mathematics.

2.      The foundations are consistent with African conceptual framework of never-ending creation for which I believe you are familiar

3.      The antecedents to category theory are set theory and group theory and mathematical spaces.

4.      The antecedent to fuzzy mathematics is intuitionist mathematics and the antecedent to fuzzy logic is intuitionist logical system which is useful in representing African conceptual system from antiquity.

5.      The epistemic foundations on which the mathematics and logic are applied are the principle of opposites composed of a systems of polarities and dualities with relational continuum and unity with creative conflicts.

6.      The analyses of polarity and duality create conflicts requiring the application of qualitative and quantitative game theory over fuzzy-stochastic space.

7.      Every element in the universe  within the conceptual system is seen as a variety belonging to a category and viewed in terms of the dynamics of actual-potential polarity to induce transformations which is then studied in the mathematics of game theory for dominance.

8.      The theory of categorial conversion is brought into the modern mathematical-philosophical theories of categories to develop its conceptual framework. It deals with the necessary conditions of socio-natural transformations in universal order

9.      The theory of Philosophical Consciencism is also brought into the modern  theories of systemicity and complexity to develop its conceptual frame in order to show the advanced theoretical foundations of Nkrumah's policy construct and socio-political practice.  It deals with the sufficient conditions of transformations. Together the two sub-theories present a general theory of socio-natural transformations of varieties over the quantity-quality space.

10.  The theories present an important framework for the development of qualitative mathematics that will help the explanation of qualitative dynamics in the fuzzy-stochastic space and hence institutional transformations of any society.

11.  An added important element is that the theoretical development is  a linkage to the  African Conceptual system to establish internal transformations of varieties in all forms in matter-energy space.

12. They are useful in conceptualizing the socioeconomic transformations of AFRICA  and African states. I hope some in these groups will find them interesting.


What critics and admires fail to understand is Nkrumah's profound intuitive understanding of socio-natural transformations.

This is what is called THE TRANSFORMATION PROBLEM which appeared in Marx, Schumpeter and Rostow.


The solutions to these problems require, the establishment of a logical system of thought that will guide practice where the implementation will uplift thought.

Remember Nkrumah's statement thought without practice is empty and practice without thought is blind.

Nkrumah pointed out the direction but did not have time for further work. His set-theoretic representation is elementary.

The general solutions require two conditions: 1 THE ESTABLISHMENT OF THE  NECESSARY CONDITIONS to which  he introduced the CATEGORIAL CONVERSION to bring into focus the tools and instrument needed for internal transformation at any  static time point.

2 THE ESTABLISHMENT OF THE SUFFICIENT CONDITIONS to which he introduced the PHILOSOPHICAL CONSCIENCISM to bring into focus the decision-choice strategies to create the required instruments to effect the transformation from colonialism to independence to complete emancipation to Africa's power in the Globe.

The tools required to develop the conceptual system were not available to Nkrumah: Note the development of set theory to group theory to category theory.

In other for the theory to be developed, one need the understanding of category theory in order to establish categorial conversions, the details of the conceptual structure are presented in both books. In fact, this is the task of the two volumes

This conceptual structure of   Nkrumah was not available and understood by African political leadership, and they still do not understand it. It was also not available to development economists who still do not understand it. The task of these volumes is develop the extensive  conceptual system from Africa's principle of opposites to solve the general transformation problem and Nkrumah's African transformation problem.


Further readings and logical connectivity to other aspects of my work may be found on  the partial global library holdings of some of my works on the world Cat as shown here.

May GHANA@60 bring a new system of thinking that will liberate Africa in general and the individual states in particular in the trueness of Pan-Africanism.



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THE THEORY OF PHILOSOPHICAL CONSCIENCISM: Practice Foundations of Nkrumaism in Social Systemicity (HB) Hardcover – February 17, 2017


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The Theory of Categorial Conversion: Rational Foundations of Nkrumaism in Socio-natural Systemicity and Complexity (HB) Hardcover – February 16, 2017

by Kofi Kissi Dompere (Author)

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by Kofi Kissi Dompere (Author)

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Hardcover, February 17, 2017

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