Saturday, April 1, 2017

USA Africa Dialogue Series - Re - April is "the cruellest month". What about October?

April is "the cruellest month"?

1st of April - "the cruellest month" : Boko Haram strikes again !

1. Is not a time for big grammar

2. Stay positive : April Love

3. Is a time for the big boss sound of the African electric and the palm wine box guitar.

Maybe, you want to argue about that too? Or about some fanatical white supremacist fascist elitist shit?

Go ahead, but kindly, please leave me out of it!

GOD knows who is who,

who is true and who is


who is black and who is blue

who is close to Him

knows who has always been and who is not

who has never been and who will never be

i.e. will never come into existence.

There is of course the concept of sacred sperm - the law being that thou shalt not waste thy seed - seed being the sperm through which every human being comes into being a human being.

As to the practicalities or impracticalities of coitus interruptus - as the Prophet of Islam - sallallahu alayhi wa salaam said, coitus interruptus or no coitus interruptus - not for procreation and for enjoyment only, que sera sera: those souls that are destined to be born, will be born. Those that are destined to be kidnapped will be kidnapped. Those destined to Brexit will Brexit. So, why worry? And why all these to be or not to be questions and suicide notes ?

Mark ye, ye nationalists, wherever ye may be and dread that ye are heavily outnumbered:

"If we are mark'd to die, we are enow
To do our country loss; and if to live,
The fewer men, the greater share of honour." (St Crispin's Day speech )

"To protect you an' defend you

Whether you are right or wrong" ( Dylan: It ain't me babe) -

As always, the ain't might get Naija's not so mellifluous Dr. Johnson Grammaticus to see red and to want the poet Dylan to make amends and bend it to "isn't". Well , here's another purview of perspective :

"Then she opened up a book of poems
And handed it to me
Written by an Italian poet
From the thirteenth century
And every one of them words rang true
And glowed like burning coal
Pouring off of every page
Like it was written in my soul from me to you
Tangled up in blue" (Dylan : Tangled up in blue)

At this point I should like to retract what I said earlier, about God's most precious piece of holy estate being promised conditionally. Since there's a difference between a contract and a covenant this is not a legal issue and from the moment that God spoke his promise - and God knows from before that moment, to all eternity. If I understood the Rabbi correctly (last Tuesday) then, whether the children of Israel do right or wrong, Papa God their Father still loves them and furthermore (my deductive reasoning now, 1st temple, 2nd Temple - like 1st world war, 2nd world war are mere signposts on the way to Jerusalem and whether they blow the whole thing up or are all blown up - the piece of holy estate is / was and will remain "an eternal inheritance" even if the dust of battle settles, as nuclear dust...

There's this poignant section of the akeidah in which Isaac asks his father Abraham,

"Here are the fire and the wood,

but where is the lamb for the offering?"

And Abraham said,

"God will seek out for Himself the lamb for the offering, my son."

And the two of them went together...

The intellectual Mafia are now reading Torgny Lindgren

Torgny Lindgren's Bat Seba - and so am I. I recommend it very highly. I am re-reading it and this time I am making little notes about the tensions that exist between the Biblical version of Bathsheba and of King David in particular, and Torgny Lindgren's much more human version. Suffice it to say that Torgny Lindgren's canvass was humanity and that for reasons best known to himself, he later on converted to Roman Catholicism.

Perchance I will be privileged to sit in - in a non-participatory status and just listen in to the all female intellectual Mafia's literati connoisseurs when they discuss the book - but on second thoughts, I had better not be thus privileged because I suspect that there's going to be a feminist aspect/ approach to the late Torgny Lindgren's treatment of that particular female specie, the mother of King Solomon the womaniser

At the bottom of page 15: " Och han tänkte på sina hustrur, de femtiotvå hustrurna och alla bihustrurna i kvinnohuset, Abigail från Karmel och Maaka och Haggit och Egla och alla de andra

David thinking : "And he thought of his wives, the fifty-two wives and all of the concubines at the women's house, Abigail from Carmel, and Maaka and Haggit and Egla, and all the others")

Oh yes, April, May, June, July, those were the days when kings were real kings...

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