Monday, May 29, 2017

USA Africa Dialogue Series - Re: Three Nigerians, 235 Years Prison Sentence in Mississippi

Sigh. Do I have to sympathize with these sociopaths? 

For the past 8 years, I posted my experience with a dishonest Nigerian on my website.  

I saw a video of the fellow on Facebook last night dancing at Lagos Boat Club for Lagos@50 and partying the night away.  

It's also disheartening that the fellow is working to preserve landmarks buildings, with notable personalities, (the enablers), while his victims are wallowing in debts. He wreaked havoc and destroyed the people that trusted him with their life savings.

"It's a shame...hope he chokes with my hard worked money which he stole."-Rajeev Chhibber, one of the investors.

This fellow left Los Angeles and was celebrated in Nigeria: 

Here is Anote's introduction of the fellow in The Guardian Newspaper in Nigeria: 

"Knowing where the rain started beating us and where it stopped as pointers to Africa's development crises" is Prof. Chinua Achebe's famous thesis. But Communications scholar, Prof. " "  takes the discourse further in his analysis of the ills plaguing the African continent today, especially Nigeria. He argues that Africa lost the ideological battle when she decided to abandon her provincial languages for those of her visitors, who promptly militarised the continent and made democracy impossible. He is also of the view that those who reside in America and Europe, who continue to rule the continent through multinationals."  

A Communications scholar, Prof?  Sigh. 

Anote's reply to my inquiry: August 14, 2010

"Hi, so sorry not to have responded earlier. Regarding the interview with "name withheld", an oba recommended him to me because of his book '' " on the problems plaguing the country encapsulated in the book with " " as metaphor, which I'm sure you're aware. And he spoke very brilliantly about issues posed to him. I've never been to the U.S. to know he is what you say he is, and since our conversation wasn't about such things, and since The Guardian has no other business with him after the interview, I didn't feel compelled to be drawn to the argument.

As to the misinformation about his status, I'm not in luck getting across to him for comments. It seems he is out of the country as he said he would some time ago. So, there... And, thanks immensely for your concern about the reputation of our paper." -Anote

It is very disheartening that Anote failed to conduct a proper background check on the fellow, before presenting him as an expert on Human and Capital Flight in Africa's Development.

Warning: He tried to kill me by proxy: Police Report on file: 

He called 911 and lied to the dispatcher that an intruder came to his apartment with a gun. On 1/23/2008, after I realized that he defrauded me, and other investors thousands of dollars, I went to his apartment, and he tried to kill me by proxy by dialing 911; and then lied to the dispatcher in order to summon police officers to his apartment. During the incident, he observed that I was standing in front of his door, he opened the door, and then grabbed a golf club that was in a vase, and came rushing at me with a golf club, and he was aiming to hit my head with the iron club. I had to run away from him and the golf club hit a big tree that was outside his apartment; and part of the tree was cut off. 

After I drove away from his apartment, I was stopped by six police officers...If not that I cooperated with the six police officers that were dispatched to the location, I would not be able to narrate my story. While I was detained by the police officers, the officers were pointing their guns at me, and I was told to sit on the side-walk with my hands behind me, and one of the police officers untied my head-wrap looking for the gun that he claimed to be in my possession. And another officer used a mirror to check under my car to look for the phantom gun. Further, my car was searched vigorously by the police officers for hours. I was detained while sitting on the side-walk for couple of hours (People in the area were lurking and staring at the scene. I was humiliated). Eventually, I narrated my story to the officers and they believed me.  The officers went to his apartment to confront him that he lied that an intruder came to his apartment.  He replied to them by stating " Her showing up at my residence upset my daily routine." The police officers apologized to me and advised me to bring all the cancelled checks to their office and that they will personally take the items to the District Attorney in Los Angeles. One officers stated "My goodness, this guy is something else, he told us he was doing a $6million dollars project with a former President of Nigeria. I'm glad you cooperated with us, if not, this would not have ended well." Well, he left Los Angeles days later and returned to Nigeria permanently. 

He wanted to kill me by proxy when he called 911, and lied that a woman with a gun was at his door. I was traumatized by the above event. 

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