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USA Africa Dialogue Series - RIP 3: Dr Igolima Amachree

Prof. Igolima Amachree


Igolima Tubobelem Dagogo Amachree, 80, passed away peacefully on Monday, May 1, 2017 at the University of Iowa Medical Center in Iowa City, Iowa. He was born on March 8, 1937 into the Amachree Royal Family, established since the 15th century in Nigeria.

He graduated from Durham University in England before completing his Master's Degree at Michigan State University, where he ultimately graduated in 1967 with his Ph.D. in Sociology. Igolima taught as a professor, edited newspapers, and served as the Sociology department chair at Western Illinois University. Igolima was not only accomplished, but widely published in academic publications the world over, as well as deeply involved in numerous organizations throughout the United States and internationally.

Igolima was passionate about international development, education, and peace. He served as a consultant for developing nations to the World Bank, assisted in the drafting of the 1985 Liberian Constitution, and was instrumental as a consultant on institutional issues in the Accra, Ghana Peace Conference that produced the Accra Comprehensive Peace Agreement on Liberia. His work in academia prompted him to form and head the Liberian Commission on Higher Education and Constructed the Research Proposal on "The Status of Higher Education in Liberia". He again answered the call to public service as a consultant to the Liberian Government on the Joint Needs Assessment presented to the United Nations in February 2004, which he attended as an Official Delegate of the Liberian Government to the United Nations on the International Conference for Reconstruction in Liberia.

Aside from his academic career, Igolima was one of the most beautiful souls one could ever have known. He touched so many lives with his gift for human connection. Igolima was incredibly thoughtful and kind . Brilliant yet humble. Insightful, curious, wise, grateful, and understanding. He always radiated joy. He had so much love in his heart and was genuinely interested in every person that crossed his path. We will keep our memories of him alive as we remember Igolima's infectious laugh and captivating smile.

He will be greatly missed and lovingly remembered by his Wife, Mara; Children Selepri (Danyelle), TonyeOpuene (Karen); and Grandchildren: Kennen, Christian, Devin, Ella, Kaema, Nakai, Amaya, Kory, Ava, and Emma.


Online condolences may be expressed at

Memorial Services will be held 3pm, Friday May 19 at Wesley Community Center in Macomb, Illinois.


Funeral Services will be held Saturday, May 27, at Trinity Church in Lansing, Michigan.


In lieu of flowers, charitable donations can be made here -



                                                                         THE PATHWAY OF IGOLIMA


                                                                      IN HONOR OF THE MEMORY  OF

                                                                    PROFESSOR IGOLIMA AMACHREE



                                                                                Togba-Nah Tipoteh


                                                                         The News just reached town 

                                                                         About a Friend in academic gown

                                                                         Who passed the people's way

                                                                         Has just passed away

                                                                         Born in Nigeria

                                                                         He passed through Liberia

                                                                         And Liberia passed through him

                                                                         Like the sound of a favorite hymn

                                                                         Teaching at the University of Liberia 

                                                                         Bringing diversity from Nigeria

                                                                         To enhance knowledge for all

                                                                         That was his legacy call

                                                                         Graded so well in African culture

                                                                         He wedded the beautiful Myra to seal his future

                                                                         Yes, this was Professor Igolima Amachree

                                                                         Who planted seeds for the African tree

                                                                         Seeds now bearing the African paw-paw

                                                                         Tasting justice for peace through the African jaw-jaw

                                                                         Talking with jaws under the Palaver Hut

                                                                         Rather than fighting with guns under the killer's glut

                                                                         Now, we come to bid our Brother farewell

                                                                         Hoping that in the yonder he will fare well 


                                                                                                                                            Monrovia, Liberia

                                                                                                                                            May 10, 2017  


Very sadly, the ranks of scholars of the Liberian Experience has recently suffered the loss of three esteemed long-time researchers and writers:

·       Dr. Alpha Bah

·       Dr. Svend Holsoe

·       Dr. Igolima Amachree


You'll be receiving one e-mail with a tribute/biography/obituary for each of these three "great trees who have fallen."


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