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Re: USA Africa Dialogue Series - Re: Yoruba Affairs - New Book; The Yoruba in Brazil

Koni re yin o. Yemoja ni gege yin ko ni gbe. Aase Edumare. 

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On Jun 1, 2017, at 12:51 AM, 'Michael Afolayan' via USA Africa Dialogue Series <> wrote:

Great works coming from great minds. Kudos to the authors and the two mega-editors, Professors Afolabi and Falola. Thanks for relentlessly and inexhaustibly availing us with trans-Atlantic cultural literacy capable of passing the test of time. I love the Freudian slip, "Written in Yoruba and Portuguese." I think the next edition should actually be in Yoruba and Portuguese. E ku ise o! (Gran trabajo)!

On Wednesday, May 31, 2017 6:28 PM, Toyin Falola <> wrote:

Written in Yoruba and Portuguese, this is a follow-up to the hugely successful book, Yoruba Diaspora in the Atlantic World, and a preface to forthcoming projects on the Yoruba in the Americas, including most recently Encyclopedia of the Yoruba.

The Yoruba in Brazil, Brazilians in Yorubaland:
Cultural Encounter, Resilience, and Hybridity in the Atlantic World
(O Povo Iorubá no Brasil, O Brasil na Yorubalândia)
Edited by Niyi Afolabi and Toyin Falola
Part I: Introductory Chapters
Chapter 1
Paradigmatic Crossroads of the Yoruba Atlantic World
Niyi Afolabi
Chapter 2
Mapping and Conceptualizing the Yoruba Atlantic
Toyin Falola
Chapter 3
Encruzilhadas Paradigmáticas do Mundo Atlântico Negro
Niyi Afolabi

Part II: Returnees and Resettlements
Chapter 4
The Amaros and Agudás: The Afro-Brazilian Returnee Community in Nigeria in the 19th Century
Alcione M. Amos
Chapter 5
African Returnees from Cuba and Brazil in Nineteenth-Century Lagos
Melanie Paris
Chapter 6
Antonio Olinto's The Water House: Creative Configurations of Afro-Brazilian Return to Roots and African Culture
Femi Ojo-Ade
The Jaded Heritage: Nigeria's Brazilian Connection
Tundonu A. Amosu

Part III: Sacred and Spatial Circularities
 Chapter 8
Nas Encruzilhadas do Atlântico Negro: Circularidades no Culto a Exu
Vagner Gonçalves da Silva

Chapter 9
Nobreza Tradicional Yoruba em Outras Diásporas Africanas
Ana Alakija
Chapter 10
Ajankoro Dugbe Dugbe: The One Who Fights Fearlessly and Bitterly, Clearing Everything in Its Path
Lisa Earl Castillo

Chapter 11"Araketure Faraimorá": Yorubanidade no Candomblé Brasileiro, Uma Permanente Recriação; e o Caso Exemplar do Ilê Odô Ogê
João Ferreira Dias

Chapter 12
O Papel dos Nagôs (Yoruba) no Movimento Negro no Brasil
Adomair O. Ogunbiyi

Chapter 13
Do animismo Fetichista dos Negros baianos à Plasticidade de arte iorubá
Marisa Antonieta Antonacci
Part IV: Transatlantic Cultural Connections

Chapter 14
Um Lance de Búzios Jamais Abolirá o Acaso
Rodrigo Lopes de Barros
Chapter 15
Affirming Yoruba Ancestry through Afro-Brazilian Literature
Felipe Rodrigues
Chapter 16
The Contested Candomble Cult Matriarchate

Farid Leonardo Suarez

Chapter 17
As Vivências do Candomblé na Poesia Ancestral de Oliveira Silveira
Manoela Fernanda Silva Matos

Chapter 18
Do Animismo Fetichista dos Negros Bainanos a Plasticidade de Arte Ioruba
Marisa Antonieta Antonacci

Chapter 19
The Politics of Race and Education in Brazil: An African Diaspora Perspective
Silvia Lorenso and Nirlene Nepomuceno

Toyin Falola
Department of History
The University of Texas at Austin
104 Inner Campus Drive
Austin, TX 78712-0220
512 475 7224
512 475 7222 (fax)
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