Thursday, June 22, 2017

Re: USA Africa Dialogue Series - Re: Achuzia and Realuzation of Biafra

Mazi Chidi,

In plain prose : I agree with you completely.

What's wrong with our man? There he goes, violating the terms of his release, his bail conditions such as

the prohibition against holding rallies, granting interviews or addressing a "crowd" of more than ten people whilst awaiting his trial. As if he is unaware of those bail conditions and maybe intoxicated and getting too big for his boots, a little giddy being so much in the limelight and loving every moment of the media's glare, he has inauspiciously proclaimed himself militant "Messiah of Biafra" - about which I say, well, there are many false prophets and false messiahs - not only of Israel - and in Rabbi Kanu's case it's maybe a prefiguration of his trial, eventual long prison sentence or crucifixion/ execution and martyrdom. All that remains is his last supper with his twelve disciples - after humbly washing their feet. Meanwhile - while he's still a free man let him continue to enjoy prancing around like a pop star, wearing his special colourful robes and Ray Charles sunglasses - delivering lengthy speeches to large crowds - in English too, so that the rest of the world that doesn't speak Igbo can hear and understand him, he has been granting interviews - to al-Jazeera among others and - without any military training or experience is still talking like a great military general like Julius Caesar or soon to be guerilla leader like Che Guevara.

As a result of all of the above, we can see plainly see that his conviction is a foregone conclusion - what we don't yet know is the severity of the sentence that he is going to receive in order to set a statutory example to those who advocate taking up arms against the Federal Government for any reason whatsoever.

What do the Igbo elders say ?

Among the venerable Igbo elders I have in mind stalwarts like stiff upper lip Emeka Anyaoku and in my time in Nigeria, Shagari's second-in-command Alex Ekwueme. On the religious-ethical front, on the world stage we have a moral authority like Cardinal Francis Arinze who we should imagine would much prefer a non-violent revolutionary Brother Nnamdi Kanu walking in the footsteps of his Jewish Brother Jesus and reflecting the values of the Sermon on the Mount, instead of spitting fire and threatening his neighbours with death, as if he doesn't know that Igbos live all over the federation and are liable to tit-for-tat eye for eye retaliation - starting with pogroms in the North as has happened before.

I should like to add Biko Agozino to the honourable category of "Igbo elders" even though he may be too young for that. So what say ye if he is included in the category "Junior Igbo elder " - like a junior senator ? ( When I was eighteen I thought that I was certainly a grown up)

Ten years later , the scars of war were still visible in Aba, Umuahia and Owerri, according to other's testimonies because I myself don't know what those places looked like before the war and I guess that Igbos under the age of fifty can't remember either

We (Igbo, Yoruba, Hausa, Fulani Kalabari alike, including Alhaji Mujahid Asari-Dokubo) have a moral obligation to condemn Kanu's outrageous - and dangerous beating of war drums when we should be talking peaceably about the best way way to go forward and about a referendum to begin with...

All of the above, notwithstanding, it may be a just a blip, but Nnamdi Kanu's place in history is still assured. He has and is still fulfilling his function: amplifying the Biafra cause which in my view, especially in the world outside of Nigeria, I believe many people would support, not least of all here in Sweden , if it is all approached peacefully - starting with a referendum. (I know that an irate Baba Nnamdi Kadiri Esq probably won't hesitate in taking me to task by asking me "How do you know that "many people in Sweden" would support the Biafra cause, ? Did you conduct a referendum whereby you verified their commitment? )

Well, first of all, believe it or not there are the questions that we have to answer in the grave and not before. On the Day of Judgement Nnamdi will probably be asked about his accomplishments on earth that should merit his being granted a seat near the throne of Majesty. At that point, everyone of us will have to speak for him and herself not just on behalf of making America Nigeria/ Biafra etc. "great again". I think that on the day of that trial most of us, including the Nigerian judges will be pleading for mercy -

Na so a see am o!

Yours sin-cerely,


We Sweden

On Thursday, 22 June 2017 12:55:03 UTC+2, Chidi Anthony Opara wrote:
Mazi Cornelius,
I do not waste my time with characters like Kanu. You at least know me and several other Igbos, now the question is; does it look like Kanu represents us?

The Kanu hate speeches is being used as a blackmail tool. Kanu tongue-lashes everyone, including those you want to call him to order. All the ethnic nationalities in Nigeria however have their own Kanu.


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