Saturday, June 3, 2017

Re: USA Africa Dialogue Series - Today's Quote


Too late, you have already descended into that "primitive moment"

"The fundamental Ibo supremacist racist and domination agenda" ?

If I were not black and blue, I would be blushing too, as I recoil from your overload of - for lack of a better word, that barnyard epithet.

As my dear mother Kumbi used to tell me , so too I tell you : "Despise not the day of small things"

The son of Mary may have died for your sins - let us pray that like him, the new lion of Biafra will not be impaled on a tree, not by Roman soldiers but by the Nigerian military which at this point he probably views as a colonial enemy asserting sovereignty over occupied Biafran territory - his God-given territory.

Apparently, Kanu's kingdom is of this world.

According to the latest report it's now round two and Nnamdi Kanu the anointed, self proclaimed "Messiah of Biafra" , hear hear , has started performing miracles ! It is reported (419 Naija Gospel) that he just "healed" one of his brethren in Anambra and it could be just a matter of time before he goes way out West to heal some of the the broken Samaritans.

When I get that feeling....

With Kanu's healing powers, why should President Buhari have to travel outside of Nigeria for medical attention?

You must admit that Brother Nnamdi Kanu is a national asset - in which case I understand that you and Goliath and maybe Ogbeni Kadiri too would like to fight tooth and nail to keep him and his people in Nigeria - as Nigerians - even if they themselves would much prefer to be who they feel that they really are : Biafrans (lost tribe of Israel etc. ) - and please - don't tell that that sweet Biafran sister Chinyere is going to have to say to your loving self,

"'Tis but thy name that is my enemy;
Thou art thyself, though not a Montague.
What's Montague? it is nor hand, nor foot,
Nor arm, nor face, nor any other part
Belonging to a man. O, be some other name!
What's in a name? that which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet" ( Act 2 Scene 2)

Being the lawyer that you are, you must know all about the Nigerian Constitution - the umbrella under which the Naija nation dwells, and the impasse when the last time around at the national conference any talk about the dissolution of Nigeria was a non-starter - perhaps because of the fear that should Biafra go, then others , like Borno's Boko Haram, M.E.N.D., the Niger Delta Avengers and the Oduduwas perhaps would like to follow?

(In 1981, dear Senator Francis Ellah of Omoku (Ekpeye land) did propose a revenue allocation bill premised on the fact that the then Rivers State accounted for 56% of Nigeria's total oil revenue and on which basis he calculated that Rivers State could be divided into thirteen states to add to the then existing nineteen states, after which each state could be given an equal revenue allocation. Of course , thirteen village heads were looking forward to becoming governors of their newly founded states, but with Shagari at the mill the bill didn't get anywhere -

I mention this in connection with a widely misunderstood reality when some people talk about ethnic minorities (non-Igbo people) adjacent to the Igbo heartlands. In the then Rivers State for example, during the Chief Melford Okilo period there was great political rivalry between the upland and the Riverine areas - the upland areas such Ahoada (Ikwerre) and Umoku (Ekpeye) are linguistically and culturally a sub-group of the Igbo people . In the Riverine area too, a good number of the Kalabari people have Igbo wives , Igbo mothers, perhaps because of their proximity to the mainland. There are other reasons of course. and as you know, the very enterprising and entrepreneurial Igbos live everywhere in Nigeria.

The consultations and the search for consensus with the ethnicities bordering Igboland proper will help determine Biafra's borders. Obviously, Biafra does not want to be in the same position as Ethiopia: landlocked.

At this point, I am happy that Nnamdi Kanu has toned down any idea of armed struggle; he says that it will be "civil disobedience" , he says, " My aim is civil disobedience until we get a referendum" - as is the case in the civilised world - so we don't see dear Scotland threatening to go to war with the rest of the Kingdom. Nigeria is also a democratic nation.

Although in my view from this distance, with people like Chief Emeka Anyaoku around (he always speaks in measured tones) Nnmadi Kanu cannot yet be said to be "the leader of the Igbos" nor is it certain that he has all of the Igbos on board, but today he is certainly the main spokesman of the peaceful Biafra vision / mission - giving voice to his peoples' aspiration . His peoples - are surely not only the Igbo people - or those who profess the religion Judaism - God's holy nation?

In my eye's mind I do not want to see the Naija military gunning down peaceful, law-abiding Igbos , going about their business of non-violent civil disobedience - just as they gunned down Shia Muslims and in this month of Ramadan are still keeping Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky under lock and key. Should the Nigerian military ever do anything as repulsive as that (revulsion!) - the world will be in uproar - I assure you - We Sweden too - and you know that the combined reaction of Avengers, MEND etc. will totally disrupt oil production and bring the Naija economy to a trot and then a full stop. Where do we go from there ? From there Biafra's Messiah/ front-man walks up to the Pharaoh and puts it straight : Let my people go!!!

You know the song that begins,

"Every man gotta right to decide his own destiny,
And in this judgement there is no partiality."

Dear IBK I leave you with this food for thought : James Blood Ulmer : BIRTHRIGHT

You know that I am not a tribalist.


Cornelius ( Adebayo)

On Saturday, 3 June 2017 13:57:13 UTC+2, ibk wrote:

Follow the process of consultations and consensus to get out after being forcibly assimilated or to get in as equals and partners?

The fundamental Ibo supremacist racist and domination agenda resulted in the January 1970 death of Biafra and will ensure the enduring death of any resurgent attempts at its revival.



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The inclusion of the South-South ethnic nationalities into the new Biafra must follow the process of consultations and consensus.



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