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USA Africa Dialogue Series - FW: [Naijanet] Is Everybody in Nigeria a fraud???



Dr. Bitrus Paul Gwamna


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I don't know the writer of this, but it is note-worthy.



I have lost all my savings from abroad.  Every single person I met is a fraud. Everyone I met tried to defraud me.  Many succeeded. 


My 9 years of practice as an international business person and a professional, this is my discovery


1. You come into Nigeria and want to start up a business and approach the regulatory agency in your sector,  say power,  mining,  agricultural,  oil and gas sectors:

A.  The government rep will make things difficult for you except you bribe him. 

B.  They tell you that you need xyz licenses.  You must use their recommended consultants/contractors or they frustrate you and refuse to move your file. 

C.  The one that hurts most,  they tell you to conduct Environmental Impact assessments, this is okay but go to the ministry of Environment,  fraud is waiting there.  They give you a consultant at very high rate 4 times higher than normal, half of the fees which will return to the officers in charge in the ministry.  You refuse to use their Consultant,  your EIA will take 3 years unattended to. The dept AD, DD, Staff at all levels are also consultants.  What a rotten society with reckless impunity. 

D.  Have a letter you want to submit at the ministry of environment,  the low rank officers on duty to collect your letter will threaten not to collect your letter except you bribe them. Or not move your letter from the point if submission. What the hell is all these. 

E. You make a submission,  it takes months to get a response and your financiers are waiting. Loan Interest building up.  What a mess. 

F. You give your brother who has been in Nigeria to handle things for you,  he connived with the contractors to defraud you by hiked fees. 

G.  You hire staff to attend to company demands they defraud your company and run down resources. Religious country but no fear of God. 

H.  All offices I have been to,  govt officials run consultancy firms and be regulators at the same time. Break down of value system and there is a head of service or whatever the head is called. 

I.  You try to complain,  they mark your company for destruction and proudly threaten you. 

J.  The world Bank etc tries to standardize systems,  the Civil servants will frustrate the process and prefer manual operations. 

K. You take your car to the mechanic,  fraud is waiting.  They lie about changed parts only to discover you have been cheated. 

L. You go to the open market for shopping only to discover items for 5,000bucks have been sold to you at 20,000. Felt terrible. 

M.  You buy a plot of land only to return to meet an intruder.  You are in court and have to settle the courts to do its duty.  Sick and fed up. 

N.  You arrive at the airport,  highly corrupt government officials are waiting. 

O.  You send a 7 year child to buy an item,  he pockets the change without asking.  At that age? 

P.  You set up a company and bring in Nigerians as directors,  they will vote you out because you do not support their ways. 

Q.  You set up a factory,  Government officials will connive with the communities to chase you out. Except you meet their fraudulent demands.  Hmm Nigerians. 


The only place I visited and had fresh air was the American Embassy.  Sanitized.  Serene. Posters demeaning corruption and warning writeups on the walls on corruption or bribery of any kind for favors. 


Nigeria is my country but as an investor returning home,  I am saddened,  lost my savings,  lost my investment,  folded up and have to run back for safety. 


We are hurting ourselves.  Very badly.  


Government officials,  please change.  Your subordinates are watching and copying you.  The next generation will be worst if we don't change.  Be contented with your little earnings. 


This is the only country I see fraud,  dishonesty and cheating being celebrated. 


Civil Servants:


.. Stop Cheating

... Be contented with your salary

... Be professional 

.... Be digital and carry out your assignment without fear or favour

... Head of civil service,  please check and punish by the rules. 

Shuffle the Directorate Cadre at the ministry of Environment EA dept.

... Standardize and computerize EIA processes zero contact with the regulators.  Corruption in that ministry EA dept is on the rise daily.

.. Encourage investors,  don't frustrate them. 

... Refuse to take bribe for any favors. Please STOP IT. 


Don't put the blame on government.  Character is a choice. 

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