Sunday, July 2, 2017


Obi Nwakanms :

If an American President or top politician speaks before an sll-White audience and uses both true and false statements to "celebrate" White contribution to world progress, should that be given any pass as a celebratory moment or speech? 

It is this same excuse that was given when Zik in a 1940-ish speech before Igbo Union talked about Igbo manifest destiny to rule not only Nigeria but Africa.   He was viewed with suspicion ever since and throughout his life by non-Igbo, people  and particularly by the Yoruba among who he lived in Lagos,   despite his many pan-Nigerian credentials. 

A speech highlighting selective achievement of a group of people is only justified as a rebuttal to an allegation of lack of achievement or contribution.   Blacks in the US episodicslly trot these out,  even sometimes hyperbolically and to my discomfort.  But when used in service of a supermenschen mentality,  not only is not true - there are no Superman'schens anywhere in the world,  just sometimes oppression and/or lack of/delayed/suppressed opportunities - such  outlandish statements, both in private and in public,   breed unbridled resentment and must be avoided by all means necessary. 

Chief John Nnia Nwofo misspoke,  period,   and he should revise his priors. 

And there you have it. 

Bolaji Aluko 

On Saturday, July 1, 2017, Rex Marinus <> wrote:

Mr dear brother,

Nnia Nwodo is an astute politician, and he was making a "political speech." He was specifically directing his speech to a particular audience to make them feel good, in order to pass across a more specific message. Some would call it a "divisive speech." I choose to call it a  "celebrative speech." And he indeed knows that it is full of holes in terms of a few facts. There was a time in Igbo land when the issue was about an "Aro Mafia," and the overwhelming influence of the Aro Oke-Igbo in Igbo political and economic life. There was a time it was about "Ndi Onitsha" and "Ndi Owerri" - meaning folks from the two old most powerful provinces of Igbo land. Today Nwodo says, "Ndi Anambra" - in a sense folks that come mostly from the old "Onitsha province." Yo ask the Yoruba, they'd talk about the "Egba" or if you press it a bit more, the "Ijegba." Even within then is the "Ogun state" group - Awolowo,  Obasanjo, Abiola, Shonekan,  and Osibanjo, if I'm not mistaken, and writers like Soyinka, etc. And within it is the tusstle between the Owu (whom they generally consider bush and aggressive and the Ake, and the Remo, etc. Up in the North, there was a time we heard so much about the "Pankshin Mafia" and then of course the 'HausaFulani" oligarchy. These are all convenient, short-gun ascriptions of power. Nwodo is particularly wrong about Igbo land. There are the great Igbo giants like Mbadiwe, who was Deputy Prime Minister of Nigeria, and was considered, aside from Balewa, perhaps the most powerful minister in government in the first republic federal government; there was Mbonu Ojike, and there was the great premier of the East, M.I. Okpara, whom Mbadiwe once in a fit of pique even called, the "bumkin from Bende." Two Igbo have been governors of Lagos - Ndubisi Kanu and Ebitu Ukiwe, and the later was Vice-President of Nigeria, as Chief of General Staff. Aguiyi-Ironsi was the first GOC, and the first military Head of state f Nigeria, and the only other Igbo who has been Chief of the Nigerian Army is General Ihejrika. These are not "Ndi Anambra." One of the greatest Igbo that ever lived was the great missionary doctor and Governor of the East, Ezeogo Akanu Ibiam, and the list goes on, and these are not "Ndi Anambra." The "Anambra" are Igbo too. Their achievement is Igbo achievement. Their failure is Igbo failure. I think that we should not read to much into Nwodo's celebration of his Anambra in-laws, and in my way of thinking, I should just laugh it off, and say, "dianyi, but you're wrong." I would not go so far as calling him a "traitor" for a political speech aimed at mobilizing for a particular occasion. If you give him the mike, and he goes to Umuahia, or Owerri, he's likely to produce a version of his "Anambra speech." What we know is that "Igbo n'ile ji Ofo." Everyman has the "Ofo" of his fathers. This new fangled idea about something of a "ruling lineage" is the product of a growing canker in the Igbo mind that is challenging the Igbo republican spirit with a feudal and monarchical infection. Nwodo's words manifest this, and should be made to stop. Ofo ha otu, as the true Igbo say. There are no born rulers of the Igbo.

As for the Mbaise Catholic issue: the reason I do not generally talk about the Catholic church situation in Mbaise is because (a) I understand the position of the Mbaise, and yet I also disagree with it, and (b) I think the church should settle its problems, I am a revert to Odinala. Perhaps the pope may learn something about the very stubborn Mbaise people, who have basically told him to go and eat shit; and perhaps in due course, the Mbaise Catholic Diosces defiance movement might be the catalyst to make our people return to the worship system of our ancestors, when the church has fully excommunicated them from the holy See. Perhaps, from the dissolved church may rise, an African Catholic Communion, that might exit from the Roman synod as its own independent synod, sending its own missionaries to replace the Roman church in Africa. We live to see. But I also think that the Mbaise Catholics are making a great mistake by rejecting another priest - an Igbo brother priest. I think they should have allowed Okpaleke, because now, they  compromise the possibility of an Mbaise-born priest to be Bishop anywhere else other than Mbaise in the future. And for a community with the highest number of priests in the world, serving across various parishes in the world, that is a strategic mistake. This is, of course, my personal opinion: Nkeriuka, or "Ahanihu." I salute you sir.

Obi Nwakanma

From: <> on behalf of Hyacinth Nwachukwu [IgboEvents] <>
Sent: Saturday, July 1, 2017 5:27 PM
Cc: Baltimore Calendar; Martin nwamadi

This speech is not scholarly, irresponsible and divisive. What kind of message is he trying to convey to our adversaries, that Ndigbo cannot speak with one voice; that power struggle and marginalization equally exist among Ndigbo? What a nonsense!

Dr. H. U. Nwachukwu
On Sat, 7/1/17, Anthony Nze [IgboEvents] <> wrote:

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Date: Saturday, July 1, 2017, 8:34 AM



Mr. speaker sir,
Honourable members of Anambra
state House of assembly. 
I am delighted to be here in this
honourable house to share thoughts with you on a number of
issues confronting our people in this state and Igbo land as
a whole. 
Anambra state is outstanding
amongst the various states in Igboland.   I have in facts
held in many quarters that Anambra claims more than 50% of
blessings the Almighty God showered on Igbo people. Let me
give a few examples. 
1. The only Igbo man that has been
president of Nigeria ( even if ceremonial) H.E. Hon. Dr.
Nnamdi  Azikiwe is from Anambra. 
2. The only Igbo man that have
ever attained the exalted office of elected vice president
of Nigeria Dr. Alex Ekwueme is from Anambra. 
3. An Anambra son, Dim Odimegwu
 Ojukwu is the only Igbo man to have been referred to as
Head of state of Republic of  Biafra.
4. Of all Igbo states, no state
has produces two Senate presidents ( Dr. Best Of Orizu and
Dr. Chuba Okadigbo) except Anambra state. 
5. Similarly no Igbo state is yet
to beat the record of Anambra state in producing two
speakers of the federal house of representatives namely
Chief Edwin Umezuoke  and Chief Agunwa Anakwe. 
6. In the international political
arena the only Nigerian that has occupied the office of the
secretary General of the Commonwealth is from Anambra state,
Chief Emeka Anyaoku.
In all
fields of learning and enterprise Anambra' s distinction
is unparalleled. In ICT Philip Emegwali, in Literature ,
Chinua Achebe, Cyprian Ekwensi, Chimamamda Adichie stand out
significantly.  I shall  not bore you with more names in
commerce and industry and other fields of endeavour.  But
suffice it to say that Anambra state is outstanding in Igbo
Anambra has the lowest poverty index in Nigeria. Today
Anambra has the highest growth rate of manufacturing outfits
in Nigeria.  Today Anambra has the highest growth of import
substitute endeavours in rice and vegetable production in
Nigeria.  Today Anambra is the state with the lowest loan
exposure in Nigeria with capacity to meet its monthly
publications to its workers timeously.  Today Anambra and
Lagos are the only states involved in the building of new
cities planned to meet the standard of any modern city in
the world.
edge over Lagos is that it is also building along with this
modern city , an international airport with the capacity for
passengers and cargo haulage. In Onitsha every village in
Igbo land is represented in burstling and highly competitive
commercial transactions. 
Anambra is important to the
Igboland. Anambra is important to Ohaneze.
News that reached us in the past
few days that Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of IPOB has declared
that there will be no election in Anambra state in November
is shocking and disturbing.  I hereby countermand that
declaration as President of Ohaneze Ndi Igbo. 
Whereas Ohaneze understands the
marginalization and unfair treatment of Igbos which have
given rise to self-determination movements in Igboland,
leaders of these movements must  not arrogate to themselves
the supreme leadership of Igbo land. Statement of the kind
of  credited to Nnamdi Kanu are provocative, misleading and
unproductive.  Why should Anambra people be denied the
opportunity to choose their own leader? Why should any of us
who are not from Anambra , no matter how highly placed,
descend to the arena and dictate for Anambra people when to
vote , Whether to vote or who to vote for?
Anambra, nay Igbos, are still part
and parcel of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Yes, we are
not happy with our treatment in Nigeria.  Yes, some of us
want Biafra. Yes some of us prefer a restructured Federal
Republic of Nigeria. But the fact remains that we are still
part and parcel of the present federal Republic of Nigeria,
bound by its laws, no matter how repressive or injust.  Our
approach to reforms of our laws even if it leads to
self-determination or restructuring must be
We must
convince other Nigerians of our points of views, we must
strive to make others share our concoctions.  Our language
must be civil, respectful and leads to consensus building.
We must resist any attempt to turn division amongst us, as
to which way we must go, becoming a source of altercation
between us. As we speak very many of our people living in
Northern  Nigeria are in complete awe and consternation
regarding how safe they will be after October 1st.
Other Northerners living among us here are also worried. 
The Inspector General of police has taken public notice of
Nnamdi's comments inviting a possible invasion of
Anambra by the Nigerian police, increasing the already
existing siege of our people which leads to daily extortion
on our highways. All these developments have arisen out of
unguarded utterances. 
I find no venue suitable for the
statements I make here. Every constituent part of Anambra
state is represented here. I believe that the honourable
members here are competent enough to carry the Ohaneze
message to every nook and cranny of Anambra state.  We are
happy with the peace that exists here. We are happy with the
steady progress Anambra has registered over the years. The
next election can only improve not retard it.
I thank you for your kind

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