Monday, September 12, 2022

USA Africa Dialogue Series - NO CAP‹Re: Idowu Olayinka: Musing on the protracted ASUU Strike: Echoes of the past in the present

Musing on the protracted ASUU Strike: Echoes of the past in the present

My Friends, 

For the past 50 years I have observed, written and commented on the traumas of modern Nigeria. When you truly love something or someone, the ongoing distress when things go wrong is damaging. Psyche and heart  suffer immeasurably. It is constant and it grows and deepens. Whether the open heart surgery I required in 2006 was partially as a result of this, who can say. And if this privileged oyinbo of little significance feels deeply this savagery suffered by heart and mind, what about the millions of other folk with thoughts and feelings little different from mine? How do they up there on the Frontlines, survive and persevere? 

I would suggest there are two reasons:  Like all Africans, they Laugh; and regardless of intermittent flare-ups Africa folk are Kind/ Caring. They can’t help it; that’s the way they are. 

And it is the reason they will survive and prevail—ALL of them:  the few Oligarchs and Autocrats; as well as in Nigeria, the 210 millions—the 98ers/ probably 99ers—what I term the rest of us. 

You see, eventually it must be the Oligarchs who find the solutions. They are the rulers. And if they/ the systems that are to enable them to survive what is effectively daily brinkmanship; then they are going to have to fabricate what will ensure varying forms of “Participant Governance.” 

Yes, they of course want to keep the doors of Government and the Treasury open to only themselves. But the numbers of qualified/ exceptional graduates; folk whose patience has been pressed too far; these numbers are no longer a few; they are many—now in the millions. 

At the same time the Natural Rulers who were displaced and excluded from their local and regional Traditional roles of Authority and Representation following Independence; a very large number of such folk of Ruling Blood have since gained the modern skills and qualifications that make them “Allies in Waiting”; allies for Oligarchs in need of folk who can calm/ and stabilise important local populations. 

Intermittent deployment of Police and sometimes the Military—neither having the numbers nor the equipment required, nor indeed the morale—are not the answer. There have been many tests. 

So the answer to what many informed folk believe is their only way forward—at least those political systems founded on Traditional Monarchical/ Hierarchical Systems like the Yoruba/ Hausa Fulani—is to follow something along the above lines. To do so will enable existing Oligarchical Systems to continue to operate, with prospects of movement up and on with the living and economic opportunities that will duly open opportunities for increasing numbers—oligarchs will still do well; and the energies and skills of those millions of youth/ many now middle-aged brilliant/ diligent will finally be put to use. Once seen and recognised by 98ers, security will no longer be a primary concern. 

Once  Oligarchs/ Modern Traditionals/ Young-ish Pros get together/ talk and think their way forward/ then ACT to put needed changes in place; a start will have been made. 

Some Anthropologists will object:  “It may work ok for these Hierarchical societies,” they may observe. "But what of the many Segmented/ Linear/ Non-Linear/ Acephalous cultures and their societies? What chances of a Tiv society—with perhaps a leading figure like Joseph Tarka, of the 'good old days' at the helm?” …Mmmm? No easy answer. 

Maybe the change required can be achieved through adaptation of such "Cultural-Delivery Systems" as the root Tiv life as conceived through symbols of change in their elevated life projection through those amazing and extraordinary Puppets? (See, for instance, Bright Beams in Dark Shadow, (pp.465-66)  and comments on Doyin Aguoru’s illuminating and innovative explorations of Tiv culture).

Point is:  there is Light. But when that Light is in a deep crucible, that is the case for so many folk today—not just Africans and Nigerians; but also Euros/ Americans/ Chinese/ folk of the so-called Developed World; folk who are grappling hard to come to terms with swift and relentless advance of the huge range of cyber-force—point is, it is under just these circumstances, where massive pressure is on everyone, that important change in often totally unexpected ways/ from unsought directions, makes its sudden appearance. 

Quite enough. 

… Which reminds me. 
Some years ago I was, with others, meeting with some High Nigeria Officials.  
At one point I made an impassioned plea re one of the matters at issue. 
One of the officials, clearly not greatly moved by the words of this know-it-all Oyinbo, 
Noted my colourful Nigeria dress. 

He pointed to my head:  

“Where is the Cap?” 

All best,  Baba m


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