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USA Africa Dialogue Series - Re: MsJoe Re: After Ghadaffi - Africa Divided

I am learning. Sometimes, I am shocked in the process. I wished I had a dialogue with African forefathers to ask what exactly went wrong. We have to contend with the now.When the Jews say: NEVER AGAIN! They mean it and they can sneeze with the world catching cold on that vow.
I respect courage. Where is Africa's? We should blame nobody but look inwards.
My regards.
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"............ Africans sold other blacks to slavery and were subsequently colonized. Nothing much has changed: A hapless, third world people moved by expediencies. Well, that's how the powers that be see it and act on it with impunity". - MsJoe

Nwada MsJoe,
Nothing will change for better in Africa as long as we are spiritual slaves of these Europeans and Arabs. This does not sound encouraging but that's the truth. Human and economic slavery exist very visibly and we all know or pretend otherwise. Africans are their spiritual slaves also and that is the worst category of slavery. That's what is holding black race down.
"Let the African ignoramuses celebrate the folly of their servitude.  Where is the NATO bomb falling in Yemen, Bahrain and Syria? The self-interest is not missed." - MsJoe
Simply put "....Let the African ignoramuses....." quite worshiping what they know not for that is the source of all the problems bedeviling Africa. To assist you (not that you need it...) what is Rome, Canterbury, Mecca or Jerusalem saying about all the bombing...Libya? Are they in co-hoots with the "bombers"?
"Africans must be smoking some very strange stuff to think bombing Libya and removing Gaddafi by any means necessary has a thing to do with democracy". - MsJoe
Yes ....! The ".... very strange stuff.." we smoke is called idolatry. We worship Rome, Jerusalem, Canterbury and Mecca falsely. God is Spirit. In this era, God has manifested as Holy Spirit in Africa. Why we seek Him in Rome, Mecca, Canterbury or the Himalayas is "...strange stuff.." indeed?   .....What is our Ideology? African intellectuals like you have woke up...thank you.....read some excerpts below...
"We need to remove that spiritual covering (by foreigners) so that we can see the light and then find our way to the Creator. I have read all holy books, bible, buddist, koran, judaism etc. but have not read any holy book for the Africans to connect with the Creator. What we are doing is to follow others as slaves and put on the stigma as pagans and idolators" - Prof. Donald Mbosowo, Oklahoma City Oklahoma
When a people refuse to let go or continue to believe a lie even after those who told the lie in the first place have come out openly to admit they told a lie, such people can only be described or regarded as DUMB. Some people may not be aware or pretend not to know that this is the sole reason Africans are regarded as DUMB by other races. - Adeniba Adepoyigi adenibaadepoyigi@yahoo.com.au – Australia

 It will be remembered that in his famous speech renouncing Catholicism and establishing the English Church (Anglican), King Henry the VIII said:  "Today, God has left Rome for England!" Catholics still equate Pope with God no matter how they outwardly deny it! -
"We need to ask questions of how much we really benefit from these foreigns religions. Well, let them (Africnas) walk in darkness for thousands of years. By the time they wake up, it will be too late. - Prof. Donald Mbosowo, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

They (churches/mosques) know what they cooked that is smelling all over the world, My people must be informed so that they will be free. HO! HA!

Peter Opara…you've denegrated Christianity, dragged it into dirt, spat on the Christian Bible. Who are you then, to critisize a fellow Ogonmuo Naiwu Osahon? Even though Naiwu is onyeOgonmuo coming from EDO, he is still better than you Peter, in that he understands where his bread is buttered. Not you, Peter. Why you still identify with a Christian name is a mystery. – Zubbie Ekueme
Like I already observed, Africans are generally DUMB and IGNORANT - and they never read! All what I described above is easily available in any elementary history  book on christianity! But like Willie Lynch said, if you want to keep anything "secret" from the Blackman, hide it in a book - they never read! How sad! But how true! - Dr. Valentine Ojo
"....we finish matter"..... and as always, I thank you nwada MsJoe for your time and this rear opportunity to share the news that Holy Spirit is in Africa (based) not Europe or Saudi Arabia.
Amauche Ude
"Your joy is your sorrow in disguise..."
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Subject: [NIgerianWorldForum] Re: [camnetwork] Soc./Edtr:After Ghadaffi - Africa Divided
Date: Monday, May 30, 2011, 3:15 PM

Let the African ignoramuses celebrate the folly of their servitude
Where is the NATO bomb falling in Yemen, Bahrain and Syria?
The self-interest is not missed.
Africans must be smoking some very strange stuff to think bombing Libya and removing Gaddafi by any means necessary has a thing to do with democracy. This is all about getting even with a thorn in the flesh;  an African leader who pointed out that Africa does not need to depend on the West and has been adamant that Western nations should not have controlling shares in the African Development Bank.
As this article rightly points out, Gaddafi fought the Europeans when they came up with the Mediterranean polity. He ordered the change of school books, which reflected Libyans as Africans. This enraged the Europeans and the Gulf Arabs.
Libya is a country that offers its citizens a quality of life that low-income people in most of the Western nations do not get - free health care, free education up to PhD. 
Gaddafi scoffed at African kleptocrats who beg for aid and become beholden to Western donors. This enraged the African looters who are compromised.
France, in a style befitting a Napoleonic conquest, went to Ivory Coast, commandeered the airport and facilitated the capture of a leader in a conflict. African leaders clapped for the arrival of deliverance. Meanwhile, thousands of Africans died and not an outcry from UN guardians of civilians?
Russia went to the G8 Sumit. They promised to facilitate Russia's entry to the WTO. Russia changed and start chanting Gaddafi must go.
Gaddafi sponsored the liberation of South Africa.  When Mandela came out of jail and visited Gaddafi, the West and its press went loose. A big head line in Washington Times read: "Mandela  calls Gaddafi Dear Brother."
Sure, the so-called African opinion holders on Yahoo were nowhere to do a thing. I DID and my rebuttal was published in the same Washington Times.
It is not difficult to understand why Africans sold other blacks to slavery and were subsequently colonized. Nothing much has changed: A hapless, third world people moved by expediencies. 
Well, that's how the powers that be see it and act on it with impunity.
In a message dated 5/30/2011 5:09:53 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, EyembeE@Yahoo.com writes:
Muammar Ghadaffi fought the Europeans and the West over creation of the "Union for the Meditteranean(UfM)", an organization which essentially drew energy-rich North Africa into a strategic partnership with Europe.... Ghadaffi argued that this was bad politics for the African continent and the African Union to be divided against herself.

Now that they have bombed Muammar into submission, Europe and the West are moving ahead with expanding the role and reach of the UfM.....it is ALWAYS about interests...

Europe has invested about One trillion dollars into renewable energy projects into North Africa   ...and they now have a Moroccan face to the organization!


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