Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Re: USA Africa Dialogue Series - Re: [develop-nigeria] APGA TO BUHARI: NO UNILATERAL POLICIES - APGA PRESS RELEASE

APGA -Should first deal with the wounds of the damaging blow received from their PDP rigging machine in Anambra state, where victory for APGA candidates were turned into PDP Victory. The Party rejected the results of the National Assembly Result. APGA is no longer in existence.

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Subject: USA Africa Dialogue Series - Re: [develop-nigeria] APGA TO BUHARI: NO UNILATERAL POLICIES - APGA PRESS RELEASE

Boom, boom....Salvo......

I love Naija, way advanced............Not even the tea partiers could remind/inform/ demand that from Obama on very  day in 2008 or 2012 -  and not even the day or week after. 

Nigeria Wins; a proud moment for Africa's democracy that has shamed ignorant press.

Can anybody in the whole wide world tell me where my Neb is? Buhari has warned against  what he  called "wild jubilation." The guy ain't joking ooo. He was stern and abrupt.  This what Babaginda deprived us of....a Buhari....a real McCoy. I just cannot wait for the war on Boko Haram. Shekau might as well trade his fatigues for abgada right away.

Uncle Ayo, NATHIN SPOIL. I am still requesting who ever is the new anything when we need it done for Africa. Hehehe, for consolation prize, a friend called and said, MsJoe, look at the bright side: Buhari would never have voted for strikes on Libya and Gaddafi would have been alive. I laughed so hard......ou la la.....

Cheers to all. Jumping in the Jacuzzi after a historic  day. Who imagined a civilian transfer of power with the incumbent graciously conceding?

To Lead You Must be a Servant

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                               PRESS RELEASE  31/3/15


We, at the ALL PROGRESSIVES GRAND ALLIANCE (APGA) NIGERIA, congratulate Nigerians and the Rtd.,General Muhammadu Buhari on his victory at the polls.

While acknowledging this hard-won victory, The APGA will however remind the the President-Elect that he must be a President for all Nigerians, No part of Nigeria should feel distanced because Rtd. Major General Muhammadu Buhari is President. Every part of Nigeria should feel like they have access to Aso Rock. A President Buhari should make that possible.

 The ALL PROGRESSIVES GRAND ALLIANCE (APGA) NIGERIA, will also remind the President-elect that there can be no Unilateral Government policies. None. The President-elect should strive hard to understand the sentiments of Nigerians ON ECONOMICS, TRADE, BANKING, TRANSPORTATION, HEALTHCARE, EDUCATION , HOUSING, DOMICILE SECURITY, AND PRESS FREEDOM issues. That is DEMOCRACY. A President-elect Buhari cannot wish them away. Nigeria is not a one-size-fits-all Nation State. 
 We ask the President-elect to closely study any proposed Government policies and take into account the perspective of different Nigerian Geo-political zones and socio-economic segments, before making any changes. The lives and livelihood  of Nigerians depend on any change in his administrations' policies.  We must never go back to, or feel like its  December1983, or january 1984. NO!

Globalism is in. The ALL PROGRESSIVES GRAND ALLIANCE (APGA) NIGERIA, encourages the President-elect not to ostracise Nigeria, or Nigerians from the Global village. Nigerians must have access to continue movement around the globe. This assures our exposure and acquisition of social, economic and technological developments world-wide, enabling Nigeria and Nigerians compete meaningfully world-wide. Nigeria cannot become isolationist. 

We, at the ALL PROGRESSIVES GRAND ALLIANCE (APGA) NIGERIA,  will remind the President-elect that a freedom of the press made it possible for him to campaign around the Nigerian Federation. Here, He was able to say and listen to things which probably made the present change possible. That was the beauty of democracy, and Rtd., Major-General Buhari benefitted from it.
President-Elect Rtd. Major General Muhammadu Buhari cannot deny fellow Nigerians the same access. Press freedom through the airwaves, social media and newsprint remain very important to all segment of Nigerians.

We will also like the President-Elect to assure the security of Nigerians nation-wide. Nigerians everywhere, must be assured of domicile security, to reside and engage meaningfully with other Nigerians irrespective of religious or ethnic affiliation. Nigerians must also be assured the security to trade meaningfully within Nigeria, without fear or favor. Government policies on trade must not, repeat, not be unilateral.

APGA will like the President to look into issues of population manipulation, and electoral gerrymandering in the Nigerian federation. A situation where multiple states have been created and allocated to certain Nigerian geo-political zones, allowing for predictable and favorable political outcomes during electioneering does not make for equity in the national electoral process, as certain sections of Nigeria, especially the south-east are permanently disenfranchised and do not exactly wield their political influence within the federation secondary to poor population census, and a disproportion in the allocation of states. This issue requires serious review in the interest of fairness in the existing Nigerian Federation. 

APGA will also call on the President-elect to implement the recommendations of the 2014 National conference, to aid the proper re-structuring and growth of the Nigerian federation.

Because, at the ALL PROGRESSIVES GRAND ALLIANCE (APGA) NIGERIA, we remain our brothers' and sisters' keepers, looking and speaking out on their interests. 

Once again, Congratulations.

Chief Okwukwe Ibiam
National Publicity Secretary 
DEVELOP NIGERIA NETWORK................. Building Nigeria of our Dream
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