Friday, February 24, 2017

USA Africa Dialogue Series - 2017 Africa Conference: Draft Schedule






Panel Session A: 10:30am – 12 noon


A1: Rethinking Colonialism and Neocolonialism UTC 3.110

Chair: Augustine Ayuk, Clayton State University


African Political and Economic Relationships to the Americas, Asia, and Europe

Bernard Oppong - Kumi, Cardiff Metropolitan University

Gyasi Kwadwo Samuel, Valley View University, Ghana  


A Colonizing Agricultural Company in Somalia. The Duke of Abruzzi's Società Agricola Italo-Somala in the Italian colonial fascist system

Alberto Cauli, University of Auckland, New Zealand


Images of Colonialism in the Text of Two African Female Poets

Gabriel Bamgbose, Rutgers University


Persistent Colonial Fictions: Africa and the Specter of Development

P. S. Polanah, Virginia Tech




A2: Nationalist Movements and Decolonization UTC 3.122

Chair: Arinpe G. Adejumo, University of Ibadan


Rupturing Neocolonial Legacies in the African Novel: Ngugi Wa Thiong'o's Matigari as a Paradigm

Damlegue Lare, University of Nebraska, Lincoln

From Gun to Guitar: The Performance of Tuareg Nationalism

Bonnie Bates, Carleton University, Ottawa


Decolonizing the Network: Art and Communication in Akinola Lasekan's Nigeria

Perrin Lathrop, Princeton University


Mistaken identities: Unpacking African and black identities.

Fileve T. Palmer, Purdue University


Rupturing Colonial Legacies: Colonialism and Decolonization of Africa and the African Diaspora

Peris Muthoni Githuthu, Independent Scholar




A3: Lingering Legacies: Poverty and Underdevelopment UTC 3.124

Chair: Wanjala S. Nasong'o, Rhodes College


Ghana's Effort towards the Emergence of Green Economy and Poverty Alleviation

Samuel Adu Boahen, Nanchang University


Underdevelopment and Poverty in Africa: The Effectiveness of Development Programs In Nigeria, 2000-2015

Omokanye Okikidayo Ayotunde, University of Lagos


The Impact of Life Expectancy on Economic Growth in Nigeria

Lawal Nurudeen Abiodun, Tai Solarin University of Education


Colonial Legacies on Food Dependency: The Case of Ghana

Tahar Abbou, African University Ahmed Draia Adrar, Algeria


Development, Underdevelopment and Poverty

Akanmu Sulaimon, Independent Scholar



A4: Lives Matter: Migration, Movement, and the Struggle for Survival UTC 3.134

Chair: Ann Albuyeh, University of Puerto Rico


Migration and Exile: The Exotic Essence of Life

Joshua Agbo, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge

African Communities in the Diaspora: Health Literacy and the Declining Significance of Nutrition

Tina Jordan, Bowie State University


Interrogating Livelihoods, Cultural Survival and Development of Homeland among the Aro in the United States

Chinedu Okoro, Independent Scholar


The Transatlantic Stage:  The Debate Surrounding Diasporic Drama

Kerry Goldmann, The University of Texas at Dallas


Syncretic Religions of the African Diaspora

Edward Asare, Kumasi Polytechnic



A5: Food, Minds and Bodies: Economic Development Strategies UTC 4.102

Chair: Samuel Zalanga, Bethel University, St. Paul, MN



An Empirical Study of Yoruba Traditional Economic System of Southwestern Nigeria as an Heritage

Oyewale Peter Oluwaseun, Ekiti State University


Precolonial Imaginaries and Colonial Legacies in Mobutu's "Authentic" Zaïre

Daviel Lazure-Vieira, University of Toronto


Farmers and Acacias in the Sahel: Understanding Africa's Great Green Wall Initiative from a Local Perspective

Karen S. Barton, University of Northern Colorado


Cottage Food Industries: A Viable Solution to Food Crises and Hunger in Nigeria

Ihuoma Chinyere Onunyere, Independent Scholar


Poverty Alleviation Efforts in Kenya: Combining the top-down approach and the bottom-up approach

Dominic Williams, Nanchang University


Productivity and Profitability Analyses of Various Aquaculture Ventures in Nigeria: Towards Improved Livelihood

Olusegun Ayorinde, Tai Solarin University of Education




A6: Remaking Gender and Development UTC 4.104

Chair: Olufunke Adeboye, University of Lagos


Remaking Feminine Respectability: Yoruba Christian Women in Colonial and Post-Colonial Nigeria

Olufunke Adeboye, University of Lagos


Feminine Gender Identity in Nigerian Music Education: Trends, Challenges and Prospects

Michael Olutayo Olatunji, Obafemi Awolowo Univeristy, Ile-Ife


The Concepts of Feminism and Motherhood: (Gender Issue)

Titi Christianah Falana, Ekiti State University


Black Bodies and Black Motherhood in Slavery and Post/Neo-Slavery Brazil

Fernando Rocha, Middlebury College


Women Etched in Stone: The 1956 Women's March and Women's Representation in Public History in South Africa

Sara Sanders, Sarah Lawrence College, NY


Reproductive Health Issues in Disaster Management: A Reflection on the Impact of Disaster on Women and Girls' Health in Nigeria

Victoria A. Undelikwo, University of Calabar

Michael Ihwo, University of Calabar



A7: Africa Works: Traditional Institutions and their Aftermath UTC 4.124

Chair: Mesut Yilmaz, Regents University, Accra


Tracing the Transnational: The body and its metaphors in Chris Abani's fiction

Rebekah Cumpsty, University of York


Transatlantic Slave Trade and The Impact of British Industrial Revolution in Africa.

Mesut Yilmaz, Regents University, Accra


Entrepreneurial Practices and History of the Ijebus in Yoruba Kingdom 1885-1914 (From the Root of Resource Heterogeneity)

Rasheed A. Oyedeji, Tai Solarin University of Education

Kaolat O. Odunaike, Tai Solarin University of Education


The Changing Colonial Rule and the Socio-Political Institutions in Esanland.

O. F. Adesina, Independent Scholar


Colonial Legacy and its Implications for Public Administration and State Building in Nigeria: The Indigenous Governance Structures Option

Gafar Idowu Ayodeji and Ibidapo S. Odukoya, Tai Solarin University of Education


Ajami Manuscripts as Major Sources of African Knowledge

Fallou Ngom, Boston University


LUNCH – 12noon – 1:30pm (Sanchez Building, SZB 104)



Panel Session B: 1:30pm – 3:00pm


B1: Oil and (In)Dependence in Africa: Strategies for Rupturing Economic Inequities – Past, Present, and Future UTC 3.110

Chair: Kairn A. Klieman, University of Houston



International Oil Companies and Struggles for (In)Dependence in Africa: A Case Study from Angola

Kairn A. Klieman, University of Houston


Bunkering (Oil Lifting): Protest, Empowerment, and (De)Colonization in the Niger Delta of Nigeria

Rebecca Golden Timsar, University of Houston


Local Content in the Sub-Saharan African Petroleum Industry: Reinforcing or Breaking Free from the Neo-Colonial Model?

Thomas Mitro, University of Houston


Analyzing the African Gap: New Solutions through New Thinking about Leadership and Sustainability

Doyin Olutona, U-Turn Africa Forums/Mzuzah



B2: Crisis and Violence in African Societies UTC 3.122

Chair: Melike Yilmaz, Regents University, Accra


Triangulation Approach in the Management of School-Based Violence in South African Schools

Eke Chidi Idi, University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa


Black African immigrants' perception of police-citizens' deadly encounters in North America: An exploratory study

Damilohun Ayoyo, University of Alberta


Police brutality

Dickson Adom, ISBC, Bahrain

Assumpta Nnochiri, Independent Scholar


Psychosocial Determinants of Illicit Drug Use by Nigeria University Athletes

Ipinmoroti Olanrewaju Adeola, Tai Solarin University of Education

Oworu Olugbemiga Olufolahan, Tai Solarin University of Education


Combating Violence Through Girls' Education in Nigeria

Melike Yilmaz, Regents University, Accra





B3: Religion and Ethnicity UTC 3.124

Chair: Egodi Uchendo, University of Nigeria


Food representations in inter-group identity labelling among Nigeria's ethnic Nationalities: An Analysis of ndi ofe mmanu and a j'okuta ma m'omi labels of the Igbo and Yoruba ethnic groups in Lagos

Cecilia Titilayo Clement, University of Ibadan


Race and Identity Politics

Jonathan Okeke, Regent University, Virginia


The Resolution of Chieftaincy Disputes by Esan Customary Law and the Media: Ewu Kingdom as a Case Study

Senny O. Oso, Ekiti State University


Interrogating Islamic Propagation (Da'awah) In Eastern Nigeria

Egodi Uchendo and Emmanuel Ibuot, University of Nigeria, and African Humanities Research and Development Circle

Chukwuemeka Agbo, University of Texas at Austin


Ethnic Politics and Nationalism in Africa: A Historical and Contemporary Analysis of the Nigerian Political System

Akeju Babatunde Oluwafemi, Olabisi Onabanjo University




B4: Education for Development UTC 3.134

Chair: Michael Sharp, University of Puerto Rico

Legacies from Colonialism and Current Trends in making Education Truly Vocational in African Countries - Lessons from Nigeria

Edwards A. Alademerin, Tai Solarin University of Education


Educational Policies

Atta Kofi Raymond, Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration


The Colonialism and Policy of Education in Nigeria- An Overview

Ojebiyi Olufemi, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife


School Management Team and Organizational Climate as a Correlate of National Policy Implementation in Primary Schools' in Ogun State

Yonlonfun Ebun, Tai Solarin University of Education


Influence of Broken Homes on Academic Performance of Students in Mathematics

Abisola O. Lawani, Tai Solarin University of Education


How Basic is Universal Basic Education? Troubling Nigerian Educational System

Queen Ogbomo, Tennessee Technological University

Rufaro Chitiyo, Tennessee Technological University



B5: Strategies for Poverty Alleviation and Economic Empowerment UTC 4.102

Chair: Adebayo Oyebade, Tennessee State University


Examining the contribution of micro-finance institutions to poverty reduction in the Kasoa district of the Central Region of Ghana

Samuel Acheampong, Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications


Colonial Economic Reversal, Neo-Colonialism and the Question of African Development: Towards an Afro-Optimistic Futurism

Peter Sule, Federal University Lafia


The Role of Technology in National Integration and Development in Nigeria

Ikotun Taibat Olusola, Tai Solarin University of Education


The Use of Indigenous Sheep as Panacea for Malnutrition in Nigeria

Ettu Rotimi Olatunji, Tai Solarin University of Education


Tourism Development: Challenges of Sustainable Tourism in Mombasa and Badagry, 2000-2015

Adeyemi Joel Oyetola, Tai Solarin University of Education


Socio-Economic Contributions of Tourism and Agriculture to Economic Development of Ogun State, Nigeria

Banjo Oluwole, A. T. Olawumi, and O. A. Odusina, Tai Solarin University of Education



B6: Examining Africa's History of Exploitation UTC 4.104

Chair: Susan Rasmussen, University of Houston


The Omnipresent Past: Memories of Colonialism vs Slavery and the Relationship between African Americans and Africans in the US

Dmitry Bondarenko, Russian Academy of Sciences


Tangled Roots - Black Canadian Women's Hair & Belonging in Canada

Shaunasea Brown, York University, Toronto


"Our Church is Like a Village":  Ritual Therapy Among Kabyle Converts to Christianity in France

Susan Rasmussen, University of Houston


Oral History in African Culture: The Prevalence of Proverbs as a Value System among the Yoruba of Nigeria

Folasade Caroline Omokanye, Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomosho


Cultural and Artistic Tourism

Funmilah Sally Ahmed, Center for Black and African Arts and Civilization, Abuja



B7: Decolonizing Africa's History and Culture UTC 4.124

Chair: Edgard Sankara, The University of Delaware



Carter G. Woodson, Kenneth O. Dike and the Decolonization of Black History

Undiyaundeye A. Udida, University of Uyo


On the Postcolonial Ruins: On the Work of African Speculative and Science Fiction

Raquel Baker, Rhodes College


Yoruba Religious Identity and Colonialism: Yoruba Playwrights' View

Aderibigbe Moronmubo Martina, Federal College of Education, Abeokuta


Decolonizing the Body:  Women's Testimonies in Opposition to Sexual Occupation

Fongang Delphine, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater


Postcolonial African life narratives and their mirror effect

Edgard Sankara, The University of Delaware


Abel Conder and Mahamut: Captive Narratives and Colonial Erasures in the Caribbean and Early Modern Portuguese Atlantic

Neal D. Polhemus, University of South Carolina



Panel Session C: 3:15pm – 4:45pm


C1: Race and Human Rights in Africa and the Diaspora UTC 3.110

Chair: Augustine Ayuk, Clayton State University



The Justice Conundrum: Africa, human rights and the International Criminal Court

Jon Silverman, University of Bedfordshire, UK


Civil Society and the Democratic Space in Africa: Cameroon, Challenges and Prospects

Augustine Ayuk, Clayton State University


Searching for a Commonplace: Analyzing the Limits of Deliberation and Decolonization in the Midst of the Rhodes Must Fall Movement

Joseph L. Lewis, Wayne State University & Delta College


Identity, the 'Passing' Novel, and the Phenomenology of "Race."

Mawuena Kossi Logan, University of Louisville


Causes of Poverty in Africa

Peprah Emmanuel Adusei, Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications



C2: Yoruba Culture and Adaptation to Modernity UTC 3.122

Chair: Olufunke Adeboye, University of Lagos


The Effects of Colonization on the Cultural Values of The Yoruba People: Focus on the Use of The Traditional Drums in Yoruba Land

Omobola Agnes Aladesanmi, Ekiti State University


The Unceasing Effect of Linguistic Imperialism in African Countries: The Yoruba Case

Timothy Adeyemi Akanbi, Ekiti State University


The 'Health Is Wealth' Syndrome Among the Yoruba of Nigeria: Beyond Orthodox Medicine in Health Care Delivery

Babatunde Olanrewaju, Tai Solarin University of Education


Speciation and Ecological Risk Assessment of Some Heavy Metals in Surficial Sediments from Isheri and Ijora River, Lagos, Nigeria

Ogunbanjo Oriyomi, Tai Solarin University of Education


Relevance and Utilitarian roles of Adire Textile in Yorubaland: A Historical Perspective 1960 - 2010

Adewale Adepoju, Tai Solarin University of Education


The Portability of the Orisha: The Proliferation of Yoruba Religion in the Nineteenth Century Atlantic

Sheneese Thompson, The Ohio State University


C3: Colonization, Language, and Conflict UTC 3.124

Chair: Ann Albuyeh, University of Puerto Rico


Afro-Caribbean Responses to Linguistic and Cultural Colonialism

Ann Albuyeh, University of Puerto Rico


Sociolinguistic Development of Loan Words in Yoruba: English and French as Donor Languages

Samuel Babatunde, Tai Solarin University of Education


Lepoon, Naamu, and De-Colonizing Rhetorics of Audience in the Contemporary African Novel

Jeffrey Dodd, Gonzaga University


Convergent Narratives of Displacement in Lawrence Durrell's Alexandria Quartet

Foteini Dimirouli, Princeton University


Globalization and Modern Forms of Slavery in Nigeria

Peter Olusegun Alokan, Joseph Ayo Babalola University


C4: Culture, Gender, and Governance UTC 3.134

Chair:   Jacqueline-Bethel Tchouta Mougoué, Baylor University


To Be Free: Black Women Activists and the Broader Vision of Democracy

Courtney Thompson, Sewanee:  University of the South 


The Shameless Consorts; the Queen MacZims: Women in the Age of Dictatorship in Nigerian Drama

Bosede Funke Afolayan, University of Lagos


Bakkies and the Impermanent Black body: Performance and symbolism of transient labor in South Africa

Keegan Medrano, San Francisco State University


Exploring Orthodox Medicine for Advancement in African Traditional Medicine: A Case of Hypertension Management in Nigeria

Esther Opeyemi Adebowale, University College Hospital, Ibadan

Ijaola Oluwatope Samson, Samuel Adegboyega University


Development, Underdevelopment and Poverty in Contemporary Africa

Austin Aghemelo and Jane Onimhmawo, Ambrose Alli University


Separate Space: An approach to addressing gender inequality in the workplace

Zuziwe Khuzwayo, Human Sciences Research Council



C5: Films, Social Media, and Mass Mobilization UTC 4.102

Chair: Jean-Olivier Tchouaffe, Southwestern University


Cultural Identity and Films: Orality in Selected Nollywood Films

Morenike Adeniran, Federal College of Agriculture, Ibadan

Adeyeye Hezekiah, Federal College of Agriculture, Ibadan


From Grass to Grandeur: Nollywood, Self-Reflexivity and the Igbo Gospel Music Video Genre in Nigeria

Nduka Otiono, Carleton University, Ottawa


#HowTheyRobbedUs: confession as protest and social media witnessing as active resistance in post-colonial Zimbabwe

Shona Kambarami, The New School for Public Management, NY


Internet Memes and the De-spiritification of God-Man Relations in Nigerian Christian Adverts.

Bandele A. Sogbesan and Catherine O. Williams, Tai Solarin University of Education


Gender Representation and Ideologies in Hip-Hop Music; The Nigerian Perspective

Olutoyin C. Williams and Sogbesan Bamidele Adeboye, Tai Solarin University of Education


Genre Preferences among the Benin Language Video-Film Audience in Nollywood

Osakue Omoera, Ambrose Alli University, Nigeria


C6: Re-imagining Hispanic African Diaspora identities in the Americas: History, Religion and Philosophy UTC 4.104

Chair: Alain Lawo-Sukam, Texas A&M University


Afro-Latinos in the US: An (Un)even Playing Field.

Alain Lawo-Sukam, Texas A&M University


Tobacco, Struggle, and Solidarity: A Genealogy of Arturo Alfonso Schomburg's Hispanic Heritage

Daniela Abraham, Texas A&M University

Representación y Relación de las deidades de agua Ochún, Yemayá y Mami Wata y su palimpsesto iconográfico con la Virgen María

Yumary Alfonso, Texas A&M University


Multiplicidad y reinterpretación de la religión yoruba en Cuba y su diáspora

René Rubí Cordoví, Texas A&M University



C7: Reimaging Health and Social Services UTC 4.124

Chair: Wanjala S. Nasong'o, Rhodes College


Local and Global Dynamics in the Transformation of Ports Health Services in Nigeria Since 1925

Benjamin Uchenna Anaemene, United Nations University-International Institute for Global Health, Malaysia


Empirical Investigation of Life Cancer Risk Within the Black Race Due to Ingestion Radionuclides from African Medicinal Herbs

Kunle Giwa, Tai Solarin University of Education

Johnson Olufemi Adepitan, Tai Solarin University of Education


Information Needs of Albinos in Yoruba Ethnic Group

Adenekan Tolulope, Lead City University, Ibadan


The Study of Choice of Maternity Birth Centres and Family Planning Techniques among Married Women in the South-Western Part of Nigeria

Tolu Ogunleye, Tai Solarin University of Education


African Traditional Medicine: From Representation to Practice in Formal Education Processes

Alant Busisiwe, University of KwaZulu-Natal

Chinenye Godson, University of KwaZulu-Natal


Determinants of participation of rural women in off-farm economic activities and rural farming households' food poverty status

Odusina Olaniyi Adegoke, Tai Solarin University of Education


4:45pm – 5:45pm       Conference Keynote - UTC 2.102A (All are invited)


6:00pm – 7:30pm       Conference Dinner - SZB 104 (Registered participants only)


Saturday - April 1, 2017


D Panels 10:00am – 11:30am


D1: Instruments of Colonial Domination GAR 0.120

Chair: Bamidele Aly, Panthéon-Sorbonne University (Paris 1)



"Civilization, Commerce, and Christianity": How British Abolitionists Understood Slavery and Slave Trade in Central and East Africa, 1860s and 1890s

William Skidmore, Rice University


Our English, Not Theirs: The Decolonization of the English Language in Nigeria and the Politics ff Native Versus Non-Native Englishes

Beatrice Egwuogu, Tai Solarin University of Education


Growth of Predatory Open Access Journals and Implications: Call for Decolonisation Of Scholarly Communication by African Scholars

Niran Adetoro, Tai Solarin University of Education


Cultural Imperialism and the Struggle for National Consciousness in Wole Soyinka's Childe Internationale

Adeyi Muftiat Oyindamola, University of Ilorin


The decimalization and metrication behind the new monetary sovereignty of Nigeria in the early 1970s

Bamidele Aly, Panthéon-Sorbonne University (Paris 1)


Colonial Educational Policy and Teachers Professional Development in Nigeria: An Historical Discourse

Olukunle Olagunju Balogun, Tai Solarin University of Education

Ojebiyi Olufemi Adesola, Obafemi Awolowo University


D2: Historicizing the Individual in African History GAR 0.128

Chair: Jacqueline-Bethel Tchouta Mougoué, Baylor University


Julius Nyerere and Postcolonial Canonization

Paul Bjerk, History Department, Texas Tech University


Mickey Leland: Humanitarian for all – from Houston to Africa

John Brundrett, University of Houston


Bantustan Biography: Apartheid Networks in the Making of Anti-Apartheid Chiefs

Jill E. Kelly, Southern Methodist University


The Foremost Authority on Mental Illness in the African: A Biography of John Colin Carothers

Jack McAfee, Baylor University


When History Is Written, the Cameroonian Women Will Have an Honorable Place in its Pages: Biographing Anglophone Cameroonian Women's Lives

Jacqueline-Bethel Tchouta Mougoué, Baylor University


D3: Arts, Creativity, and Emerging Technologies GAR 0.132

Chair: Susan Rasmussen, University of Houston


Music and Language: The Onomatopoeic Development of the Yoruba Konkolo Rhythm

Olupemi Oludare, University of Lagos


Indian-African marriages in World War Two Nigeria

Oliver Coates, Cambridge University


More than a Willow's Song: Rokia Traoré's Performance as Lyrical Narrator

Nicole Frisbey, Texas A&M University San Antonio


A Reconnaissance Study of Lamidi Olonade Fakeye Wood Carvings in Retrospect

Ademola Victor Fakeye, Obafemi Awolowo University


Decolonizing the Mental and the Physical through Human Cognitive and Expressive Processes – Dance

Olokodana-James Oluwatoyin, University of Lagos



D4:  Religion and Religious Change GAR 1.134

Chair: Edgard Sankara, The University of Delaware


Islam in Africa and the Diaspora: The impact of Islam in Africa and Nigeria Diaspora

Olawale Rafiu Babatunde, Independent Scholar


The Aladura Christians among the Yoruba of Nigeria: Symbol of a (De)colonized people

Saheed Adeniyi Ogunkoya, Tai Solarin University of Education


The Impacts of Religious Colonialism and Culture on Theories of African Sexuality: A case study of queer culture in Nigeria

Peter Okeugo, Independent Scholar


Ecological Movements in Buddhism

Kenneth Lee, California State University


Brokering the Politics of Religious Difference: North African Muslims and Jews and European Christian Settlers in French Algeria, 1830-1870

Rachel Schley, Harvard Business School


Making Sense of Religious Change in Postcolonial Africa: Conversion to Mormonism in Southeastern Nigeria

Dima Hurlbut, Boston University


D5: Technology, Social Progress, and Governance GAR 2.112

Chair: Adebayo Oyebade, Tennessee State University


Mainstreaming Climate-Smart Technology Adaptation in South African's Farmers' Everyday Agricultural Practices: The Place and Space for Indigenous Knowledge Systems

Busisiwe Alant, University of KwaZulu-Natal


Standardization and the Endangerment of Language Varieties in Nigeria

Imelda Udoh, University of Uyo


Pre- and Post-Colonial Political Structures in Africa Compared: Forging A More Sustainable Path

Adebayo Opeyemi Emmanuel, Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences  


Decolonizing the Housing Delivery in a Developing Economy: The Case of Nigeria

Babatunde E. Jaiyeoba, Obafemi Awolowo University


Hunger and Malnutrition: Eliminating Food Crisis in Nigeria

Omobolaji Samuel Ajisola, Achievers University


Mobile Technology Development in Nigeria; the Advent of New Colonialism

Olayiwola Ademola David, University of Lagos


D6: Trajectories in Social and Cultural Practices GAR 2.128

Chair: Abimbola Asojo, University of Minnesota


Decolonizing the Marriage Institution in Nigeria: A Socological Survey.

Agosa Olufunke and Samson Olalekan Fowowe, The Polytechnic, Ibadan

Ibrahim Koroma, Federal College of Agriculture, Abeokuta


Remodeling Ethno-centric Art Traditions of the Nigerian Headdress: Post-Colonial Purviews at the Crux of Occidental Modernist Interventions

Chinenye Emelogu and Kurotamunonye Ibanibo William-West, University of Nigeria, Nsukka


Local cultures, foreign language, and decolonizing pedagogy: French teaching in Madagascar

Andriamanana Rijasoa, University of New Mexico

Catherine Rasoafara, Lycée Philibert Tsiranana Mahajanga, Madagascar


Postmodernism, Postcoloniality and the Female Subject: Breaking the master narrative through performance

Lebogang Disele, University of Alberta


Cultural Expressions in the Work of Contemporary African-American and Nigerian Architects

Abimbola Asojo, University of Minnesota


Africa's Children in Armed Conflict: Implications against Fundamental Human Rights 

Yakubu Moses Oboh, University of Benin



D7: Resistance, Adaptation, and Development GAR 3.116

Chair: Gashawbeza Bekele, Tennessee State University


Getting Out from the Shadow of Colonialism: Challenges and Prospects for Nigeria                     

Bolaji Omitola, Osun State University


Decolonization in Africa as an Institution of Bedevilled Cultural Protestation

Ayodeji Akintunde Giwa, Tai Solarin University of Education


#YouthMovements #AfricanTwitter: Tweeting and Tagging the Affirmative Repositioning Movement in Namibia

Kelly Fulkerson Dikuua, The Ohio State University


Alexandrian Orthodoxy and the Hinterlands of Africa

Joshua Georgy, University of Massachusetts


Impacts of the Closure of Dadaab Refugee Camps on Somali Refugees

Aida M. Mwanzia, University of British Columbia



E Panels 11:45am – 1:15pm


E1: Changing Patterns of Adaptation to Modernity GAR 0.120

Chair: Oladele A Balogun, Olabisi Onabanjo University


Black Panther Praxis and State Repression

Navid Farnia, Ohio State University


Challenges and Prospects of Alternative Medicine in Post-Colonial Southwestern Nigeria

Olabode Oshadare, Kogi State University


Decolonizing the Concept of Naming in Contemporary Yoruba Thought: A Philosophical Enquiry

Oladele A Balogun, Olabisi Onabanjo University


Decolonizing the African Mind as a Panacea to Rupturing Colonial Legacies: Linguistic Perspectives

Balogun Temitope Abiodun, Osun State University


A Pragmatic Analysis of Selected Social Justice Songs by Bob Marley and the Wailers

Joseph Oluwole Akinbode, Tai Solarin University of Education


Economics of the Livelihoods of the Forest Dependent People in Ondo State of Nigeria

Olawumi, A. T. Odusina O. A and Banjo, O.S, Tai Solarin University of Education


 E2: Considerations in Marxism and Form GAR 0.128

 Chair: Auritro Majumder, University of Houston


Creating an Indigenous Utopia: Buchi Emecheta's The Rape of Shavi's Marxist-inspired Utopian Impulse

Eugene Penzien, University of Houston


The Gendered Individual in the West African Postcolonial Novel

Maurine Ogbaa, University of Houston


Allegories of Space, Spaces of Allegory: Landscapes of Africa in Chander Pahad and King Solomon's Mines

Sandeep Banerjee, McGill University, Montreal


The Struggle over History and Realizing a Fanonian-Marxist Utopia in 21st Century Zimbabwe

Novuyo Tshuma, University of Houston


Dramatic Connections: North Ireland and South Africa

Sreya Chatterjee, West Virginia University


Modernism-Realism: pace Third Cinema

Auritro Majumder, University of Houston



E3: Issues of Race, Gender, and Decolonization GAR 0.132

Chair: Elizabeth Jacob, Stanford University


Militant Mothers: Gender and Political Participation in Postwar Côte d'Ivoire

Elizabeth Jacob, Stanford University


Re-reading Anders Breivik and Dylann Roof at the dawn of "Trumpism"

Sadaf Mirzahi and Temitope B. Oriola; University of Alberta


Waldensian Missionaries in Colonial Abyssinia (1880s-1941)

Caterina Scalvedi, University of Illinois at Chicago


Clamour for Women Empowerment in Nigeria: The Need for Cognitive Restructuring

Samuel Ekundayo Oladipo, Tai Solarin University of Education


Nigerian Women's Drama as Cultural Intervention

Bosede Funke Afolayan, University of Lagos



E4: Decoloniality, Politics, and Rhetoric in African Contexts GAR 1.134

Chair: Nancy Henaku, Michigan Technological


Decolonial Visions in Mid-Twentieth Century African Rhetoric: Perspectives from Kwame Nkrumah's Consciencism

Nancy Henaku, Michigan Technological University


The Rhetoric of Akan Adinkra Symbols

Ruby Pappoe, University of Texas at El Paso


Re-Imagining Alternative Rhetorics for "Apartheid" South Africa

Sidouane Patcha Lum, University of Texas at El Paso


Towards a Decolonial Approach to African Political Rhetoric: The Case of Nigerian Election Campaign

Yunana Ahmed, Michigan Technological University


E5: Challenges of Poverty and Social Programs GAR 2.112

Chair: Consoler Teboh, St. Cloud State University


History of HIV as Communicable Disease and the efforts towards its management among the refugee and asylum seekers in South Africa

Kulubrehan A. Teweldemedhin, University of South Africa


Determinants of Acculturation Stress: A Family Separation Perspective on Refugee and Immigrant Challenges in New Homelands

Consoler Teboh, St. Cloud State University


Guiding and Counseling the Youth in a Developing Economy: The Nigerian Perspective

Adenigba Damilola, University of Lagos


The Motivational Effects of Secondary School Teachers' Disciplinary Styles in Nigeria

Ocheho ThankGod, Lancaster University


Rupturing colonial legacies; attractions and limits of Fulani herdsmen activities in Nigeria

Bolaji Omitola, Osun State University, Nigeria


Forced Migration: Boko Haram's Induced Migration in Northern Nigeria

Mujtaba Ali Muhammad, Walden University



E6: Emerging Challenges of Governance and Development GAR 2.128

Chair: Nduka Otiono, Carleton University, Ottawa


Colonial Ideology and the Emergence of Two Spaces: The Nigerian Experience

Bright Alozie, West Virginia University


Decolonizing Zimbabwe's Archives in the Age of Authoritarianism

Chido Muchemwa, The University of Texas at Austin


Zuma, Sex 'witch doctors', and interracial relations: Sexuality, the nation-state and bodies in post-apartheid South Africa

Keegan Medrano, San Francisco State University


Name, Identity and History in Africa: The Esan People Experience 

Ebhomienlen Thomas Oseyi, Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma


A Critical Discourse Analysis of Kunle Afolayan's "October 1st" as a Postcolonial Text

Folasade Justinah Adegbembo, The Polytechnic, Ibadan


Impact of Weather and Global Warming on Indigenous African Musical Instruments

Egunjobi Abiodun, Tai Solarin University



E7: Knowledge, Creativity, and Governance GAR 3.116

Chair: Jean-Olivier Tchouaffe, Southwestern University


Topics in Pedagogy, visual and Acoustic Practices in African Cinema: Thoughts on Bamako (2006), The President (2014) and A Leaf in the Wind (2014)

Jean-Olivier Tchouaffe, Southwestern University


Sleight of Hand: Late 19th Century Carved Ivory Sculptures and Postcards

Jessica Stephenson, Kennesaw State University


I did not know if was 'ÈÈWọ̀': Exploring Knowledge and Adherence to Pregnancy and Childbirth Taboo Across Two Generations in Nigeria

Adenike Adegbayi, Redeemer's University


Perceptions of academic staff and students on the implementation of the language policy at the university of KwaZulu-Natal, Howard College campus.

Balungile Shandu, Human Sciences Research Council


The Inter-play between Colonialism and Contemporary Land Rights in Nigeria

Adekunbi Adeleye, University of Ilorin


Education Policies

Ajala Kazeem Olatunde, Independent Scholar

1:30pm – 3:00pm       LUNCH (GAR0.102)


F – Panels: 3:00pm – 4:30pm

F1: Politics of Cultural Practices GAR 0.120

Chair: Jacqueline-Bethel Tchouta Mougoué, Baylor University


Coming Home: Carnival and the Trinidadian Diaspora 

Dan Castilow, Tulane University


De[re]constructing African's role in the global history of innovation and technology: Understanding the complexities of early glass/glass bead making technology in Ile-Ife, Nigeria

Babalola Abidemi Babatunde, Harvard University


Neo colonialism and the silencing of traditional medicine

Noumbouwo Danielle, Virginia Tech


Ojagbe: A Content and Contextual Analysis of a Nigerian Indigenous Burial Dance in the Eyes of Contemporaneity

Felix Damilola Emoruwa, University of Lagos


African Politics and the Way Forward: A Study of the Language of Politics in Wale Okediran's Tenants of the House

Grace Omo-Ojugo, Ambrose Alli University



F2: Culture and Normativity GAR 0.128

Chair: Adeshina Afolayan, University of Ibadan


On Postcolonial Knowledge: Ifá and Otto von Neurath in Conversation

Adeshina Afolayan, University of Ibadan


Cultural Identity and Representations of the "Other" in Yoruba Oral Literature 

Arinpe G. Adejumo, University of Ibadan


The Role of Civil of Societies in Ensuring Transparency and Accountability in Extractive Economies of Africa

Destiny Oghayerio Enabulele, University of Benin


Iatrophobia and the African American Experience

Rosalie Black Kiah, Norfolk State University


Cultural Colonialism in Selected Yorùbá Prose Narratives

Abidemi O. Bolarinwa, University of Ibadan



F3: Race and Religion GAR 0.132

Chair: Gashawbeza Bekele, Tennessee State University


Racism Must Fall: Decolonizing the South African University

Marzia Milazzo, Vanderbilt University


Race, Genetics, Epigenetics and Health: Science and pseudoscience and the health of Africans in the diaspora and the continent

Oluwatoyin Asojo, Baylor College of Medicine


The Role of Religion in Eradicating Sexual Violence in Nigeria

Amos A. Adediran and F. A. Abimbola, Federal College of Education, Abeokuta


Secondary School Teachers and Mass Cheating in Public Examinations: Implications for Educational Policies

Jimoh Wale Owoyele, Tai Solarin University of Education


Language Policy and French Studies in Benin and Nigeria: The Anglo-Francophone Interface

Oladele Tanitolorun, Tai Solarin University of Education




F4: Decolonization, Democracy, and Development GAR 1.134

Chair: Chris Agoha, United Nations Mission in Liberia


Historical Overview of Decolonization and Democratization Efforts and Challenges in Eritrea: A critical review of literature

Kulubrehan A. Teweldemedhin, University of South Africa


Beyond the Mythology of Imperialism and Colonialism: Interrogating the Paradox of Post-Colonial Underdeveloped in Africa

Soj Ojo, Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma


Restructuring of Nigeria Educational System Towards Self Reliance

Abiodun Ojo, Tai Solarin University of Education


The Role of Neo-Colonial Power Structures in Cote d'Ivoire Civil Conflict (2010-2011)

Chris Agoha, United Nations Mission in Liberia


Underdevelopment, Poverty and Migration in Nigeria: Is Colonization a Maleficent Influence?

Sunday Funmilola Babalola, Joseph Ayo Babalola University


Post-colonial Budgetary Expenditures on Agriculture and its Impacts on Economic Growth in Nigeria

Inyang Okorie Ayi, Abia State University



F5: Interrogating Emerging Issues of Culture, Gender and Development GAR 2.112

Chair: Samuel Zalanga, Bethel University



The Moral Consequences of Economic Growth: Insights and Lessons for Contemporary Africa

Samuel Zalanga, Bethel University


Gender, Education and Poverty in Nigeria

Sophia O. Ojo, Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma


One Million in One Hundred Days: Propaganda and the Colonial Roots of the Rwandan Genocide

Wanjala S. Nasong'o, Rhodes College


Towards Decolonizing Africa: The Role of African Films in The Decolonization of Africa

Yusuf Adeniyi Liadi, Osun State Polytechnic


A Marriage of Convenience: Multinational telecommunication companies and the informal economy

Ojong Nathanael, Tyndale University College, Toronto


Corporate social responsibility & socio-economic development of Lagos 2005-2015

Bisayo Omoniyi, Independent Scholar



F6: Race, Culture, and Human Rights GAR 2.128

Chair: Alberto Cauli, University of Auckland, New Zealand


Lubabasu & Baptism: Slavery and Freedom in the Life of Onesimos Nasib

Ethan Key, Georgia State University


St. Louis and the Black Body From the World's Fair to Ferguson

Terlona Knife, Washington State University


Borrowing, Improvising, and Inventing National Traditions: The Annual Commemorations of Rhodesia's and Transkei's Independence Days

Josiah Brownell, Pratt Institute


Traditional Practices and Techniques of the Yoruba Agidigbo Instrument: The African Pianism Perspective

Olupemi Oludare, University of Lagos


Reinvigorating Supervisions as Innovation in Teaching and Learning Cultural Values as Panacea for Moral Decadence in African Society

Amos A. Adeniran, Federal College of Education, Abeokuata


F7: Frontiers of Epistemologies GAR 3.116

Chair: Michael Sharp, University of Puerto Rico

Erasing the Legacy of Colonialism and Apartheid: The South African poet Ingrid de Kok's "A Room Full of Questions

Michael Sharp, University of Puerto Rico

Reevaluando el legado: raza y clase en las obras fundacionales de la lexicografía en Cuba

Armando Chávez-Rivera, University of Houston, Victoria


Descolonizacion discursiva y sexualidad en la mujer afrodescendiente en la Cuba contemporanea

Maybel Mesa Morales, Texas A&M University


Rupturing Colonial Legacies: Paradigm Shift in Women's Vocations and Professions in Southwestern Nigeria

Ndidi Okpara, University of Lagos


Indigenous Knowledge Systems for Sustainable Development in Kenya

Augustine Agwuele, Texas State University


6:45pm ---       CONFERENCE BANQUET (Holiday Inn, Town Lake)


Sunday, April 2, 2017


Panel Session 9:00am – 10:30am


G1: Africa and the World CLA 0.102

Chair: Adeshina Afolayan, University of Ibadan


Chinese neocolonialism: a comparison of selected African crime novels

Karen Ferreira-Meyers, University of Swaziland


China and Africa: Strategic Partnership or Crypto-Imperialism?

Nse Akpan, Federal University, Wukari


The Emirati – Kenyan relations: An Arab African model of cooperation

Hala Thabet, Zayed University, UAE


The Indians are our Best Friends": How Indians' Struggle for Parity with European Settlers in Colonial Kenya opened up the Political Space for Africans' Participation.

Catherine Odari, Georgia State University


Rural Level Impact of China free-aid water project in Nigeria

Rosemary Eneji, University of Calabar

Veronica A. Undelikwo, University of Calabar



G2: Decolonization, Independence, and Governance CLA 0.128

Chair: Bosede Funke Afolayan, University of Lagos


Brick by Brick: Forging Solidarity through Afro-Turkish Identity in Modern Turkey

Zavier Wingham, New York University


Rapturing Colonial Legacies: Colonialism and De-Colonialisation In Africa And the African Diaspora

Yusufu Muwanga, Independent Scholar


The Nexus between Governance and Economic Development in Nigeria

Ikenna Victor Maduka, Independent Scholar


Natural Resources Management in Nigeria and the issues of Development

Martins Samuel Onyejieke, University of Regina


Fanon, Cabral, and the Question of Foreign Volunteers in the Struggle for National Liberation

Abel Djassi Amado, Simmons College, Boston


Colonial Legal Systems and Their Impacts on Development in Africa

Charles Mbema Njomson, Independent Scholar


G3: Science, Innovation, and Creativity CLA 1.104

Chair:  Arinpe G. Adejumo, University of Ibadan


A New Squalene Derivative from Physalis Angulata

Odusina Babatope Oluseun, Tai Solarin University of Education


Student Related Factors as Determinant of Chemistry Academic Achievement

Abudu Kamoli Adewale, Tai Solarin University of Education


Repositioning Colonial Legacy Towards Promoting Indigenous Technology Education in Nigeria: A Panacea for Unemployment and National Development 

Chiamaka Ifenna Isaac, Independent Scholar


Product Adaptation in the Ghanaian Automobile Market

Asihene Ethel, Independent Scholar


The Influence of science and technology on society and economic development.

J.D. Ayanda, Tai Solarin University of Education


The role of weather and climate on Socio-economic development

J. O. Adepitan and K. A. Egunjobi, Tai Solarin University of Education


G4: Education, Media, and Mass Mobilization; CLA 1.106

Chair: Olufunke Adeboye, University of Lagos


Technology of the Social Media for Social Mobilization in Africa

Adenubi Ademola, Tai Solarin University of Education


Teaching Cultural Diplomacy to Rupture the Vestiges of Colonially Induced Ethnic Nationalism in Nigeria

Ogundare Samuel, Tai Solarin University of Education

Sofadekan Adedayo Oyewole, Tai Solarin University of Education


Peer Pressure, Social Media Influences and Self-Esteem as Predictors of Adolescents' Disposition to Drug Abuse in Senior Secondary Schools In Ogun State, Nigeria

Abosede Ewumi, Tai Solarin University of Education


The Effectiveness of Vocational Studies in Poverty Alleviation in Lagos State

Busari Adeyemi Abiodun, Federal Polytechnic, Offa, Kwara State


Colonization of Visual Art Education in Nigeria: New Art, New Artists in the Contemporary Globalised Art World

Rod Adoh Emi, Tai Solarin University of Education


Reforming Technical and Vocational Education (Tve) Towards Technological Demands

Oyenuga Anthony, B. M. Efuwape and A. O. Shodeinde, Tai Solarin University of Education


Strengthening Sexuality Education Through Social Networking

Adeogun Adekunle Olanrewaju, Tai Solarin University 


H Panels 10:45am – 12:15pm


H1: Contemporary Innovations and Encounters CLA 0.102

Chair: Adebayo Oyebade, Tennessee State University


Development of Zoxazolamine for Precolumn Derivatization of Vanillin in Commonly Consumed Africa Food Samples Using High Performance Liquid Chromatographic Technique

Muideen R. Gbadamosi and Adeyemi Lawrence Ogunneye, Tai Solarin University of Education


Equilibrium and Kinetics Studies of Heavy metal ions Sequestration onto African Citrulluslanatus Seed Biomass.

Oluwakemi Oluwabunmi Banjoko, Tai Solarin University of Education


Antifungi Properties of The Aqueous and Methanol Extracts of Morinda Lucida Leaves And Stem Bark

Oluwaseun Hannah Anselm, Tai Solarin University of Education

O. O. Banjoko, and A. D. Osinubi, Tai Solarin University of Education


Awareness and Use of Nutrition Information on Labeled Packaged Snacks among Undergraduates and Staff of Higher Institution in Nigeria

Rachael Abisola Akano, Bukola Adeowo and M. O. Odusina, Tai Solarin University of Education


Transfer of Radionuclides from Soil to Ocimum Gratissimum and Vernonia Amygdalina Medicinal Plants and Evaluation of Radiological Health Risk to The Consumers

Olusegun Sowole, Jacob Dele Ayanda and Kolawole Abiodun Egunjobi, Tai Solarin University of Education


Implications of Indigenous Scientific Practices on Science Education in Nigeria

Oladipupo Adekunle Bamiro, Tai Solarin University of Education


H2: Localization and Globalization CLA 0.128

Chair: Nduka Otiono, Carleton University, Ottawa


Globalization of Innovation and the Africa Indigenous Knowledge Question: An Historical Exposition

Adeoye Akinola and Henry Wissink, University of KwaZulu-Natal


Rupture coloniale, pouvoir des mots et énonciation politique à Tokombéré (Nord-Cameroun)

Simon Kevin Baskouda Shelley, Universitye de Maroua / COREDEC


Rupturing Colonial Legacies: Colonialisms and Decolonizations in Africa and the African Diaspora

Olubunmi Toyin Gbadebo, Independent Scholar


Wale Okediran's Tenants of the House: A Reflective Narrative of Political Compromise and Maneuvering in Nigeria

Philomena O. Ojo, Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma


Dismantling the Frontier of "Otherness": African Literature and the Implantation of a Canon

Stella Tope Olaniyan Stella, The Polytechnic, Ibadan


Gender and Colonialism in Africa: A Study of Women Political and Economic Participation in Colonial Nigeria

Ajisola Abiola Kolade, Lagos State University


H3: Religion and Social Life Among the Yoruba CLA 1.104

Chair: Abimbola Asojo, University of Minnesota


The Search for an Unadulterated Yoruba Traditional Religion in a Westernized Nigeria: A Study of Odun Moko Festival

Hammed Hassan, Oduduwa University, Ile-Ife


Plantation Agriculture in Colonial Ijebu, 1951 – 1966: A Historical Exposition

Osiyale Babatunde Olabiyi, Tai Solarin University of Education


Sacred Places and the Decolonization of Christianity in Afro-centric Churches in Yorubaland

David Oladunjoye Alabi, Joseph Ayo Babalola University


Disease Outbreaks in the Urbanisation Process of Lagos

Mufutau Oluwasegun Jimoh, Federal University, Brinin-Kebbi


Medicinal Plants and Ethno-Medicine in Yoruba Land of South Western Nigeria

Niyi Adefala, Tai Solarin University of Education


Language Endangerment: The Case of Yoruba in Rural and Urban Settlements

Feyi Ademola-Adeoye and Victor Arijeniwa, University of Lagos


Kinship Networks

Ahmed Jamal, Kumasi Secondary


H4: Governance and Economic Systems CLA 1.106

Chair: Oluwafemi Mimiko, Obafemi Awolowo University


Crude Oil Extraction and Crises in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria: A Linguistic Study of Helon Habila's Oil on Water

Justina Ngozi Edokpayi, Ambrose Alli University


Public Service Dynamism as a Catalyst for National Development in Nigeria 

Risikat Abimbola Akinseye, The Polytechnic, Ibadan


The Role of Women in Nigeria's Democratic Development

Patience Orji Ukah, Independent Scholar


An appraisal of the past, present and the future of Early Childhood Education through Education Policy Reforms in Nigeria.

Adefunke Ekine, Tai Solarin University of Education


Foreign Direct Investment as a Re-Invigoration of Colonial Ties and Dependency Syndrome in Contemporary International Economic Relations: Some Critical Issues

Christopher Orngu Stanley, Benue State University


African Politics and the Way Forward: A Study of the Language of Politics in Wale Okediran's "Tenants of the House"

Justina Ngozi Edokpayi, Ambrose Alli University


7:00pm -         Farewell Dinner


Toyin Falola
Department of History
The University of Texas at Austin
104 Inner Campus Drive
Austin, TX 78712-0220
512 475 7224
512 475 7222 (fax)

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