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USA Africa Dialogue Series - Corr. on ECOSOCC's Ghana's Rep; STOP THE PRESS! Morocco Requests Membership in ECOWAS; Message to ECOWAS DIASPORA BY DPO

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Subject: Re: TOP THE PRESS! Morocco Requests Membership in ECOWAS; Message to ECOWAS DIASPORA BY DPO Samuel Dotse and more on ECOWAS

Nice presentation in contents.
Dr. Kofi
Founder, Sons and Daughters of Africa



An alert reader is our best audience. We endeavor to conduct due diligent research to provide reliable information. Sometimes we make errors, use information on public record that may no longer be valid, or mistakenly send draft copies as it happened in this instance. It is always appreciated when readers inquire about information or bring to our attention an item for correction.

It is good to know that readers are interested in understanding more about Civil Society Organizations making a difference in communities.

In the case of Bright Generation Community Foundation in Ghana, the name we published was the Representative sworn in.  However, the current information on the website and confirmation by the organization's Founder and Executive Director, Mrs. Bernice Dappah, indicate that the Representative on record is no longer affiliated with Bright Foundation, Ghana. Therefore, we changed the Representative status to: TO BE UPDATED. 

A reader may verify the information:

Here are the pertinent AU ECOSOCC Rules:

Rule 10 Representation 

Each Member of ECOSOCC shall be represented by an accredited representative.

Rule 11 Credentials
  1. The credentials of the Members of ECOSOCC and of their representatives shall be submitted to the Secretariat not less than two (2) days before the first meeting they are to attendThe Credentials Committee shall examine the credentials and submit a report thereon to the General Assembly. 
  2. In the event that a Member of ECOSOCC intends to replace its accredited representative, the Member of ECOSOCC shall replace such representative by sending the credentials of its new representative to the Secretariat to be examined by the Credentials Committee. 
The rule is clear that if a person has already taken an Oath of Office and has attended a meeting, rule 11.1 does not apply. 

In 11.2, it is the duty of the recognized Board or authorized Management of the organization to send information to the Secretariat of any official change of its Representative. This can be attested to by the official Board and Management.

When forgery is involved, like stealing a letter head to send information, or other forms of shenanigans, the attestation from the proper authorities would be necessary. 

As an independent publication, we take pride in our research and substantiation of information.

Economic Community Of  West African States

Right On  OurTrue Solidarity

 An eNewsletter publication 
with Citizens of  ECOWAS at Home and in the Diaspora

Learn about  ECOWAS in AU ECOSOCC with the Representatives in this  
Special Message to ECOWAS Diaspora from the Deputy Presiding Officer of AU ECOSOCC: The Hon. Samuel Dotse.

Yes, the Kingdom of Morocco is Opting In.

And other Developments

The publication of ECOWAS ROOTS will begin in mid March 2017. The online Newsletter will  present to the reader ECOWAS in a nutshell, moving from a Community of States to a Community of People with the ECOWAS Citizenry in Africa and in the Diaspora. It will highlight ECOWAS Vision 2020, which is harmoniously aligned with Agenda 2063, and the culture - what makes ECOWAS.

A segment will feature Heads of Government for the public to understand how their policies fit in the ethics of Pan Africanism,  individuals shaping narratives  from other public pulpits and the private sector. 

Here you have the ECOWAS anthem below:

One Vision, One Destiny


West African States, of Historic solidarity,
Come, unite and develop a buoyant economy!
Freedom returning from the yokes of past captivity,
Now West Africa becomes the Economic Community!
Great were the kingdoms of our past:
Ever our bond renewed shall last!
It's no mystery,
We'll make history-
From the ocean, to rain forests and the Savannahs;
Working hand In hand,
Each and every land,
We shall progress happily ECOWAS!

Peace and unity and social justice everywhere,
Cultural integration and liberty we declare!
Women and youth, all shall maintain our future bright,
In health;
Human and natural resources shall sustain our wealth.
West Africa, our region State:
Steadfast shall stand our union great!
It's no mystery,
We've made history
From the sea shores to the desert, through the Savannahs:
Each and every land,
All will, hand in hand,
Ever progress happily in ECOWAS!

  1. ECOWAS is a vested Member of the African Union in building an integrated, prosperous and peaceful Africa, driven by its people, and representing a dynamic voice in the global area.

ECOWAS Diaspora Youth Leadership
Staying Connected to Home.

The Model Mini ECOWAS is an innovative way to engage all students in learning about and keeping abreast with developments and in life in ECOWAS using simulations of real life events for the lessons, connecting them with their counterparts in Africa, organizing joint activities, and incorporating programs relating to ECOWAS YOUTHS.

The connected and engaged ECOWAS Youth is expected to collaborate on pertinent  issues relating to the region and use the experiences to participate with youths from other regions in Africa in designing  Model Mini African Union platforms.

H.E. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, 
Chairperson of the Authority of ECOWAS Heads of State

The Vision Alignment and Harmonized Goals

Agenda 2063 is the encompassing framework for Africa's economic, social and political transformation. Information

The Goals of Agenda 2063 are reflected in Regional Framework. ECOWAS Vision 2020: Read

National Goals of Member States include the Goals at Regional Levels.

Local Government priorities are supported.

Member States and Regional Economic Communities are expected to ensure that their results are comparable by adhering to continental guidelines in regards to development goals, targets, performance indicators, measurements, methods for collecting and analyzing  data.  


King Mohammed VI of Morocco

King Mohamed VI  appears to be on bold paths on revolutionizing how Africans may think and Africa's integration.  Morocco was recently readmitted into the African Union on January 30, 2017 after 32 years of absence. 

In rapid order, the Kingdom of Morocco is ready to change its status from Observer to full membership in the Economic Community of West African States. The country's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation made the announcement on February 25, 2017, and indicated the request is in line with provisions of ECOWAS founding treaty and in full satisfaction of its membership criteria.

Accordingly, Morocco, a North African nation, informed Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, President of Liberia, who is the current chair of ECOWAS of "its interest to join the regional grouping as a full member" the official statement said. It explained the development is "to crown the strong political, human, historical, religious and economic ties at all levels with ECOWAS member countries."
The statement said these visits (to Member States) were crowned by the signing of several hundred agreements, which gave a "strong" impetus to bilateral cooperation with the 15 member countries of the regional bloc.
King Mohammed VI and President Buhari of Nigeria at an earlier meeting.
Morocco has participated in several meetings of the organization and has contributed to its activities, particularly in areas relating to peace and stability, the statement added. The desire to join ECOWAS is also part of the royal vision for regional integration, as a key to Africa's economic take-off, and is in line with the African policy of King Mohammed VI, reflected by the return of the kingdom to the African Union (AU), the statement concluded.

Special Message to ECOWAS Diaspora

From African Union Economic, Social, and Cultural  Council
 Deputy Presiding Officer: Samuel Dotse

Reflecting on  ECOWAS' pioneering trend to integrate its Diaspora in all facets of development,  I join respective ECOWAS Heads of State who have acknowledged the immeasurable contributions of our Diaspora to the region  to say thank you ECOWAS Diaspora!

In October 2013,  ECOWAS, with then President Kadré Desire Ouédraogo, initiated the ECOWAS Diaspora Conference in Washington, DC with the participation of ECOWAS Ambassadors.  READ

It is of immense importance to embrace this empowering front for collaborative solutions. The ECOWAS resolve cannot be underestimated. 

Material and human resource capacity are absolutely vital for sustainable solutions. ECOWAS Diaspora has progressively emerged as a major source of financing for development in West Africa. The  flow of  indigenous resources  reflect  resounding commitments to home.

Based on published researched by the African Development Bank, since 2006 remittances have surpassed the combined amount of Official Development Assistance from foreign governments to the 15 Member States. 

In November 2016, Nigeria Diaspora remitted over $35 billion USD in 11 months, which is considered to be less than half the actual amount since funds are sent through informal sources. Other Member States have seen increases in Diaspora resourcefulness. Remittance is no longer a stand-alone, it is associated with investments and industrialization.

ECOWAS Migration Policy focuses on both ECOWAS members in Africa and in the  Diaspora. READ 

In 2015, ECOWAS launched its Academic Mobility Scheme. The Programme, in partnership with the Association of African Universities (AAU), is funded by ECOWAS and managed by the AAU. It would have  staff from universities in West Africa or West African academics in Diaspora sponsored to undertake visits to universities in the region to offer services such as teaching, graduate theses supervision, serving as external examiners or engaging in joint research.  READ

ECOWAS is called to account  for our vision and destiny .

The African Union expects each Member State to establish a Diaspora Office to coordinate Diaspora engagements. This is  increasingly realized. Some Member States have Diaspora commissions or committees in their legislative branches of governments, including Diaspora representations in the legislatures. Local governments in Member States are stepping up with effective Diaspora Offices and programs that improve grassroots outreach and results.

The public and private sectors must clearly aim to engage the civil society using networks and innovations to galvanize stakeholders to actions. In this common destiny, let us  progress together for peace and prosperity in ECOWAS.

ECOWAS Diaspora, you an essential and constitutive part of your region. There is no invitation for you to take your rightful lead as you are doing in countless ways, even if unsung.

Let's forge collaborative relationships among civil society organizations in Africa and in the Diaspora to unleash our best potentials  to build and progress happily in ECOWAS. 

Let's lead together in our integration and development, and share the ECOWAS success with all the regions and Africa.

Long Live ECOWAS
Long Live the African Union

Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) are elected for a 4-year term at the AU ECOSOCC. The representative may change but the CSO still serves.

Full Representation of 30 Members, 2 from each Member State,  at the National level and the establishment of National ECOSOCC Chapters remain urgent priorities based on AU Executive Council Decisions.

ECOWAS citizens serving at the National Level 

Mr. Assogba Vihoutou Martin 
Association de lutte contre le Racisme, l'Ethnocentrisme et le Régionalisme (ALCRER) Cotonou, Benin.

Mr. Padonou Sourou Fabrice 
Mouvement des jeunes pour le Réveil et le Development (MJRD).  Cotonou, Benin. 

Mme. KONE Epse KONE Miyaihi Julie 
Centre Féminin pour la Démocratie et les Droits Humains en Côte d'Ivoire (CEFCI) Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire. 

 Mr. Victor Nanklan Toure 
ONG Club Union Africain Côte d'Ivoire (Club UA-CI). Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire. 

National Chapter Launched: READ

To be updated 
Bright Generation Community Foundation. Accra, Ghana.

National Chapter Launched
Dr. Tunji John Asaolu. Cluster Chair, Social Affairs.
African Youths International Development Foundation.
 Abuja, Nigeria.

Com. Dr Ayuba Wabba Philibus 
Medical and Health Workers Union of Nigeria. Abuja, Nigeria 


 Mr. Abdoul Hamidou Sy 
Association Culturelle d'Auto Promotion Educative et Sociale (ACAPES).
Dakar, Senegal. 

National Chapter Launched

Mr. AKPA Komi Messan Francis 
Partage et Action en Synergie pour le Développement (PASYD),
Lome, Togo.

Mr. Togbe Comlanvi Mawulawoè 
 Collectif des Associations Contre l'Impunite au Togo (CACIT).
Lome, Togo.

ECOWAS nationals serving at the Regional Level
Headquarters - HQ

Mr. Samuel Dotse - Deputy Presiding Officer.
HATOF Foundation. HQ in Ghana.

Madame Khady Fall Tall. 
Association des Femmes de l'Afrique de l'Ouest (AFAO). HQ in Senegal.

 Mr. Demba Diop 
 Organization of African Trade Union Unity (OATUU). HQ in Ghana.

ECOWAS nationals serving at the Continental Level 

Dr. Serge Michel Kodom. Chair: Cutting Edge Cluster.
AIMES-AFRIQUE (Association Internationale des Médecins pour la promotion de l'Education et la Sante en Afrique). HQ in Togo.

Dr. U O Udofia. 
International Human Rights and Anti-Corruption Society. HQ in Nigeria.

Agriculture is an Issue

ECOWAS has developed a 10-year Regional Agricultural Investment Plan (RAIP), to address emerging issues, such as climate change, nutrition and gender aspects of agriculture, towards the promotion of food security in West Africa.
The Director of Environment, ECOWAS Commission, Dr. Johnson Boanuh, disclosed the information  at a 2-day Consultative Regional Committee for Agriculture and Food workshop. He said the new or second generation RAIP precedes the commission's initial 5-year plan, which aimed at identifying agricultural excesses in the region, and ensuring distribution of the excesses to areas within countries and the region that suffer food shortages.

With the plan, which runs from 2016 to 2025, the region has identified seven emerging agricultural issues global-wise, new ideas, and aims to integrate these issues into the plan for perusal and adoption by ECOWAS members state's Ministers of Agriculture.


The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) has commenced the standardization of some electronic appliances to harmonize trading activities among member countries.

The standardization which focuses on air conditions and refrigerators will see to the easy import and export of these gadgets within the fifteen ECOWAS member countries. The move is also aimed at curbing the energy crisis facing member countries as the standard also focuses on low energy consuming gadgets.

The Director for Industry for the ECOWAS Commission, Mensan Lawson- Hechelli said the standardization process once completed will protect consumers and industries from financial losses as well as facilitate trade among member countries.

"This is just a step as you know ECOWAS we are on our way to build a common market so if you are moving from one country to another not only persons but also goods and services will be able to move across borders easily so we can trade better and get better interest," he said. Ghana has in recent times faced periods of load shedding due to insufficient energy supply.

The use of gadgets which consume high amounts of energy has also been blamed for the development. The situation led to the collapse of numerous businesses. Mensan Lawson- Hechelli who spoke to Citi Business News at the sidelines of the meeting of the ECOWAS Technical Harmonization Committee also asserted that the move will bring uniformity within the sub-region.

"So this program is to support such common market to have products ready from one country to another with accepted standards, mutual standards so we have the same things across borders and we call it ECOWAS Standard," he added. The countries include Benin, Burkina Faso, Cape Verde, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone, and Togo.

The three day meeting is focused on the standardization of other materials other than electrical appliances. These include; agricultural inputs, cement among other things.

Praia, February 23rd 2017
The ECOWAS Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (ECREEE)  held its 7th Technical Committee and 12th Executive Board Meeting (23rd) on the 23rd and 24th of February 2016 in Praia, Cape Verde.
The meeting was called to address crucial issues that include the post 2016 strategic plan of the ECREEE, as well as the status of implementation and main achievements of the 2016 work plan. READ

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