Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Re: USA Africa Dialogue Series - Re: Achuzia and Realuzation of Biafra

A sufi mystic al-hallaj of the 11th century said, I am the lord (in our prayers on shabbat we say, quoting god, ani adonai elochechem.
The war between the sufi and the cleric, the mystic and the uploader of the law, the beautiful spirit and the stern legalist, has existed in islam for a thousand years.
You can chose which side you areon.

The sufi was killed because of his words, which were never properly understood. 

rushie’s blasphemous words were pronounced by a troubled character and they expressed his crisis of faith. When the words came to the point of pointedly insulting not allah or muhammed, but rather ayatollah komeini, it is said, he put the book down and pronounced the fatwa.

The nazis burnt the books they didn’t like and tried to exterminate the people they didn’t like

To condemn someone because of his attacks on one’s beliefs or identity or anything, as if the words carried harm like acts is not to distinguish words and acts. If the words promote acts, like encouraging people to commit a crime, the responsibility for the words falls on the speaker, who incurs punishment, in most countries, though not the u.s.

If the crime, however, is blasphemy then the community that is offended should use words back, not deeds to punish the speaker.

I base this not on first amendment rights, but my sense of basic human decency—not on the sense that I am the lord.

but then I am not a figure in power, not given the chance to prove how awful a ruler I am. Instead, I dream of al-hallaj who submerged himself in the divine like a wave in the ocean, about which he could only say the words that resulted in his death.

In fact, jesus was not any different; if I worked on it, I could easily put moses or muhammed in the same position. 

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Muhammad’s dead poets society

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