Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Re: USA Africa Dialogue Series - Wariboko's New Book: The Split Time

Congratulations, once again, for a grandiose conception.
The cover suggests a cyclical cosmos, unbound, calmness in a world that does not drift.
Is this the end goal?

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Dear Colleagues:


Good news. My most recent book is out. It came out on August 1, 2022. I am glad to bring it to your notice. This volume completes the trilogy on my philosophy of split, ontological incompleteness as played out in the divine, economy, and time. The first volume, The Split God: Pentecostalism and Critical Theory came out in 2018 and second, The Split Economy: Saint Paul Goes to Wall Street came out in 2020.  All three rigorously and vigorously push for a view of social ethics that accents human flourishing for all. The first deals with African Pentecostals' conception of a "fractured" God; the second deals with the global financial system and its inequities, and the third one offers a construct of philosophy of Africa's economic development that is grounded in indigenous African thought/worldview.  




Nimi Wariboko






AFRICAN Studies / Philosophy     


Aims to construct an economic philosophy from indigenous African thought.



The quest for economic development is arguably the most frustrating and tragic dimension of human existence in Africa. As its primary task, The Split Time constructs an economic philosophy from a tradition of thought that is indigenous to Africa, arguing that there are long-neglected resources within African philosophy to guide economic policymakers toward creating an African economy that can sustain human flourishing. Exploring notions of destiny, temporality, and desire, Nimi Wariboko constructs an economic-philosophical framework to rethink solutions to the vexing problem of economic development in Africa. He also provides a robust social-ethical perspective in which the basic aspects of economic life—the agential (accounts of human agency, telos), the circumstantial (material/social context), and the affective (to feel appropriately what matters to a people in an economy or their desire for human flourishing)—come together to fire social imagination about development policies for the common good.

Nimi Wariboko is Walter G. Muelder Professor of Social Ethics at Boston University. He is the author of The Split Economy: Saint Paul Goes to Wall Street and The Split God: Pentecostalism and Critical Theory, both also published by SUNY Press. He has also worked as an investment banker on Wall Street and in Lagos, Nigeria.


"Rigorously researched, The Split Time boldly poses urgent questions about the continued absence of economic development in a Nigerian African context. Nimi Wariboko's inimitable style—direct, logical, rhythmic, and compelling—enhances his perceptive mobilization of resources from 'indigenous economic philosophy.' The book's broad interdisciplinarity is a particular strength, advancing scholarship in interrelated fields ranging from theology and psychology to African studies." — Ebenezer Obadare, author of Pentecostal Republic: Religion and the Struggle for State Power in Nigeria

"Wariboko's compelling prescription for Africa's long-running underdevelopment syndrome centers on indigenous ideology and practices, allowing readers to savor a uniquely native system for bringing the African people to the much desired but elusive economic paradise." — Raphael Chijioke Njoku, author of West African Masking Traditions and Diaspora Masquerade Carnivals: History, Memory, and Transnationalism


State University of New York Press

August 2022 / 246 pages

ISBN 978-1-4384-8979-7


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